Top Scholarships in South Korea for International Students 2023-2024

Top Scholarships in South Korea for International Students

Many students want to pursue higher education in South Korea. However, studying in South Korea can be expensive if not for scholarships. Therefore, we are here with top scholarships in South Korea for international students. First, we need to know why you should consider studying in South Korea. South Korea is becoming one of the best countries to study abroad. Undoubtedly, South Korea is giving tough competition to the best countries like Australia and USA because of innovation in the higher education system. One of the biggest challenges that international students face is the cost of tuition and living expenses. However, South Korea offers a wide range of scholarships for international students to help ease the financial burden of studying abroad. These scholarships in South Korean universities are available for undergraduate, graduate, and research programs and cover tuition fees, living expenses, airfare, and even language training.

Nevertheless, it is not the only reason why students are eager to get an opportunity to go to South Korea; it provides funding and support opportunities for international students in the form of fully funded scholarships and stipends. Students can apply for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs in South Korean Universities and get fully funded scholarships for their entire degree programs. South Korea Scholarships are excellent opportunities for students who have financial constraints and are unable to continue their studies. Some of these scholarships do not require TOEFL or IELTS. 

South Korea has been rapidly gaining popularity as an educational destination for international students in recent years. Known for its excellent universities and advanced technology, the country offers many opportunities for students seeking a world-class education. In addition to its academic strengths, South Korea offers a unique cultural experience and a high standard of living. South Korea is one of the most developed economies of the world. Based on its GDP, it has the 10th largest economy in the world and 4th in Asia. To support needy and talented students, the Government of South Korea provides Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) for graduates and undergraduate students. Through this scholarship program, the Government of South Korea provides 1080 graduate scholarships (PhD and Master’s programs) and 200 undergraduate scholarships. It is an excellent opportunity for international students to study in South Korea on scholarship. 

Some of the top Scholarships in South Korea 2023 are open and accepting applications for spring intake. Scholarships in South Korea open new doors to employment opportunities for international students. It is easy to get admission in South Korea. However, getting admission to top universities is not easy, let alone a scholarship, as the criteria are highly competitive. South Korea is home to about 43 national and 180 private universities. International students from all around the globe are welcomed to apply for the Top Scholarships in South Korea for International Students. So, if you are considering studying in South Korea but are worried about the financial costs, read on to learn more about the South Korea scholarships for international students.

List of Top Scholarships in South Korea:

  1. UST Scholarships 
  2. Fully Funded KAIST University Scholarships 2023
  3. GIST University Scholarships in South Korea
  4. Korea University Scholarships 2023
  5. Fully Funded Global Korea Scholarships in South Korea
  6. POSTECH University Scholarships 2023 


1. UST Scholarship in South Korea

University of Science and Technology (UST) in South Korea offers 300 scholarships for PhD and Master’s degrees. Get ready and apply to this amazing opportunity at UST and study in South Korea. Moreover, it also provides a Global Research Internship program for international students. Students can apply to UST Scholarship 2023 regardless of their nationality. 

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2. KAIST Scholarships South Korea

Applications will open soon for the KAIST Scholarships 2023 for International students in South Korea. KAIST University is offering fully funded scholarships in Korea for Master’s, and Master’s leading to PhD and PhD degree programs. Korean scholarship is an excellent opportunity for international students to pursue graduate and postgraduate studies in science and technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. KAIST scholarship is an excellent opportunity for innovative and creative students who are always ready to take on challenges, learn and transform their knowledge into innovation that will benefit the world. KAIST invites worldwide students keen to serve humanity through their knowledge, talent, and innovation. KAIST scholarship provides full tuition fee exemption, a living stipend and an additional stipend for the research project.

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3. GIST University Scholarship

GIST Scholarship in South Korea for international students is accepting applications for the academic year 2023. This fully funded scholarship funds students, researchers, and technical individuals to pursue Master’s, PhD, and MS leading to PhD programs. GIST scholarship in South Korea trains upskills young international students to develop in the fields of science and technology. GIST is one of the top scholarships providing world-class knowledge and skills through research-oriented projects. International students from all countries are eligible to apply for the GIST scholarship program. The international scholarship in South Korea will cover tuition fees, international airfare ticket, and provides a monthly stipend. Furthermore, the duration of GIST scholarship for MS, PhD, and integrated MS leading to PhD are three, seven, and eight years respectively.

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4. Korea University Scholarship

The University of South Korea is a private university located in the heart of South Korea, Seoul. It provides an excellent opportunity for international students to study in South Korea for their undergraduate and graduate degrees. This Korea University Scholarship offers 30%, 50%, 65% and a full tuition fee waiver. You can apply online for this scholarship. However, you must check the deadline before applying.

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5. Global Korea Scholarships

Now you can apply for the prestigious Global Korea Scholarship 2023. It was previously known as KGSP and is now known as Global Korea Scholarship. This scholarship is a fully-funded program for international students; Korean Government sponsors all the expenses, including full tuition fee, airfare, monthly allowance, settlement allowance, Korean proficiency grant and one-year Korean language course fee. The scholarship is offered to pursue master’s and PhD programs. The duration of fully-funded scholarships in South Korea for the master’s program is a maximum of 3 years, and four years for a PhD. Applications are currently open for international students.

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6. POSTECH University Scholarships

The Pohang Institute of Science and Technology offers good scholarships to students with strong minds. It aims to educate talented students having challenging spirits who will facilitate the advancement of society with technology and science in South Korea. Applications are open for POSTECH University Scholarships 2023 for graduate programs. Moreover, the scholarship offers a full tuition fee, settlement, language course fee, research support, and national insurance. Applications are not open, however, keep the track so you do no miss the opportunity. 

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7. UNIST Scholarship

Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, also called UNIST, is a public research university in South Korea. UNSIT offers partial and fully funded undergraduate scholarships for students. A full tuition fee waiver is offered if GPA is maintained above 2.0 during freshman year. Furthermore, UNIST offers a dream scholarship for international undergraduate students, including KRW 130,000 per month with a meal plan.

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8. Hanyang University Scholarships for International Students

Hanyang University is offering International Excellence Awards for brilliant foreign students. The scholarship will provide a 30%, 50% or 70% tuition reduction depending on the applicant’s eligibility. However, the internship will be awarded for the first semester only. If you have good grades, you can apply for the Global Korea Scholarship University Track.

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9. Pusan National University Scholarships in South Korea 2023

This scholarship provides a tuition deduction for one semester. Partially funded and fully funded undergraduate scholarships for international students according to the TOPIK level. In addition, no requirement of a separate application for this program. The university will evaluate admission documents for selection.

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10. Ewha Womans University International Students Scholarship

Ewha Womans University is a top ranked university in South Korea. Ewha University offers a number of scholarships for international students from developing countries and the rest of the world. Each scholarship has different criteria and requirements. Most scholarships are offered for the complete undergraduate program. The scholarship may cover the full tuition fee and admission fee waiver. The scholarships are also dependent on the TOPIK level. This information is subject to change, so make sure to recheck before starting the application.

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List of South Korean Universities without IELTS

You can study in South Korea without IELTS. You only have to submit English Proficiency Language Certificate for the following universities: 

  • Sejong University
  • Hanil University
  • Korea University
  • Yonsei University
  • Postech University
  • Gachon University

Do not miss these opportunities and apply for South Korea undergraduate, master’s, or PhD scholarships. Studying in South Korea under a scholarship will provide financial support and open doors to academic, career, and employment opportunities abroad. Share the scholarships with your friends and help them achieve their goals or go to study in Korea together.


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