UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022

UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition

The UNESCO World Heritage Centre is accepting applications for the Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022. The theme for the UNESCO storyboard competition 2022 is World Heritage and Climate Change. Young people all around the are invited to participate in this educational program. UNESCO competition 2022 seeks young people to use their creative and problem-solving skills to raise awareness about the climate change affecting the World Heritage sites. The best submission of the Patrimonito Storyboard competition will be professionally produced into animated films for international distribution to schools and at World Heritage education events.

Climate change is the most pressing problem in today’s world. It is one of the greatest threats faced by culture and heritage. Most of the natural and cultural heritage sites named on the World Heritage List are threatened by climate change. Due to climate change, there have been many natural disasters, including wildfires, storms, floods, and mass bleaching events. Climate change has a massive impact on human societies, cultural diversity, biodiversity, ecosystem services, and the world’s natural and cultural heritage. Heritage sites are the source of oral traditions, performing arts, social practices, festive events, and traditional knowledge. Rapidly increasing Climate change is causing a significant threat to these things as well. Therefore, it is essential for all generations to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change and help save the world sites.

Patrimonito’s World Heritage Adventure is a cartoon series carried under the World Heritage Education Programme since 2002. Through a “by young people, for young people’ approach, they intend to raise awareness of the significance of heritage preservation among the youth. They invite young people to convey the message of World Heritage preservation to their peers.

Therefore, young people are invited to use their creativity and problem-solving skills to address the issue of climate change and its impact on World Heritage sites. This international competition requires to propose solutions or measures that would help address these challenges. So, use your creative skills to make a change in the world and apply for Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022. The deadline to apply for this competition is 16 October 2022.


Here are more details about the UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022

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  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: October 16, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    You must be interested in this competition. Do you want more information about the criteria and requirements? Following are the eligibility criteria for the UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022.

    UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition Eligibility Criteria:

    • Young people all around the world are eligible to apply for this program.
    • Candidates’ age should be between 12-18 years old.
    • The artwork must be created only by the candidates.
    • Moreover, artwork can be created by hand or using digital drawing tools.
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    Benefits :

    Here are the beneifts of the UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition:

    • Young people will get a chance to produce their artwork on an international forum professionally.
    • Moreover, their artwork will be made into animated films for global distribution to schools and at World Heritage education events.
    • The winner’s name will be on the storyboard and credited to the film distributed worldwide by UNESCO and its partner.
    • Winners will also receive a UNESCO certificate.
    • They will get international exposure.
    • This program will help improve the candidates’ problem-solving and creative skills.

    Storyboard creation:

    • The storyboard is like drawing a comic book. Candidates can use a script that presents a story through sketches in chronological sequence.
    • Candidates can use pencils, ink, or other digital drawing tools.
    • The story and drawing of the candidate should show the candidate’s knowledge about the chosen World Heritage site and the value of the site.
    • It should also include a challenge/problem faced by the site based on the impacts of Climate Change.
    • Candidates should also present a solution or measure to the challenge/problem in the proposed story and drawing.
    • Participants should use Blank storyboard worksheets for drawing the cartoons.

    Structure of the Storyboard

    • Patrimonito should play one of the leading roles among the characters, and participants should use two more main characters, a young girl and a boy.
    • The storyboard should have a beginning, a middle, and an end.
    • The candidates should initially set up a story and characters according to the selected World Heritage site.
    • In the Middle, candidates should present the obstacles or problems the character must overcome. Or if there are no experiences, it should include an exciting journey and a series of coincidences that they experienced. This is the backbone of the story. The main message should be communicated in this section.
    • In the end, there should be a conclusion of the story where everything should fall together, indicating how the problem should be resolved in the candidate’s view. And it should be the end of the story.
    • Candidates should balance the presentation of the story. They should consider the number of frames given to the site’s description, the issue faced by the site, and the proposed solution.

    Note: Patrimonito is a character created based on the World Emblem by a group of Spanish-speaking students at the first World Heritage Youth Forum. Patrimonito means “small heritage” and represents a young heritage guardian. Since then, it is also the main character of Patrimonito’s World Heritage Adventures cartoon series.

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    Application Process:

    • Interested candidates can participate by visiting the link mentioned below.
    • The scanned copies of the storyboard can be submitted by email.
    • In case of the original copies (in case of hand-drawn entries) or the print versions (in case of digital artworks) can be submitted by postal mail to UNESCO.
    • The candidates may also submit their entries through their countries’ National Commissions for UNESCO.
    • The winning candidate will be selected by the Independent jury established by the World Heritage Centre.
    • Also, the winning storyboards will be professionally adapted into an animated episode of Partimonito’s World Heritage Adventure series.
    • Candidates can submit their submissions through their countries’ National Commissions for UNESCO.
    • The deadline to apply for UNESCO Patrimonito Storyboard Competition 2022is 16 October 2022.

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