Merck Research Grant 2024 | Grants of up to €500,000

Merck is inviting applications for the Merck Research Grant 2024 in Germany. This opportunity is for scientists in all career stages from around the world, aiming to support and inspire researchers engaged in innovative and challenging projects with potential significance in the future. The grant is available for the 2024 session and is open to scientists affiliated with research-based universities or institutions at any career stage. Merck seeks to promote collaboration and exchange of ideas among researchers globally. The research program will enable scientists to focus on research in fields of Science and Technology. Hence, it is an excellent funding program in 2024. 

Similarly, the Merck Research Grant Program is a prestigious and competitive award offered by Merck. It aims to support outstanding researchers from across the globe . This international research grant presents an exceptional opportunity for enthusiastic scientists interested in research. Merck will offer grants of up to €500,000 per year for a period of up to three years. Since 2018, Merck has been actively promoting groundbreaking research initiatives through its research grants program, designed to stimulate innovation in key areas of future importance. . In the year 2024, Merck is continuing its commitment by offering grants in specific areas of focus, including Molecular Glue Degraders and other PPI Stabilizers, Augmented Reality Digital Twin and Validating AI-designed molecules in the lab.

In addition, Merck Grants are an ideal opportunity for exceptional researchers seeking to embark on their research journey. It strives to create an environment that promotes productivity and enhances the overall quality of life for its employees. At Merck, they understand the importance of fostering a rewarding work-life balance, making it an excellent place for individuals to thrive in both their personal and professional pursuits. Merck, established in 1668 and based in Germany, belongs to one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Their commitment to empowering their employees is seen in the support they provide, allowing individuals to balance their priorities alongside their professional endeavors. 

Merck operates as a science-driven organization, engaging in activities within the realms of healthcare, life science, technology and electronics. The foundation of their work is in science and technology, thus, driving their pursuit of innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future. In line with this commitment, Merck is currently seeking research proposals in areas mentioned below. So, if you want to receive a Merck Research Grant, you must read till the end.


2024 Merck Research Grant Topic Areas:

The selected candidates will work on the following research areas:

Strategies for Molecular Glue Degraders and other Stabilizers of Protein-Protein Interaction Stabilizers:

  • One grant, offering up to 100,000 € per year for a maximum of 3 years, with the possibility of additional collaboration.

Development of an Augmented Reality Digital Twin:

  • One grant, providing funding of up to 120,000 € per year for a period of 1 year, with potential for further collaboration.

Validation of AI-generated Molecules through Experimental Testing:

  • Up to 3 grants are available, which include AIDDISON software licenses for a duration of one year, with potential for extended collaboration.


Table of Contents

  • Country: Germany
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Eligible Regions: Anyone Internationally Can Apply
  • Deadline: August 31, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Does this funding opportunity sound interesting to you? If yes, read in detail the eligibility criteria for Merck Research Grants 2204 below in order to ensure you meet all the requirements fir this international research grant program. 

    Eligibility Criteria for Merck Research Grant 2024:

    • Candidates of any nationality from across the globe are welcome to apply for this research grant.
    • To be considered for this research award, applicants must hold a master’s degree from a recognized university.
    • Applicants must provide evidence of their proficiency in the English language, both in written and spoken form, as part of the application process.
    • Interested candidates need to submit an initial application. Those selected for further consideration will receive an invitation to provide a detailed proposal outlining their research project.
    • Applicants have the option to apply for multiple grants or submit applications for various categories.
    • After submitting the full proposals, successful candidates may be required to attend a deep-dive workshop with other finalists. This workshop aims to provide further insights into their research and foster collaboration among researchers.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the criteria above? It is essential for candidates to carefully review and meet all the eligibility criteria before applying for the research grant by Merck to increase their chances of being considered for this prestigious research funding opportunity. If you do, please continue reading the various benefits this international Merck Research Grant in 2024. 

    Benefits of the Merck Grant 2024:

    • Grants of up to €500,000 for the year 2024 are available.
    • This financial assistance allows researchers to focus on their research projects without worrying about financial constraints.
    • Being awarded the Merck international research grant is a mark of prestigious recognition for exceptional scientists. It adds to the recipient’s academic and professional profile, enhancing their future career prospects.
    • Moreover, recipients gain access to state-of-the-art research facilities, laboratories, and resources provided by Merck.
    • Candidates receive guidance and mentorship from experienced researchers and professionals at Merck.
    • The grant offers networking opportunities with industry experts, fellow researchers, and professionals in various fields.
    • Recipients get exposure to the practices and workings of a leading pharmaceutical company like Merck.
    • In addition, the Merck grant provides international scientists the chance to study and conduct research in a global setting. It allows them to immerse themselves in a different culture, learn from diverse perspectives, and broaden their horizons. 


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    Application Process:

    • Want to know how to apply for the Merck international Research Grant in Germany?
    • Create an account with Merck and register yourself.
    • To apply, complete the application form with your research proposal online. 
    • During the initial stage of the Research Grants application process, candidates submit their applications, which should only include non-confidential information.
    • Applicants can apply for multiple grants or submit their applications for various categories.
    • Successful applicants will be invited to present a full proposal under confidentiality and participate in a deep-dive workshop.
    • The selection committee will then communicate the outcomes of the application review to selected candidates.
    • The second phase of the Research Grant process involves a collaborative deep-dive workshop, where finalists present their full proposals.
    • The third phase of the Research Grants process is the Research Grant funding phase.

    Application Deadline for Merck Research Grant in Germany:

    • The deadline to apply for the Merck international research grant is 31 August 2024.


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