Top Opportunities for Startups and business founders

Top Opportunities for Startups and business founders

Top Opportunities for Startups and business founders

A young entrepreneur is someone who can come up with an idea and turn it into a success story. From the youngest of entrepreneurs to the most experienced, there are so many ways to get started in business. This blog post we will share some amazing opportunities for startup founder

Bluepreneur Bootcamp Accelerator Program 2022

What you will get in this program:

Following are the benefits of Bluepreneur Bootcamp Accelerator:

  • Candidates will receive mentorship with marine experts, venture capitalists, industry leaders, and networking opportunities.
  • Also, they will get a hands-on entrepreneurship curriculum focusing on social entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, big data and impact ecosystem.
  • Top teams will be awarded an opportunity to expand the solutions with funding.

Young Founders Program in Germany 2023 | Online Fellowship

What you will get in this program:

You must be thinking what benefits are offered for young founders participating from all around the world. Opportunities Circle has listed the benefits of this international fellowship program below.

Young Founders Program Benefits

  • A chance to participate in a two-day digital kick-off conference.
  • Candidates will get full support for six months of a personal mentor, alumni buddy, peer mentoring sessions every month, monthly workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Candidates will be in contact with the investors and corporate.
  • The top ten performing candidates will be invited to the fully-funded international conference in Germany for five days.
  • During the conference, the candidates can pitch their ideas in front of the investors, join networks, and get insight into Germany’s start-up companies.

WSA Young Innovators Award 2022

What you will get in this program:

Here are some benefits of the WSA Young Innovators Award 2022:

  • The winners get recognition as one of the top digital social impact solutions worldwide.
  • An offer of an invitation to WSA Global Congress 2022 (Online or Offline).
  • An opportunity to present a pitch in front of a Global jury.
  • Furthermore, receive an invitation to join the WSA community comprises individuals from more than 182 countries worldwide.
  • A chance to get a project profile promotion on WSA’s website and their social media networks.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp For Female Founders 2022

What you will get in this program:
  • Apple experts will provide one-on-one code-level training.
  • For at least a year, you will receive ongoing support from an Apple Developer representative.
  • One year of Apple Developer Program participation.
  • Gain access to the Apple Entrepreneur Camp alumni network, a world-class group of innovative and forward-thinking professionals.

Dubai Business Associates Program 2022

What you will get in this program:

Following are the benefits of the Dubai Business Associate program 2022.

  • This training program provides excellent graduates from all countries with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study and work in Dubai.
  • The host will provide airfare to travel to Dubai.
  • In addition, a monthly allowance will be provided.
  • Participants will also receive medical insurance.
  • Moreover, the host organization will provide accommodation in hotel apartments.
  • Furthermore, the 9-month program incorporates business skills like soft skills, hard skills, consulting skills, and real-world experience.

Global Innovation Fund 2022 (up to $15 Million)

What you will get in this program:

GIF uses a tiered funding system, in which the quantity of funds available is depleted based on the extent of most activities and renovation. The three tires are listed below:

Transition and test: 

  • The idea has previously shown promise on a small scale, and you have some operational, financial, and social viability data that you’d like to confirm before scaling up.
  • Up to USD 2.3 million in financing is available to support further growth and create additional evidence on whether the invention can have a societal impact on the market’s ability to sustain commercial innovations.


  • The innovation is still in its early stages, but the organization has a solid plan for how it will be developed and tested in the real world.
  • Financing of up to USD 230,000 is available to test key financial and social feasibility assumptions.


  • The innovation has a solid evidence-based, a logistically sound plan for reaching millions of people.
  • Up to USD 15 million in funding is available to broaden the reach of innovations to reach millions of people eventually.

Contrary Sabbatical Startup Program 2022

What you will get in this program:

This global startup program provides the following benefits:

  • Funding up to $250,000 to build your startup.
  • Five teams will receive tactical support, including calls with the Contrary investing team, access to a diverse network of potential hires, and connections with operators who have scaled their startups to thousands of employees.
  • Provision of workspace depending on the city.

Hopefully you like our list of opportunities to stay updated about the Top Opportunities for Startups and business founders and hopefully it will help you in growing your business and help you to expand your business.  If you didnt find relavent opportunity here please bookmark this page and check after few days.

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