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WHO Free Online Courses

Are you also looking for free courses to upgrade your skills? WHO Free Online Courses are open to people worldwide. The courses are entirely free and there are no registration charges, free certificate at the end of the course is the cherry on top. The online courses are offered in more than 20 languages. Apply for self-paced courses, there is no time limit and no schedule. You can start and proceed according to your own time schedule. Furthermore, anyone from any country and region of the world can access the free courses. The courses are based on three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and advanced. World Health Organization offers these online courses to improve the response to health emergencies. The courses are based on the outbreaks, social campaigns, preparing for the pandemic, and readiness to respond to emergencies.

OpenWHO is a dynamic and web-based platform that encourages enthusiastic individuals to participate in advancing global health developments. Through the interactive online courses, WHO aims to foster a diverse cultural community capable of devising effective policies despite being confined to their homes. WHO free online courses offer hope in challenging times and motivate learners to join in fulfilling the core mission of creating a skilled and dynamic health workforce through gaining knowledge. Participants also receive WHO certificates upon course completion.

The WHO online courses with certificates offer an excellent opportunity for ambitious and enthusiastic students to enhance their careers and become valued members. Participants also gain the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse groups. Moreover, OpenWHO provides individuals with the privilege of learning from courses designed by top-tier mentors eager to support and collaborate with young talents to advance the global health system. As a result, this initiative contributes significantly to the improvement of public health all around the world while also ensuring a continuous supply of skilled health experts essential for the growth of the health sector.

The World Health Organization is a specialized organization of the UN responsible for international public health. WHO has its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, with six regional offices and 150 offices worldwide. WHO is a leading authority on global health, and the courses are developed and taught by experienced professionals in the field. Moreover, students will receive a free certificate of completion that can be used to demonstrate knowledge and skills to employers or educational institutions. Every student must avail this opportunity and enroll for the free online courses. You can also check other free courses offered by top universities and organizations including British Council Free Online Courses.


Here are more details about Free Online Courses with Free Certificate


List of WHO Free Online Courses

  • Neglected tropical diseases
  • COVID 19
  • Ready for response
  • One Health
  • Get Social
  • Clinical Management
  • Harmonized health facility assessment
  • Health inequality monitoring
  • Chemical and biological deliberate events
  • scientific and strategic talks on COVID
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Preventing sexual exploitation and abuse
  • Integrated disease surveillance and response
  • National languages (COVID 19)
  • Outbreak
  • Health emergency preparedness, response and resilience
  • Infodemic management
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Healthier populations
  • Universal health coverage
  • Digital health and innovation
  • End TB



Table of Contents

  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you also looking forward to enroll for the free courses offered by the World Health Organization? If yes, then check the criteria and requirements to register for the free online courses with free certificates by OpenWHO.

    Eligibility Criteria for the WHO Free Online Courses:

    • Everyone can apply for these free courses.
    • People who want to apply must be passionate and collaborative.
    • No academic restrictions to apply for the WHO.
    • There are no prerequisites.
    • No nationality restrictions.
    • Medical students are also encouraged to apply for the World Health Organization courses.
    • You must have a laptop or computer to access the course.
    • Moreover, good internet is required.
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    Benefits :

    In this section, you can check what benefits are offered to learners worldwide. Opportunities Circle has listed the benefits below. Make sure to read the details before you proceed to register.

    Benefits of WHO Free Online Courses 2024:

    • These online courses are totally free; there is no registration fee.
    • Receive a certificate on successfully completing the course.
    • It is an international online course program that caters to all people who have the potential to learn.
    • The courses are offered in the local languages ​​of the communities.
    • Individuals can access their own progress throughout the course.
    • The certificate is awarded to the participant after completion of the course.
    • OpenWHO certificates will help you in your career as well.
    • Gain knowledge and upgrade skills.



    Step-by-Step Registration Process for Free Courses by WHO

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    Application Process:

    • The registration process for the WHO free courses is online. Click on the apply now button below to enroll for the free courses.
    • You can register using the email address.
    • After that, you will receive an email notification confirming registration.
    • Please provide all required personal information, e.g name, address, country, etc.
    • Complete all required fields necessary for registration.
    • Please fill out your registration application carefully and submit it.
    • After enrollment in the course, you must log in to the course.
    • There is no deadline to apply. Start learning now!

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