Japan International MANGA Award 2024 | Fully Funded Trip to Japan

Applications are open for the 18th Japan International MANGA Award 2024. The award in Japan is a fully funded opportunity for artists who have a keen interest in MANGA and comic art. This International MANGA Award will provide a fully funded trip to Japan for all the award winners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2007 established the International MANGA Award to promote global understanding and exchange through widely acknowledged MANGA culture. This international award will recognize MANGA artists who have made significant contributions to the growth of MANGA culture. Art is a universal language, and it has always been used to express and give multiple messages through its different forms, such as drawings, sketches, and paintings. So, if you want to win a trip to Japan, you must read till the end to know everything about this MANGA award in Japan.

The Japan International MANGA Award will present the MANGA Gold Award for the best cartoon entry, three Silver Awards for extra exceptional works, and around eleven Bronze Awards for other works. Furthermore, Gold and Silver Award winners receive trophies, while Bronze Award winners receive certificates. A MANGA work that is more exceptional and appreciated than the other Bronze Award submissions but was not selected for the Silver Award may get the Special Encouragement Award. Moreover, the recipients of the Special Encouragement Award will receive certificates. Through this international art competition in Japan, the Japan Foundation will provide an opportunity for Japan International MANGA Award winners of Gold and Silver Awards to visit Japan for 7 days to participate in this international art award ceremony.

The Japan International MANGA Award ceremony will take place in Tokyo, Japan, and will combine modern architecture and wooden buildings. In addition, the participants will make courtesy calls to publishing houses, Japanese cartoonists, and other establishments. Moreover, this fully funded award is an excellent chance to explore Japan and its culture in real life rather than see it in biopics and documentaries. Do you have what it takes to compete in this cartoon sketch competition? Apply now to win this incredible opportunity! Are you interested in this international challenge and MANGA competition to compete with others for cartoon sketches? Apply now to this 18th Japan International MANGA Award and win a chance to visit Japan for free!

More Details About the 18th Japan International MANGA Award 2024 in Japan:

Host Country:


Host Institution:

Japan Cartoonists Association

MANGA Award Location:


18th Japan MANGA Award Program Duration:

7 days

Table of Contents

  • Country: Japan
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: July 5, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Do you want to participate in this international award competition? Then, send in submissions for the Japan International MANGA Award Program 2024. Before starting the application, check the eligibility criteria for the 18th Japan MANGA Award Program to ensure your eligibility.

    Eligibility Criteria for the Japan MANGA Award Program 2024:

    • The submitted work for the MANGA award must be more than 16 pages in total.
    • Both published and unpublished pieces of art are eligible for this international award.
    • You cannot submit the work that has already been selected for any award previously.
    • MANGA submissions must be created within the last three years (2021-2024), not older than this.
    • Your MANGA submission must not violate any third-party intellectual property rights.
    • The submitted work should be created by the applicants and not by anyone else.
    • Entries sent using AI or any other such tool will not be eligible. If AI is used, the applicant must mention to what extent it has been used.
    • Entries submitted should be in printed form or PDF form.
    • Each applicant can send only one entry, not more than this.
    • Furthermore, the applicants should not be nationals of Japan.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If yes, keep on reading. The Japan MANGA Award Program 2024 is full of benefits. We have listed the benefits below:

    Benefits of the 18th Japan International MANGA Award Program in Japan 2024:

    • Gold and Silver Award winners will get trophies.
    • Bronze Award winners will receive certificates.
    • Furthermore, the Special Encouragement Award winners will also get certificates.
    • Gold and Silver MANGA award winners will get a fully funded trip to Japan for seven days.
    • They will experience the international award program in Tokyo for free.
    • The Japan International MANGA Award 2024 is a chance to explore Japanese culture and sites.



    Japan International MANGA Award 2024 Requirements:

    • Valid Passport.
    • Application Form.
    • MANGA work entries.


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    Application Process:

    • Click on the Apply Now button to start your application.
    • Applicants must fill out the online application form. They must use English or Japanese Language only.
    • After filling out the online form, you will be required to submit your work entries within two weeks.
    • Make sure to enter your email address correctly.
    • Select the category according to your work.
    • Name the file of your work as your first and last name and mention page numbers on your files.
    • Applicants can submit their MANGA work in any language. MANGA work in printed or PDF form.
    • Applicants must send their work through the Japanese Embassy. You can check the address of your Japanese Embassy here.


    18th Japan MANGA Award Deadline:

    The Japan International MANGA Award 2024 application deadline is 5th July 2024.


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