Goldsmiths University International Scholarship in UK

Goldsmiths University International Scholarship

The Goldsmiths University International Scholarship is open to international students. It is an excellent opportunity to study in the UK and a chance to have the best educational experience. Intellectual and brilliant students committed to their education are encouraged to avail this scholarship.

Goldsmiths University selects four international students every year and awards fully funded scholarships on a merit basis. The students are selected in categories of two students for undergraduate and two for postgraduate level. The merit is highly competitive, so make sure to check the eligibility criteria before applying.

A refugee in the UK or those who have applied for asylum can apply for this scholarship. This program offers equal opportunities for all to gain education from the renowned institute in the UK. This is an excellent chance to become a member of the privileged community of Goldsmiths University.

Goldsmiths University is located in a populated area of London, which is known for its enriched culture, art and music. It is a public research university founded in 1891. It is home to highly passionate students who desire to explore the art and culture of the UK. Goldsmiths University is known for arts, humanities, design and social sciences. Students can also check Queen Mary University Fully Funded Scholarship in the UK.

Here are more details about the Goldsmiths University International Scholarship

Deadline is May 25, 2022

  • Country: England
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: May 25, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here are the eligibility criteria for Goldsmiths University International Scholarship:

    • Applicant must have an offer letter to study at Goldsmith University.
    • Must be willing to submit the financial award letter in time.
    • Applicants must be a refugee in the UK or have an active application for asylum.
    • Furthermore, they must have a good academic record.

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    Benefits :

    Students will receive the following benefits:

    • Students will have their full tuition fee covered, which is 8,825 euros.
    • Free accommodation at a single study bedroom in Goldsmith University’s hall.
    • Students will receive 200 euros per week for accommodation if the hall is unavailable.

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    Application Process:

    • Apply for admission at Goldsmiths University and receive an enrollment letter first.
    • Then fill out the application for an international response scholarship on the official portal.
    • If the applicant needs accommodation, they should fill out the accommodation form.
    • Create a ‘mygoldsmiths’ account online and upload the supporting documents.
    • Must upload the documents that prove you are a refugee or asylum seeker.
    • The deadline to apply for the scholarship is 25 May 2022.

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