Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 | Study in UK

Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024

Cambridge University MBA scholarship 2024 is an excellent opportunity for international students who want to pursue a postgraduate business degree abroad. If we talk about studying in the UK, the first University that always pops up in our mind is studying at Cambridge University. Students from all around the world can apply for these master’s scholarships in the UK. Studying in the UK has always been a dream for many students, especially for business students; Cambridge has been the top and the best institute. So, this opportunity is a perfect opportunity for those international students who dream of pursuing their MBA at Cambridge University, UK.

Boustany Foundation funds the MBA scholarship at Cambridge University. The scholarship program in the United Kingdom will cover 75% of the tuition fee and expenses related to travel and accommodation for the internship. The Cambridge MBA Scholarship aims to contribute to human welfare, prosperity and development. It works to create a diverse cultural community that brings progressive results worldwide. To achieve their goal, they offer scholarships to support students from unprivileged backgrounds to study at top academic institutions and acquire skills required for development. The Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 is a golden opportunity for international and national students to study in UK on scholarship. Now, international students from all over the world can pursue their MBA in UK on scholarship.

Motivated and talented international students are encouraged to apply for this funded scholarship program in UK to achieve the Boustany Foundation’s mission and vision of ensuring the welfare of society. Cambridge University ranked number one in business studies and always provided scholarships and awards to support less privileged students with outstanding academic records. It is a golden opportunity for many students who want to study abroad, interact with new people, avail new chances and discover new experiences about the University of Cambridge and the United Kingdom. Cambridge University is a top university in the UK, established in 2006.

They choose a different range of highly talented and intellectual students in their business fields. Cambridge University scholarship would be an opportunity for the less privileged students they change their fate and future by availing themselves of this chance to study at a top university on a scholarship. In addition, obtaining a degree from Cambridge University itself is a reward. The Cambridge University Scholarship in UK allows talented and passionate students to enhance their skills, knowledge and career development throughout their education. Furthermore, this UK scholarship also allows international students to work collaboratively with different mindsets. The Cambridge MBA Scholarship in United Kingdom will provide students with quality education. The students will learn from the top-ranked professors and mentors in their field. They will be able to experience the best education system in the UK. Students will be trained for educational and professional careers.

Cambridge University would be life-changing for many students to think about their betterment. Moreover, they will earn some new experiences in their fieldwork, which will benefit them throughout their life. Studying at Cambridge University will be a life-changing opportunity for all international students; they will get exposure to the international education system and professional environment.

During the educational journey at Cambridge University, students will acquire the skills and knowledge required for career development. Furthermore, students will study under the supervision of world-class and top instructors and mentors. The United Kingdom is most popular among students who want to study abroad as the UK offers a plethora of awards and scholarships for international students, including the Chevening UK scholarship, Reach Oxford University Scholarship, the Clarendon scholarship and so on. So do not miss the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 if you want to pursue an MBA abroad. Further details are provided below.


Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 Duration:

  • The program duration for the Cambridge University Scholarships MBA in the United Kingdom 2024 is one year.


Table of Contents

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: May 15, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Applying for the UK-funded MBA scholarship at Cambridge University? Wait! Check the criteria and requirements to ensure you meet the eligibility before starting your application. The following are the eligibility criteria for the Cambridge MBA scholarship in UK:

    Eligibility Criteria for Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024:

    • Applicants must have an excellent academic background.
    • All international students can apply for the University of Cambridge MBA scholarship, but priority will be given to students of Lebanese descent.
    • Furthermore, applicants must have an interest in a Business master’s degree.
    • Applicants must receive an offer letter for the MBA program at Cambridge University.
    • The duration of the Cambridge MBA scholarship 2024 is one year.
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    Benefits :

    Are you thinking of applying for the MBA Scholarship in the UK? Check what costs and expenses will be covered by the Cambridge MBA scholarship for international students. The following are the benefits MBA scholarship offers for international students:

    Benefits of the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 in UK:

    • The host organization will cover 75% of the tuition fee.
    • Two months internship opportunity with the Boustany Foundation.
    • Coverage of travel and accommodation expenses related to the Boustany Foundation Internship.
    • Opportunity to live and study in the UK. Explore the culture of the United Kingdom.
    • Build goodwill between the UK and the home countries.


    Cambridge University MBA Scholarship Requirements:

    • CV with a photograph
    • GMAT score report
    • Passport
    • Transcripts
    • Acceptance letter from Cambridge University

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    Application Process:

    • How to apply for the Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024?
    • Applicants must apply for the MBA program at Cambridge University and receive an offer letter first.
    • After the acceptance letter, applicants must send their CV with a photograph, university acceptance letter, and GMAT scores here
    • Applicants can apply for the Cambridge University MBA scholarship only after receiving an admission/acceptance letter from the Cambridge MBA programme.
    • Once the University selects the applicant, they will be called for an interview.
    • So, don’t let this golden chance slip out of your hands.

    Cambridge University MBA Scholarship 2024 Deadline:

    • The Cambridge University MBA Scholarship application deadline in the UK is 15 May 2024.

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