Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-2026 | Fully Funded

Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-2026

Rotary Peace Fellowship 2025-2026 is an international fellowship opportunity open to students worldwide. This fully funded fellowship program is aimed at international fellows who are keen advocates of peace and are working for its progression. The Rotary scholarship awards to up to 130 fully funded fellowships to people who show extraordinary leadership and problem-solving qualities. These Rotary awards for international students work as a motivation for students to work as dedicated leaders. Students can bring commendable change by becoming effective activists for peace. The fully funded Rotary Peace Fellowships provide students with the best possible methods and techniques to become powerful ambassadors of peace, highly influential people, and effective professionals.

Moreover, the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-26 is established to train future peace leaders who will work for positive change worldwide on an international platform. This international fellowship will provide fellows with modern global networking opportunities. Moreover, they will get a chance to work on an international level and make networks that will help them in the future. Furthermore, fellows will work to enhance their abilities and skills. Rotary is a global network of 1.4 million leaders and problem-solvers working together to make lasting changes in themselves, their communities and the globe. We know solving real problems requires real commitment and vision. Rotatory is working to make this world a better place in terms of education, peace, health etc., and they are committed to their work.

Similarly, Rotary has developed partnerships with renowned universities that host the Rotary Peace Centers. The centers empower, educate, and increase the capacity of peacebuilders through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities. These fully funded fellowships are for dedicated young leaders from around the world who want to study at one of our peace centers. The Rotary Peace Fellowship program creates the capacity of peace and development professionals to become effective people for peace through academic training, practice, and global networking opportunities. Rotary is working to make a change from the root level. The fully funded international fellowship has been provided to get the desired results. Through this program, fellows will engage in activities and practices that have the potential to make a change in the world. The components of the international fellowship program are academic training, workshop series, applied field experience, networking and a final seminar.

The Rotary Peace fellowship is divided into two categories to accommodate the most worthy, deserving and eligible candidates without any doubt. The first is the Rotary Scholarships for master’s program students, and the other is the Rotary Fellowships for the professional development certificate program. The main focus of both programs is peace and development issues. Selected fellows will get training from the best research-informed teachers in the best institutes. Students will become a part of a diverse learning community where they learn from professionals.

The professionals who become part of this Rotary Professional Development program work with high-class professionals and learn practical skills in this one-year program. The program is a mixture of online learning, classroom studies and social change initiatives. Both programs are created to help students or professionals near to starting their careers and those with proven experience with the educational opportunities that will further their careers in peacebuilding and development. They select up to 50 fellows for their master’s program, which is 15 months to 2 years and up to 80 students for their certificate programs. During the one-year learning program, experienced peace and development professionals with distinct backgrounds gain practical skills to promote peace within their societies and across the globe. The Rotary International Peace Fellowship is for working professionals. Fellows earn a postgraduate diploma after completing the program.


Here are more details about the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program:


Centers offering the Master’s Program:

  • International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan
  • The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
  • University of Bradford, Bradford, England
  • Duke University, Durham and Chapel Hill, USA
  • Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Rotary Peace Centers Offering the Certificate Program:

  • Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
  • Bahçeşehir University (BAU), Istanbul, Turkey (Opening in 2025) 


Level of Program:

  • Master’s Degree Program
  • Professional development certificate program

Rotary Peace Scholarship Duration:

  • Master’s Degree Scholarship: 15 months to 2 years 
  • Professional Development Certificate Program: One-Year

Total Fellowship Awards:  130 awards, including 50 for master’s degree program and 80 for Certificate Studies.


Table of Contents

  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: May 15, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you searching for a scholarship program to study abroad? If yes, then this fellowship opportunity is for you. Before starting the application, check the criteria and requirements of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2024-25. Details are listed in this section.

    Eligibility Criteria of the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program 2025-26:

    • Candidate must be proficient in English.
    • The candidate must commit to peace through his academic and professional achievements and personal or community service record.
    • The students pursuing master’s degrees must have completed their bachelor’s degrees.
    • For master’s students, at least three years of relevant experience is required starting from the date of their most recent degree to the start of the fellowship program.
    • Candidates currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs are not eligible.
    • Candidate must have leadership skills for both categories. 
    • The candidates applying for the certificate program must have fulfilled all the above requirements. However, the experience required for these candidates is of five years.
    • The candidates applying for the certificate program must be able to explain their plan of action.
    • Candidates who have attended a certificate program or a global grant scholarship must have a three-year gap before applying for a master’s under this fellowship.
    • Active Rotary members, employees of the Rotary Club, Rotary International, or other Rotary entities are not eligible to apply.
    • Candidates with disability are encouraged to apply.
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    Benefits :

    Before applying, check the financial coverage and benefits of this fully funded Rotary Peace Fellowship Program. Opportunities circle has stated the benefits of fully funded scholarships for international students 2025-2026 below.

    Benefits of Rotary Peace Fellowship 2025:

    Benefits of a master’s scholarship include: 

    • The host organization will provide tuition fees for Rotary Peace Fellowship.
    • Travel expenses to travel to and from the country of study.
    • Conference/research expenses 
    • Fellows will get room and board expenses.
    • They will receive internship expenses.
    • Insurance of applicant.

    Benefits of the Certificate program include:

    • The host organization will cover the tuition fees.
    • Travel expenses to travel to and from the country of study.
    • Fellows will get on-campus accommodations.
    • Rotary will provide the applicant with the course materials.
    • The applicant will receive field study expenses.
    • Insurance will be covered under the Rotary Peace Fellowship.


    Documents Required for International Rotary Fellowship:

    • Resume
    • professional/Academic Recommendations
    • Transcripts
    • Personal Video Statement and Essays
    • English Proficiency test scores (master’s only)
    • Social Impact Plan (certificate only)

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the Rotary Peace Fellowship is online. 
    • The applicant will submit their application to the Rotary Foundation online.
    • Candidates should apply will all the relevant documents.
    • Applicants will be provided with the confirmation of receiving the endorsement and application.

    Application Deadline for Rotary Peace Fellowship 2025-26:

    • The application deadline for the Rotary Peace Fellowship Program for International Students 2025-2026 is 15 May 2024.

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