UK Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024

uk scholarships for international students

Are you dreaming to go abroad? Do you want to pursue higher education in the UK? Do not worry; Opportunities Circle has great news for you. UK is offering some of the top scholarships for international students. More than 1500 UK Scholarships are available for international students to study at top universities for the academic year 2023-2024. These scholarships in UK covers tuition fee and provides a stipend to cover living expenses. Some fully funded scholarships in UK for international students even cover accommodation, airfare and health insurance costs. Students do not need to worry about the expenses and cost related to studying abroad. They can start their application for the UK scholarship today!

Scholarships in the UK are offered to international students from all countries. Therefore, students from any part of the world can avail scholarships and fulfill their dream of studying in the UK. Many top-ranked universities offer scholarships; however, UK government scholarship is also an option. UK government provides three main scholarships, GREAT scholarships, Chevening scholarships and Commonwealth scholarships. These scholarships in UK are offered for postgraduate master’s degree. Other scholarships are provided directly by the university or the foundations.

Many students have queries about scholarships without IELTS. There are no UK scholarships for international students without IELTS except the Chevening scholarship, as English language proficiency is mandatory to get admission in UK universities if you are not from an English-speaking country. Furthermore, there are some scholarships available for the MBA program as well. Cambridge University offers an MBA scholarship that covers 70% of the tuition fee related to the program. So here is your chance to get into UK top universities on scholarships. We have compiled a list of some of the top fully funded scholarships in UK. You can apply and secure a scholarship and get a step ahead to earn your dream life. Scholarships for international students in UK are usually open for Masters and PhD, but you can get partial scholarships for undergraduate programs too. If you want to get admission with a partial scholarship, ping us at [email protected].

Here is the list of UK Scholarships for International Students where you can apply right now  

University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship 2024 | Fully funded | Study in the UK

What you will get in this program:

Now you can study for free in the UK through the Oxford Clarendon scholarship. This postgraduate scholarship program in the UK is full of benefits. Opportunities circle has listed the financial coverage and benefits below: 

University of Oxford Clarendon Scholarship Benefits:

  • Scholars will get a full tuition fee for the master’s and PhD programs. 
  • Moreover, Clarendon will provide a grant for living expenses for a certain period.
  • The annual grant will be sufficient to cover the living expense of the student alone.
  • It is a good opportunity to study in the UK for free.
  • Grow professionally and broaden your network.
  • The scholars will also become part of the Clarendon Scholar’s Association.



Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship for Women 2023 | Study in UK

What you will get in this program:

Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship for Women in the UK is an amazing opportunity for women worldwide. However, you must check what benefits and funding are provided. Detailed information about the benefits is provided in this section. 

Benefits of the Oxford Executive Diploma Scholarship in the UK 2023:

  • Students will get an amount that values 50% of the diploma program fees, which is approximately £10,000. This amount is granted as a tuition fee.
  • They will become part of the Oxford Alumni community.
  • Furthermore, students will learn and experience the international academic system. 
  • The Oxford diploma will provide a brighter future.
  • This diploma will open new pathways for scholars to professional progress.
  • It is an excellent opportunity for female students who dreamt of studying in the UK, specifically at Oxford University.


Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholarships 2024 | Fully Funded | Study in the UK

What you will get in this program:

All set to start the application? Now check what this Oxford scholarship is offering for you. The fully funded scholarship in the UK for international students will provide financial support and help you grow professionally for a successful career. We have listed the financial coverage of the Weidenfeld Hoffmann Scholarships below.

Benefits of the Scholarships at the University of Oxford:

  • The scholarship will pay for all university and college expenses.
  • Candidates from emerging and low-economic countries are encouraged to apply.
  • Students will receive a 100% fee waiver.
  • They will also receive a living cost of £17,668 (Euros).
  • The candidate’s award will be valid for the duration of fee liability for the agreed-upon course.
  • Candidates have an opportunity to learn about European culture and its history.
  • An opportunity to study free in the UK.

Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 2024 in the UK | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

Ready to apply for the fully Funded Commonwealth PhD scholarships in the UK? Then, read the benefits and funding covered by the UK scholarship. We have listed the benefits of the Commonwealth Doctoral scholarship for international students below.

Benefits of the Commonwealth PhD scholarships 2024:

  • Approved airfare from the applicant’s home country to the UK and returned at the end of the scholarship.
  • The fully-funded PhD scholarship covers the approved tuition fees.
  • Stipend (living allowance) at £1,347 or £1,652 per month for those students who are at universities in the London metropolitan area.
  • The fully funded scholarship for international students also provides a warm clothing allowance if required.
  • Applicants will also get a study travel grant.
  • Provision towards the cost of fieldwork undertaken overseas (the cost of one economy class return airfare to fieldwork location), if approved.
  • Paid mid-term visit (airfare) to home country or spouse and/or child allowances during the scholarship if applicable.
  • Family allowances.
  • If an applicant is declared with a disability, the CSC will offer a full assessment of your needs and eligibility for additional financial support.
  • Opportunity for international scholars to study in the UK for free.


Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships 2024 in UK | Fully Funded

What you will get in this program:

Are you ready to start the application for the fully funded Master’s scholarships for international students? Before you proceed with your application, check the benefits offered by the fully funded Commonwealth Master’s scholarships in the UK for international students.

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships 2024 Benefits:

  • Selected students will get an air ticket from student’s home country to the UK and a return ticket after the scholarship duration is completed.
  • Scholars will get full tuition fees.
  • Students will get a monthly stipend of £1,347 or £1,652 per month.
  • The fully funded scholarship in the UK also covers the warm cloth allowance.
  • Furthermore, it will also cover the cost of the thesis or dissertation.
  • Provision of study travel grants within or outside the UK.
  • In addition, applicants who are divorced, widowed, or single parents will receive £576.61 per month for the first child and £143 per month for the second and third child under the age of 16.
  • Also, an additional allowance will be provided for a disabled person.
  • This is a fully funded opportunity to study in the UK for free.
  • It is an excellent chance to explore the United Kingdom. 



President’s PhD Scholarships at Imperial College London 2024 | Study in the UK

What you will get in this program:

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, do not forget to read the various benefits of the President’s PhD scholarships at Imperial College London that Opportunities Circle has listed for you below.

Benefits of the President’s PhD Scholarships in the UK:

  • The President’s PhD Scholarships includes full coverage of tuition fees for the PhD program.
  • All applicants also receive a stipend of £25,150 per year to support living expenses. (2024-25 rate)
  • PhD applicants will get a consumable grant of £2000 per year for the initial three years of the PhD program.
  • The President’s PhD Scholarships at Imperial College London offers unique support services, including assistance for students with disabilities and visa support for international students.
  • Moreover, international students will have access to complimentary English language courses, as well as participation in various college clubs and communities.
  • Scholars also gain access to state-of-the-art laboratories, libraries, and research resources.
  • Imperial College London offers comprehensive career development support, helping scholars prepare for a successful career path both within and outside academia.
  • Beyond academics, Imperial College London offers a vibrant campus life, including cultural events, sports, and various clubs and societies to enrich scholars’ experiences.
  • Upon graduation, scholars become part of an extensive alumni network, opening doors to opportunities and collaborations throughout their careers.


Global Citizenship Scholarship 2024 at University of Dundee | Study in UK

What you will get in this program:

Ready to start the application process if the University of Dundee Global Citizenship Scholarship? Before that, you must know what expenses are covered by this scholarship. Opportunities Circle has listed the benefits below: 

Benefits of the Global Citizenship Scholarship 2024 in the UK:

  • The scholarship award is £5,000 every year, which is directly waived off from the tuition fees.
  • The scholarship is renewed every year depending upon the scholar’s program duration. 
  • A chance to explore the diverse culture of the UK.
  • An opportunity to study in the UK. 

Leeds University MBA Excellence Scholarship 2024 in the UK

What you will get in this program:

If you meet the eligibility criteria above, do not forget to read the several benefits the University of Leeds MBA Excellence Scholarship offers. Opportunities Circle has compiled a list for you below. 

Benefits of Leeds University MBA Scholarship 2024:

  • The MBA scholarship is for all international students with any background. 
  • The scholarship in the UK provides financial assistance to recipients, which can help reduce the cost of tuition along with other educational expenses associated with pursuing an MBA degree.
  • Different amounts of scholarships are available, with amounts up to a value of 50% of the tuition fee.
  • The MBA Excellence Scholarship recognizes the recipient’s academic achievements and potential, which can be valuable for their future career.
  • Leeds University attracts students from all around the world, creating a diverse and multicultural environment.
  • Moreover, the Leeds University Business School scholarship recipients become part of a diverse and talented cohort of MBA students.
  • Pursuing an MBA from Leeds Business School is a valuable investment, offering a well-rounded education and various other career advancement opportunities. 
  • Scholarship recipients will also get the chance to study at one of the UK’s top business schools. 


Rhodes Scholarship in the UK 2024 | Fully funded | University of Oxford

What you will get in this program:

Ready to start the application process for the fully funded master’s scholarship in the UK? Before starting, check the benefits and financial aid provided under this Rhodes Trust Scholarship 2024.

Benefits of the Rhodes Scholarship 2024:

  • Rhodes scholarship will cover the application fee of Oxford University.
  • It will also cover all the tuition expenses.
  • Rhodes Scholarship recipients will also receive a stipend, of approximately £18,180 per annum (£1,515 per month) as per last year. 
  • In addition, the Rhodes scholarship will also cover a settling allowance.
  • Students will receive two economy-class flights covering international travel to and from the UK.
  • Student visa fee coverage.
  • Scholars will get an International Health Surcharge (IHS).


We hope you that you may inline with some scholarship opportunities and achieve your goal to study abroad, and gain exposure, knowledge and practical experience required to excel in respective fields. Furthermore, if you want to get updated about these opportunities on daily basis, subscribe to the Opportunities Circle through email, or you can join us on Telegram as well. Best of luck in applying for the scholarship in UK!

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