Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 2024 in Japan | Fully Funded

Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 2024

The Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship program 2024 is an opportunity for all Ph.D. holders who want to contribute to society by researching topics related to their fields. Japan is an ideal country for any researcher as it provides a high standard of education and top-notch resources to conduct research in their respective fields. This fully-funded fellowship will provide the candidate with all advanced techniques and procedures and a network of intellectuals to solve global issues. This MIF fellowship will enhance your knowledge and can cater to all the issues related to your interested field with an in-depth approach.

Matsumae international foundation provides a platform for passionate researchers to learn and discuss current global issues and need solutions. Your knowledge and exposure will increase by working in-depth with professionals. The research fellowship program introduces international researchers to history, philosophy and Japanese key founders. So, learn more about Japan with MIF by developing a network and friendly relations with Japanese and other international participants. Researchers are welcome regardless of their religion, gender, race etc.

The MIF was founded in 1979 by Dr. Matsumae to bridge the gap between Japan and other countries by inviting talented and young researchers to conduct research and provide solutions related to their home countries. Individuals from any background, irrespective of their gender, race, sex, religion, or ideology, are highly encouraged to apply for this fully-funded fellowship, thereby contributing to academic development in Japan. Another goal of MIF is to deepen young researchers’ knowledge about Japan’s culture and pave the way between Japan and the world.

This MIF Fellowship 2024 will select ten young, highly talented and bright students from around the globe. The fully-funded fellowship program is for six months, and the MIF, including traveling and monthly allowances, will cover the basic expenses of the individual. During your stay in Japan, you will also be able to learn the history and culture of the country and how with constant effort and hard work, they have made it one of the most peaceful nations in the world. MIF will also take you to study tours around the country to learn the different aspects of it.

Furthermore, this international fellowship covers basic living expenses giving the researchers all the support they require. Furthermore, there will be study tours for learning, exposure and entertainment. Young minds are welcome to contribute to problem-solving research and discover Japan. 

No of Participants: 10


Areas of Research for MIF Fellowship in Japan:

  • Natural sciences
  • Medicine
  • Engineering 

Deadline is June 30, 2023

Table of Contents

  • Country: Japan
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: June 30, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you searching for an international research opportunity? If yes, then this fellowship opportunity is for you. Before starting the application, check the criteria and requirements of the Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship Program 2024. Details are listed in this section.

    Eligibility Criteria of Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 2023:

    • Anyone with non-Japanese nationality can apply for this scholarship.
    • Students who have Ph.D. degrees can apply for this program.
    • The maximum age limit to apply is 49 years.
    • Should provide an acceptance letter from the Host Institution before applying.  
    • Proficient in English or Japanese
    • Must not have lived or worked in Japan before
    • The applicant must have a job in their home country so that upon completion, they return and contribute to the betterment of their country.
    • The most preferred fields of research are natural sciences, medicine and engineering.

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    Benefits :

    Before applying, check the financial coverage and benefits of this fully funded Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship Program 2024. Opportunities circle has stated the benefits of fully funded research fellowship for international students in 2024 below.

    Benefits of Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 2024:

    • During the stay in Japan, Matsumae International Foundation will provide a monthly allowance of JPY 220,000 for living and research activities.
    • It will cover part of Japan’s initial cost of living, and an Arrival Fund of JPY 120,000 will be provided.
    • The host organization will provide round-trip airfare of economy class.
    • The fellowship will provide travel insurance with medical treatment and death benefits.
    • Fellows will also travel in Japan for study tours.
    • An opportunity to conduct research with highly intellectual individuals.
    • Be able to make network with global leaders.


    Required Documents for Matsumae International Fellowship:

    • Research plan
    • Soft copy of publications
    • CV and list of publications
    • Recommendation letter from employer
    • Soft copies of academic transcript and diploma/degree
    • Invitation letter from a Japanese professor 

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship is online.
    • Download the Application Form from their website, as the application process is online.
    • Submit all the required documents, including your Research Plan, CV, and recommendation letters.
    • The applicant should send the application documents by email at [email protected].
    • Carefully input all the details in the application form.
    • The deadline for The Matsumae International Foundation Fellowship 2024 is 1 April 2023 to 30 June 2023.

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