ETH Pioneer Fellowship 2024 in Switzerland | Pioneer Fellowship Program

The ETH Pioneer Fellowship 2024 is a partially funded fellowship at Zurich University, Switzerland. The ETH summer fellowship is available for master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral students. Through the ETH Pioneer fellowship, students will obtain research experience. The funded fellowship in Switzerland is open to students from all over the world. The ETH Student Research Fellowship program will provide students an opportunity to pursue their research during summers in the field of their choice. The duration of the funded summer research fellowship in Switzerland is 10-18 months. As the fellowship is funded, all expenses related to the ETH Student Fellowship in Switzerland will be covered.

There are two types of ETH fellowships that come under the ETH Pioneer Fellowship 2024; one is the Pioneer Fellowship Deep-Tech Incubation Program that enables entrepreneurial ETH students and researchers to develop their research-based techniques and technologies into marketable services and products to launch a successful ETH spin-company. The second one is the Pioneer Fellowship Social Impact Incubation Program, which empowers entrepreneurial ETH students and researchers in developing their research-based techniques and technologies into viable services and products with a social impact to successfully create a scalable ETH Spin-off company. The funding and eligibility criteria for both of the fellowships are the same. The only difference that they have is that the Social Impact Pioneer Fellowship is only for those projects that will serve people living with less than 10 USD/day in low-​ and middle-income countries.

ETH Pioneer Fellowship 2024 in Switzerland is a fantastic opportunity for international students to enhance their academic and professional careers from an international platform. The ETH Zurich attracts brilliant minds from all over the world to their international internship program. ETH Zurich fellowship provides students with practical experience by becoming a part of the global community. Furthermore, the international fellowship program in Europe supports students in increasing their knowledge and skills by participating in different academic activities. The interns will work and learn under the mentorship of the world’s top researchers. The ETH Pioneer Fellowship Program for International Students will provide them with a natural environment that motivates and encourages them, which leads to high performance. During this ETH fellowship, researchers are polished in such a way that they think beyond the box to create innovative ideas, critical methodologies, techniques, and analytical approaches.

The ETH Pioneer Fellowship programme induces a sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial skills, and an innovative mindset that has always been the core values on which the institute laid its foundation. Switzerland is known as the hub of technical knowledge and innovation. International students studying in Switzerland under various international fellowships get an ideal learning environment that improves their overall performance. Students will be able to think innovatively and develop new approaches, methodologies, and techniques. ETH Zurich is one of the top-ranked universities for international students and higher studies. Furthermore, it is also ranked as #29 in Best Global Universities. In the QSE ranking, it is also listed in the top 15 universities of science and engineering. ETH fellowships in Europe will make the institute’s global ranking worthy. There is no discrimination in the ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship selection; students from different academic backgrounds, cultures, and races are welcomed. The ETH Zurich fellowships for international students will help students fulfil their dreams and study in Europe for free.


More Details About the Eth Pioneer Fellowship 2024 in Europe:

Pioneer Fellowship Duration: 10-18 months

Table of Contents

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: March 1, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you interested in this research fellowship? Then why not apply for the funded fellowship program 2024 at ETH Zurich? Before visiting the official website, check the ETH fellowship eligibility below.

    Eligibility Criteria for the ETH Pioneer Fellowship Program 2024:

    • Applicants must be 1-2 entrepreneurial qualified who wish to commercialise their research results at ETH Zürich.
    • Applicants can be ETH Masters, Doctoral students, or ETH researchers.
    • A company that has not yet been incorporated is eligible.
    • ETH Zurich’s host professor fully supports the research project.
    • It must be a promising business case.
    • Furthermore, only for the Social Impact Pioneer Fellowships, a promising business case serving and helping people who live with less than 10 USD per day in low- and middle-income countries. All OECD DAC List 2024 countries are eligible.
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    Benefits :

    This European fellowship program will cover all the costs of the selected students. This section provides all the details about the benefits and financial coverage. Therefore, don’t skip this important part.

    Benefits of the ETH Pioneer Fellowship 2024 in Switzerland:

    • Successful fellows will be awarded a lump sum of 150’000 CHF to cover the fellow’s salary costs and other costs to support their research project.
    • The stipend will cover all the project-related costs, tuition fees, travel, etc.
    • The ETH Pioneer Deep-Tech Incubation Program 204 provides the fellows with the essential tools they need to advance their research projects and supports them on their entrepreneurial journey.
    • Fellows will get coaching from the top experts.
    • In addition, they will also get entrepreneurial training that will be supported by their host Professor.
    • They will get access to ETH infrastructure and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
    • Fellows will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful culture of the institute and a chance to visit Switzerland for free.
    • Apart from salaries, the fellowship will finance most aspects of your project. It may include general expenses, travel/field expenses, industry fairs, and tuition fees for certificates of advanced studies.

    Pioneer Fellowship Program Required Documents:

    • Brief project summary
    • Detailed description of the idea
    • Financial Plan for the project
    • Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest (if any) to both applicants and the host professor.
    • Project Summary (Detailed project information)
    • Detailed information on intellectual property rights.
    • Applicant CV
    • Publication List
    • Letter of support by host professor
    • Video Presentation

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the ETH Pioneer Fellowship 2024 is online.
    • Applicants must submit their electronically on their ETH Zurich grant application system.
    • Make sure to fill in all the required details.
    • Applicants must attach all the required documents with the application.
    • Ensure to submit your application before the deadline.


    ETH Pioneer Fellowship Application Deadline:

    Applicants can apply twice a year for the ETH Pioneer Fellowship Program 2024. For the first intake, the deadline is 1st March 2024, and for 2nd intake, the deadline is 1st September 2024.


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