European Parliament Traineeships 2024 | Schuman Traineeships

European Parliament Traineeships 2024

European Parliament Traineeships 2024 offer an invaluable opportunity for young professionals and recent graduates to gain firsthand experience within one of the most influential political institutions in the European Union. These international traineeships are highly competitive and provide a unique insight into the functioning of the European Parliament. The European Parliament provides two categories of traineeships: traineeship within the Secretariat, often called Schuman traineeships, and Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament. If you want to become an EU Trainee, then keep reading until the end and apply for the European Parliament Paid Traineeship Program 2024.

Having said that, the European Parliament offers a paid traineeships in Europe called the Schuman traineeship or traineeship within the Secretariat, which can take place at any of the European Parliament’s official locations, including Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, and its Liaison Offices within the Member States. This five-month traineeship is in honour of the memory of Robert Schuman. A Schuman traineeship offers individuals a valuable opportunity to enhance their education and vocational training. In addition, it provides them with a unique insight into the workings of the EU institutions. A particular focus is on the European Parliament, which serves as a crucial arena for EU-level decision-making and political discourse. Moreover, Schuman traineeship Program 2024 covers a diverse range of fields. These include EU internal and external policies, finance, law, administration, infrastructure, multilingualism, logistics, communication, and IT. The European Parliament selects around 800 Schuman trainees each year.

Similarly, the other type of Traineeship with Members of the European Parliament may provide paid traineeships in the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels (or Strasbourg) based on an agreement with the European Parliament. MEPs’ traineeships cover diverse fields. The Member of Parliament awarding the traineeship will allocate specific tasks during the traineeship duration. This European Parliament traineeship has a duration of approximately between six weeks and five months. Likewise, the European Parliament Traineeships Program 2024 provides a dynamic and enriching experience for individuals passionate about European affairs and governance. European Parliament Paid Traineeships offer a platform for young professionals to actively contribute to shaping the future of the European Union. So don’t skip this opportunity and apply now for the paid European Parliament Traineeships 2024 in Europe.


Here are more details about the European Parliament Traineeships


European Parliament Traineeship Program 2024 Duration:

  • Schuman Traineeships Duration: 5 Months
  • Traineeships with Members of the European Parliament Duration: Six weeks to five consecutive months


Table of Contents

  • Country: Brussels/Luxembourg
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Deadline: May 31, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    If you want to apply for these paid traineeships in Europe, make sure to carefully go through the eligibility criteria for the European Parliament traineeships 2024.

    Eligibility Criteria for the European Parliament Traineeships 2024:

    For the Schuman Traineeship:

    • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age.
    • They must hold a university-level diploma.
    • Eligible candidates must be nationals of a European Union Member State or an accession/candidate country. In some cases, a limited number of traineeships may be available to nationals of other countries.
    • Proficiency in one of the official EU languages is essential, along with an excellent command of a second official language.
    • For non-Member State citizens, a very good knowledge of either English, French, or German is required for the Schuman Traineeships.
    • Candidates must provide a criminal record that meets the eligibility criteria.
    • Furthermore, individuals who have already worked or benefited from any other type of traineeship in an EU institution, body, or agency for more than two consecutive months are not eligible.
    • Applicants must not have done any study visit at the Secretariat of the European Parliament six months prior to the beginning of the Schuman traineeship.

    For the Members of the European Parliament Traineeship:

    • Trainees must be 18 years of age or older.
    • Eligible candidates must be citizens of a European Union Member State or a candidate country. However, members have the option to offer traineeships to individuals from third countries, provided they meet visa requirements.
    • Candidates should hold a secondary school leaving certificate equivalent to the level required for university admission. Alternatively, they may have completed a higher or technical education program at a similar level or possess a university degree.
    • They should not be in any formal employment contract.
    • Candidates are ineligible if they previously did a traineeship with a member or as a parliamentary assistant to a member.
    • Proficiency in one of the official EU official languages is essential.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If you do, make sure to read the several benefits of these paid traineeships by the European Parliament and get the chance to become an EU trainee.

    Benefits of the European Parliament Traineeships in Europe:

    • All trainees for the Schuman traineeship will receive a monthly stipend of around 1496€ per month in Brussels and Luxembourg. In other countries, the allowance will be adapted to align with the respective local cost of living standards.
    • Along with this, successful candidates will also receive a travel allowance.
    • Individuals will receive a grant between €912 and €1495 per month for the traineeships with Members of the European Parliament.
    • The individual will have the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the EU, with a specific focus on understanding the functioning of the European Parliament.
    • Candidates will gain insight into the behind-the-scenes operations of the Parliament and actively contribute to its day-to-day activities.
    • Similarly, this experience will provide them practical involvement in the decision-making processes within the EU.
    • They will also collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds in a multicultural and multilingual setting. Hence fostering a prosperous and inclusive work environment.
    • Their time at the European Parliament will allow them to develop further and apply the knowledge acquired during their university studies.
    • Moreover, many former trainees go on to pursue successful careers within EU institutions and national governments.
    • Living in Brussels or Luxembourg also exposes trainees to rich European cultures, allowing them to explore historical sites, cuisine, and events.
    • Furthermore, these fully funded training programs for international students are a fantastic opportunity to visit Europe for free.


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    Application Process:

    • Are you thinking about how to apply for the European Parliament Traineeships 2024? Keep reading to understand the application process.
    • Candidates have the opportunity to select and apply for a maximum of three traineeships.
    • In the event of being shortlisted, candidates will need to provide specific supporting documents (CV and Motivation letter) to demonstrate their eligibility.
    • Similarly, successful candidates will receive an official Admission Letter via email.
    • The Schuman traineeships are awarded for a period of five months.
    • To apply for traineeships with Members of the European Parliament, it is essential to get in touch with European Parliament Members directly.
    • This specific traineeship’s duration varies. Ranging from six weeks to five consecutive months, this period is determined by the Member of Parliament granting the traineeship. The start date can be flexible and is not limited to a specific time of the year.

    European Parliament Traineeships 2024 Deadline:

    • The European Parliament and Schuman traineeships 2024 deadline is 31 May 2024 for the traineeship period 1 October– 28/29 February 2025.


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