UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships 2023 | Study in the UK

UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships

UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships welcome students from a low-income country who want to pursue postgraduate studies in the UK but cannot afford it due to low income and have an annual household income of €50,000 or less. These UK scholarships are provided by the University of Arts London and are available to students from all countries. UAL is made up of six colleges and has a student body of over 19,000. It is also ranked as the second-best university in the world for Art and Design. You are welcome to join this global network of innovators and creators.

The UAL international postgraduate scholarships in UK provide a unique opportunity to students who dream of studying at a globally recognized institution. These scholarships are designed to overcome the various challenges faced by students worldwide and provide them with a conducive learning environment. Students will have access to expert tutors in their field of interest, modern facilities, extensive business links, and career assistance. In addition, students will also have a chance to immerse themselves in the UK’s culture, academics, and residence, known as the world’s creative capital. UAL invites students to join their community and promises to provide a productive and creative environment to inspire them to achieve their goals. The UAL international postgraduate scholarships are offered to pursue GRAD DIP, M ARCH, MA, MFA, MBA, MRES and MSc degree programs.

Studying abroad at one of the top UK universities with a scholarship can significantly enhance your academic and professional profile and transform various aspects of your personality. UAL has a remarkable track record of achievements by its students and staff. The faculty at UAL fosters a collaborative and diverse learning culture, which motivates students to strive for excellence and apply their knowledge practically. UAL’s unique teaching methodology supports students in becoming successful artists, designers, and professionals. The university offers customized career services that cater to individual needs and aspirations, resulting in award-winning career opportunities.

UAL international scholarships offer various benefits to students, such as covering the expensive tuition fees and accommodation costs that might be unaffordable for regular individuals. This prestigious university has a reputation for driving innovation in global industries and has a teaching faculty that comprises professionals from various fields. University of Arts London fosters a diverse and inclusive community of students worldwide and provides them with a supportive environment to thrive. The university’s career programs emphasize high-quality engagements with industry partners to equip students with opportunities to succeed in their future endeavors. 

You must be thinking, why study in the UK? There are numerous reasons why students should consider studying in the UK. The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Moreover, the UK is renowned for its innovative research and development, particularly in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. This makes it an ideal destination for students seeking a career in these areas. They can benefit from access to state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research, and renowned academic mentors. In addition to these academic benefits, studying in the UK provides students with various personal and professional benefits. Furthermore, the UK’s education system strongly emphasizes student autonomy and self-motivation, which can help students become more confident and independent individuals. Therefore, you must not miss this opportunity if you want to study at the University of Arts London and apply for the international postgraduate scholarship in UK.

Here are more details about the UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships in UK


Deadline is June 30, 2023

  • Country: England, United Kingdom
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Regions: Afghanistan, Ghana, Pakistan, Albania, Grenada, Palau, Algeria, Guatemala, Palestine, Angola, Panama, Antigua and Barbuda, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea, Argentina, Guyana, Paraguay, Armenia, Haiti, Peru, Australia, Honduras, Philippines, Azerbaijan, India, Qatar, Bahamas, Indonesia, Russia, Bahrain, Iran, Rwanda, Bangladesh, Iraq, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Barbado, Saint Lucia, Belarus, Jamaica, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Jordan, Samoa, Benin, Kazakhstan, Sao Tome and Principe, Bhutan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Kiribati, Senegal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kuwait, South Korea, Serbia, Botswana, Seychelles, Brazil, South Korea, Sierra Leone, Brunei, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Burkina Faso, Lao, Solomon Islands, Burundi, Lebanon, Somalia, Cabo Verde, Lesotho, South Africa, Cambodia, Liberia, South Sudan, Cameroon, Libya, Sri Lanka, Central African Republic, Madagascar, Sudan, Chad, Malawi, Suriname, Chile, Malaysia, Syria, Maldives, Tajikistan, Comoros, Mali, Tanzania, Congo, Mauritania, Thailand, Mauritius, Timor-Leste, Costa Rica, Mexico, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Micronesia, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Moldova, Tunisia, Djibouti, Mongolia, Turkey, Dominica, Montenegro, Turkmenistan, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Tuvalu, Ecuador, Mozambique, Uganda, Egypt, Myanmar, Ukraine, El Salvador, Namibia, United Arab Emirates, Equatorial Guinea, Nauru, Uruguay, Eritrea, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Eswatini , New Zealand, Vanuatu, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Fiji, Niger, Vietnam, Gabon, Nigeria, Yemen, Gambia, North Macedonia, Zambia, Georgia, Oman, Zimbabwe
  • Deadline: June 30, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you also interested in applying for UK scholarships for international students? Opportunities circle encourages students to apply for fully funded scholarships if they meet the criteria. But you must check the UAL international postgraduate scholarships requirements before starting the application.

    Eligibility Criteria for the UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships 2023:

    • Applicants must be residents of one of the low-income countries or asylum seekers in the UK.
    • Applicants should not have completed postgraduate qualifications before.
    • The maximum annual household income allowed for eligibility is Euro 50,000.
    • Moreover, applicants must be unable to study in the UK otherwise.
    • They must have an excellent academic record, as the scholarships for international students are highly competitive.
    • You must be able to answer the following questions with 350 words maximum
    1. How will this postgraduate scholarship make a difference in your career?
    2. How will this qualification support your future plans?
    3. How will you address the challenges of your home country?
    4. How will you endorse the values of social justice and environmental stewardship?

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    Benefits :

    Start your study adventure in the UK. Before proceeding, check the financial coverage and benefits of the University of Arts London scholarships. Details about the benefits of UK scholarships are provided below.

    Benefits of UAL Scholarship in UK:

    • The scholarships will cover the tuition fees, relieving the students of the financial burden of paying for their education.
    • Students awarded the scholarships will be able to reside in UAL’s hall of residence, providing them with a safe and comfortable living environment.
    • The UAL international postgraduate £50,000 scholarship aims to enhance the student’s academic knowledge in their particular area of interest, providing them with access to resources and opportunities to explore and develop their skills.
    • By participating in the scholarship program, students will be equipped with market-competitive skills, enhancing their career prospects and enabling them to succeed in their chosen fields.


    Requirements for the UAL International Postgraduate Scholarships:

    To apply for the UAL scholarship, the following documents are required:

    1. A copy of your immigration documents.
    2. A copy of your ID card.
    3. Formal proof of your address.
    4. An invitation letter (offer letter) from the university.

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    Application Process:

    • Students have to apply through the official website.
    • The application portal will be revised after the offer letter is received.
    • Applicants must also include the scholarship application forms.
    • Be careful to fill out application forms completely.
    • The university will email you once you submit your application, letting you know if you were accepted.
    • Applicants must make sure to submit the application before the deadline ends.
    • The deadline for the UAL international postgraduate scholarships in the UK is 30 June 2023, Friday.

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