Top Competitions for international students/youth

The world is your oyster! There are so many competitions out there for you to get involved in. You can think of a competition as an opportunity to showcase what you have learned and accomplished during your time at school, a chance to show off how creative and innovative you are. The following list contains some of the best international competitions that students/youths might want to apply for:


Here is the list where you can apply now.

Global Leadership Challenge 2022 – Fully Funded

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for the Global Leadership Challenge 2022 are given below:

  • Applicants must be students or young professionals.
  • Furthermore, students registered in a PhD or master’s program are eligible.
  • They must be 21 to 30 years old.
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree.
  • They must be committed to investing five days, 8 to 12 December 2022, in the GLC 2022
  • Moreover, they must demonstrate their commitment to leadership via work experience and extra-curricular activities.
  • Applicants must actively participate in the Global Leadership Challenge to receive the Certificate of Achievement.

THRIVE Global Impact Challenge 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Startups must be Seed to Series A with the technologies focused on the following themes:

Increasing Food Security

  • Alternative proteins
  • Food loss prevention
  • Indoor farming
  • Circular economy
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Functional Ingredients
  • Packaging

Soil health & Biodiversity 

  • Agriculture biotechnology
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Alternative fertilizers
  • Alternative pesticides & herbicides
  • Novel inputs & Crop Nutrition
  • Water Management
  • Bio-stimulants

Reducing and offsetting emissions

  • Carbon measurement
  • Carbon markets
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Decreasing animal emissions and animal cruelty.
  • On-farm emissions reduction
  • Robotics and automation

Environmental Photography Competition 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria for the Environmental Photography Competition:

  • Participants can be from any part of the world.
  • Participants born on or after 31 August 2001 are automatically listed in the Young Environmental Photographer of the Year category.
  • Under 18 must receive parental/guardian permission. Evidence of age may be required after the completion of your submission.
  • Furthermore, applicants can use old published photos but don’t submit photos that have already received an award or any other international recognition.

Save Our World Photography Competition 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the eligibility criteria for Save Our World- Photography Initiative 2022:

  • All students from any part of the world can apply for this competition.
  • Candidates should submit photos or photos of images that influence the environment around them.
  • Passionate applicants are encouraged to apply.
  • Amateurs and professionals can apply.

Inter University Essay Competition 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the inter-university essay competition:

  • Participants must be regular/full-time university students.
  • Participants must be under the age of 25.
  • Furthermore, they should be Pakistani or AJK citizens.

UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022

Eligibility Criteria

You must be interested in this competition. Do you want more information about the criteria and requirements? Following are the eligibility criteria for the UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022.

UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition Eligibility Criteria:

  • Young people all around the world are eligible to apply for this program.
  • Candidates’ age should be between 12-18 years old.
  • The artwork must be created only by the candidates.
  • Moreover, artwork can be created by hand or using digital drawing tools.

Open17 Challenge on Climate Justice 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Do you have innovative ideas that can reduce climate change? Then apply for this challenge! First, check the eligibility. Following are the criteria for the Open17 Challenge on Climate Justice 2022.

Eligibility Criteria for Open17 Challenge for Climate Change:

  • Anyone from all around the world can apply for this program.
  • Candidates must be 16 years or older.
  • Furthermore, candidates should have good written and spoken English skills.
  • The application must be in the English language.

International Youth Math Challenge 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for International Youth Math Challenge 2022:

  • All international candidates can apply regardless of nationality.
  • Candidates must be smart, open-minded, and creative to be eligible for the international youth math challenge.
  • Furthermore, a good internet connection is a must.
  • The problems will depend on the age group.
  • No educational restriction for the candidates; anyone can apply.

Immerse Education Essay Competition 2022

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Immerse Education Summer School Essay Competition 2022:

  • First and foremost, the programme is open to applicants of all nationalities.
  • Applicants must be 13 to 18 years old during the summer of 2023.
  • Furthermore, they can only make one entry at a time to be eligible for the competition.
  • Only the first one will be evaluated if the applicant submits entries for more than one subject.

Fulbright US Student Program Competition 2023-24

Eligibility Criteria
  • At the time of application, candidates must be citizens or nationals of the United States of America.
  • Candidates must meet the language requirements of the award to which they apply.
  • Demonstrating adequate capability to finish their project and adapt to life in the U.S.
  • Residents who have been in the United States for more than a year are ineligible.
  • Grants for advanced academic study are available to doctors of medicine but not for internships or residencies.
  • Additionally, before the grant begins, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent i.e. Four years of professional training and/or experience in the creative and performing arts fulfills the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • Candidates for the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program should have an M.D. degree, have completed their official postgraduate studies, and propose attachment to a hospital or clinic for collaborative or independent research.
  • Grants will not be used to fund activities requiring a license to practice medicine or nursing. Proposals for medical research that include clinical training, patient care, or patient contact are not eligible for the Fulbright Program.

School Enterprise Challenge 2022-23

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the criteria to apply for the School Enterprise Challenge:

  • The challenge is open to all schools.
  • Pre-primary, primary, secondary schools and technical colleges can participate.
  • Universities are ineligible to participate.

Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity 2023

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the eligibility criteria for the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity:

  • Participants can be from any part of the world.
  • They can put any modern-day hero who risks their own lives, health or freedom to save others.
  • Selection of the winner will be based on demonstrating courage, commitment and impact on the issue.

 If you’re an international student or youth, this article should have given you a lot of great ideas for competitions to enter! Whether you want to compete in business, science and math, the arts, music… there are plenty of opportunities out there. We hope that our list has helped make your life easier by giving you access to information about competitions near home as well as ones abroad. So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and submit your application today!

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