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Are you looking to study in UK? Here is a great international scholarship program for graduates to pursue higher education in the UK. Applications are open for the GREAT Scholarships UK 2024-25. This scholarship in UK is an excellent opportunity for students from all around the world to make their dream of studying in the UK a reality. With the GREAT Scholarship, students can apply for a master’s program in fields offered by the list of approved universities. The UK Scholarship 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity that covers various academic disciplines and aims to promote diversity and excellence in British higher education. The GREAT Scholarship is jointly funded by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council in collaboration with participating UK higher education institutions. So, if you are looking for a scholarship for international students in UK, GREAT Scholarship is the perfect opportunity for you!

Similarly, the 2024 GREAT Scholarships are one of UK’s top scholarship programs that provide students from 15 different countries with a chance to receive financial support for their tuition fees for various one-year taught postgraduate programs. This British scholarship is a prestigious opportunity for master’s students to study at a UK Higher Education Institution (HEI). In the academic year 2024-2025, a total of 210 scholarships will be awarded by 71 universities located across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Therefore, the master’s scholarship is a fantastic opportunity to study in a UK university of your choice. Moreover, the UK GREAT Scholarships are worth £10,000 and is hence, a life-changing opportunity. The UK Government Scholarship is also open to Pakistani and Indian students, therefore, these students must check the GREAT Scholarship Pakistan and GREAT Scholarship India to know more about the program.

In addition, through the British Council GREAT Scholarships 2024-2025, all students from eligible countries will have the chance to become a GREAT Scholar, while receiving funding.  The rest of the expenses, however, including traveling, accommodation and living expenses have to be covered by the candidate themselves. The duration of the GREAT Scholarship program in UK is 1 year.  The applicants for the GREAT Scholarships will be selected based on previous academic performance and they must show motivation in the area of study they chose for masters. If you want to receive a postgraduate scholarship in UK, then you should not miss this opportunity.


Here are more Details about GREAT Scholarships 2024-25:

Duration: 1 year


Table of Contents

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Eligible Regions: Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Kenya, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Do you want to become a GREAT Scholar and study in the UK? If yes, apply for the UK GREAT Scholarships in 2024-2025. However, before you apply, go through the eligibility criteria and requirements for this scholarship program in UK.

    Eligibility Criteria for GREAT Scholarships UK 2024-25:

    • To be eligible for the UK Scholarship, all applicants must hold an undergraduate/bachelor’s degree to apply for the postgraduate programme at a participating UK university in the GREAT Scholarships campaign.
    • The applicant should be from a GREAT target country as mentioned above and have the motivation to keep up with a postgraduate course in the UK.
    • The applicant should be active and show fieldwork experience or prove his/her interest in the subject area of choice.
    • Moreover, students must meet the English language proficiency requirement and other academic prerequisites of the UK Higher Education Institution (HEI).
    • The candidates must attend lectures properly and engage in other activities too in order to be eligible for the GREAT Scholarships.
    • Similarly, all applicants shall act as ambassadors for the UK’s higher education system and promote their values and share their experiences.
    • As an alumnus of the GREAT Scholarships program, they must be willing to occasionally speak to prospective candidates about personal experiences of studying in the UK.
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    Benefits :

    If you meet the eligibility criteria and requirements above, then you must apply before the Great Scholarships deadline. The UK scholarship for international students in 2024 offers an exceptional opportunity to students to study in UK. Go through the various benefits of this scholarship by the UK Government and British Council below.

    Benefits of UK GREAT Scholarships 2024:

    • All applicants will receive £10,000 as a contribution towards the university’s tuition fee for a one-year postgraduate course in UK. Hence, reducing the financial burden on students.
    • The GREAT Scholars will be invited to attend a welcome event during the first semester and a networking event in the second semester, thus enhancing their overall experience and facilitating valuable connections.
    • Moreover, the GREAT Scholarships are available for students from 15 different countries. Hence, providing them with the chance to pursue higher education in the UK.
    • It is one of the top Scholarships in UK and offers students financial assistance so that they can easily study at a participating British University in 2024-25.
    • By receiving this master’s scholarship, students become GREAT Scholars and alumni of this scholarship program and can share their experience of studying in UK.


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    Application Process:

    • Are you wondering how to apply for this scholarship in UK 2024-25? Do not worry, Opportunities Circle is here to guide you. Visit the official website to know about the participating universities for each country or click on the ‘apply now’ button below.
    • However, before you apply, ensure you meet the criteria and requirements for the GREAT Scholarship in UK 2024.
    • Click on the university page for each scholarship for the country you are from.
    • Similarly, applicants can proceed to the university’s website by following the provided link on the website for further application instructions.
    • Note that the deadline for applying for a GREAT Scholarship varies depending on the institution. Refer to the institution’s page for specific deadline details.
    • Candidates must have received an offer to study at the university before getting the GREAT Scholarship.
    • After completing the application process, successful applicants will receive notification of their application status directly from the respective universities.
    • The scholarship funding will then be issued to successful applicants.

    Application Deadline for GREAT Scholarships UK 2024-2025:

    • The deadline to apply for GREAT Scholarships vary depending upon the participating university.

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