Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024

Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024

Entries are open for the Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024. The European Meteorological Society (EMS) announces the international photography competition Europhotometeo 2024 (EPM2024). The international competition will select three winners. All three winners will get cash prizes. The European Meteorological Society (EMS) and Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME) work together to oversee the Europhotometeo 2024 photography competition. If you are an aspiring photographer passionate about capturing the world’s beauty, then this competition is a chance for you to win a cash prize.

Applicants from all over the world are welcomed to this international photography competition; whoever wants to join is welcome to this competition. The Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024 is the perfect chance to showcase your skills. This international photography competition 2024 is open to photographers from all corners of the world, including anyone with a camera phone. There is no specific theme of this 2024 Europhotometeo Photography Competition, which means that everyone has a chance to win up to  1000€. So, if you want to take part in an international photo contest for free, then make sure to read till the end and apply before the deadline.

The photo taken by the author submitting the work may be submitted by each author. AME will only accept digital images that were taken in 2022 or 2023. EPM 2024 competition images are specifically related to clouds or other meteorological phenomena. Applicants must provide a brief explanation of their photo in English when submitting their photograph. The entry for the Europhotometeo 2024 photography competition must contain other information such as the original resolution, location, technical specifications, location, and time of the photoshoot’s capture.

Every participant of the 2024 Europhotometeo Photography Competition must make sure and guarantee that every photo entered in the contest was taken with consent from the venue(s), subject(s), or location. The photo does not violate any third party’sparty’s copyright. The participant (author) must bear all the liability for any infringement; EMS is not liable. During the first round of selection, a pre-selection committee will assess all the accepted entries. After March 1, 2024, the entries with the best scores will be displayed at the EMS public gallery. The number of photos that will be shown in the EMS photo gallery will be determined solely by the organizing committee. The top ten entries will be selected in the second and final selection phases. Read this article thoroughly to get all the details about the Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024.


More Details About the Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024:


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  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: January 15, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    If this Europhotometeo photography competition sounds interesting to you, then do not forget to read the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet all the requirements of the EMS Photography Competition 2024

    Eligibility Criteria of the Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024:

    • The Europhotometeo 2024 international competition is open to everyone in the world.
    • There is no restriction of field or any experience.
    • Each author can submit only one photo, which must have been taken by the submitting author.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If yes, go ahead and capture the world. Register yourself now and showcase your photography skills, but before that, make sure to check the various benefits of this international Photography Contest.

    Benefits of the Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024:

    • The top three authors with their photos ranked as first, second, and third will receive certificates and cash prizes as given below:
    1. First Prize: 1000€
    2. Second Prize: 500€
    3. Third Prize: 250€
    • The top ten photos of the international photography competition will be announced on the EMS official website in early April 2024.
    • An opportunity to be a part of international competition.


    EPM2024 Requirements:

    Following are the requirements for the international  Europhotometeo Photography Competition 2024 entries:

    • Files must be uploaded in jpg format.
    • Files must be in their original EXIF metadata.
    • Maximum file size of 8 MB.
    • All kinds of photo montages will not be accepted, including panorama photos, heavily altered or retouched images, star trails, and photos with superimposed writings or other additions (like watermarks).
    • For each EPM 2024 entry, the following information must be provided in the English language:
    • Title and a short description: the description must be in English (maximum 120 words).
    • Original resolution (in pixels).
    • Place where the photo was taken, including the country.
    • Equipment used.
    • Date when the photo was taken.
    • Selection of a Creative Commons Attribution license.

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    Application Process:

    • Click the Apply Now button to start your application for the EPM 2024.
    • Applicants must register and fill in their data on the official website.
    • Applicants must accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy Policy to complete their registration.
    • After that, the applicants will receive an email with a code. This code will help you to log in to your account.
    • After logging in, you will find two tabs: A “profile” tab, where you can add more information about yourself if you want, and “a photo,” where you can upload your photo.
    • Applicants must select a license for their photo.
    • Applicants must upload their photos carefully. Choose a title for their photo and give a short description.
    • Fill in the original resolution of your photo. Describe all the details of your photo and which camera or phone you have used. Add this information if you have used anything else, like a filter.
    • Fill in the place and country where the photo is taken and fill in the date – the year must be 2022 or 2023.
    • Now click “Submit photo” to submit your entry.

    EPM 2024 Application Deadline:

    The last date to apply for the 2024 Europhotometeo Photography Competition is January 15, 2024.

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