Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 | Korean Government Scholarship (GKS) | Fully Funded

Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024

Opportunities Circle is here with another fully funded undergraduate scholarship: the Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024. Global Korea Scholarship GKS 2024 is an initiative also known as the Korean Government Scholarship for international students. The program’s purpose is to provide a chance for international students to pursue higher education at the prestigious institutes of Korea. The Global Korea Scholarship is designed to strengthen the international education exchange between Korea and participating countries. The South Korean government scholarship program is one of the world’s most prestigious and competitive government scholarship programs. If you are an undergraduate student searching for an opportunity to study abroad, the GKS 2024 undergraduate scholarship is the best for you! The Global Scholarship Program in Korea includes two degree programs. One is an undergraduate degree program, and the second one is an associate degree Program. Both of these programs consist of 1 year of Korean Language program. International students from any part of the world can apply for the GKS Scholarship 2024.

The Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 is a fully funded scholarship in South Korea for international students to pursue their higher studies. The Korean government supports almost 1300 international students from all over the world to pursue higher studies in Korea. The Korean government undergraduate scholarship is available for 2024-2025 and offers almost all academic fields and majors at participating Korean Universities. GKS accepts the highest number of students every year, and it is one of the top-class international scholarships. This fully funded international scholarship provides an opportunity for capable and intelligent students who cannot afford to study abroad.

The Global Korea Undergraduate scholarship will cover complete expenses to live and study in South Korea. Students will get a chance to enhance their skills and abilities on an international platform and to study for free in South Korea. The 2024 Global Korea Scholarship for undergraduate degrees will increase the mutual relations of Korea with different participating countries. These relationships are good for both Korea and participating countries. Students will also get a chance to make networks globally, which will help them in the future.

Every year, many Korean universities participate in the GKS program and offer bachelor’s, Master’s, doctorate, and research study programs to international students. This makes it a global and the most popular Korean scholarship program globally. This global program helps the Korean government promotes Korean culture, value, traditions, and, most importantly, the Korean language. Korea is a beautiful country with many reasons to study in Korea. The main reason is the educational institutions of Korea. They are among the world’s top institutions. The education system of Korea is highly advanced. Korea is rich in culture and has stunning scenery. Furthermore, Korea takes education very seriously and works on its education system to keep it up-to-date. In addition, the country is also known as a hub of technological advancements as it has made multiple inventions in past decades. The GKS Undergraduate scholarship doesn’t require IELTS, so you can apply for this fully funded Korean scholarship without IELTS.

Furthermore, South Korea also has high employment opportunities, so students have access to jobs easily after completing their studies. South Korea also provides several other scholarships in South Korea for international students to start their studies in Korea without any financial burden. There are two ways to apply for the GKS undergraduate program: one is the Embassy Track, and the other one is the University Track. Every embassy or university has different deadlines. Therefore, if you are applying through the university track, contact the university you are applying for. If you are applying through the Embassy track, contact the Korean Embassy in your country for the deadline. The Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 offers 262 scholarships in total, out of which 86 seats are for the embassy track and 176 seats are for the University track. However, in any case, you must not miss this opportunity if you want to study in South Korea for free or if you are looking for funding for higher education at top institutes.


Details About GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship


Duration of Program

  • Associate degree: 2-3 years degree program + 1 year of the Korean language course 
  • Undergraduate Degree: 4-6 years of the degree program + 1 year of the Korean language course


Table of Contents

  • Country: South Korea
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you interested in pursuing your undergraduate studies in Korea for free? Then, apply for the fully funded Korean Government Scholarship 2024. Before you start the application process, check the eligibility criteria to ensure your eligibility, as the Global Korea Scholarship is very competitive.

    Eligibility Criteria for the Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship:

    • Students from all over the world can apply for the fully funded Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship to study in South Korea, except for Korean citizens.
    • Applicants should not hold dual citizenship or Korean citizenship.
    • Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree cannot apply.
    • Applicants who already have associate degrees can only apply for the bachelor’s program.
    • International students must have a higher CGPA; the score percentile must be 80% or above. This means they must have a CGPA equal to or above 2.64/4.00.
    • The applicant’s age must be under 25 years.
    • Students must be in good health, both mentally and physically.
    • They should submit English Language Requirements/Certificates.
    • Lastly, applicants must not have any criminal record.
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    Benefits :

    Global Korea Scholarship for undergraduate students is a fully funded scholarship in Korea. The fully funded scholarships in South Korea for international students will cover all the expenses. The benefits of Korean government scholarships are listed below:

    Benefits of GKS Undergraduate Scholarship 2024:

    • Students will get a complete tuition fee waiver under the Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship (GKS Undergraduate degree 2024).
    • Selected students will get a Resettlement Allowance when they arrive in Korea.
    • All students selected for the program will get monthly allowance and medical allowance, too.
    • Students will get round airfare tickets for economy class.
    • The government of Korea will also provide students with free 1-year Korean language courses.
    • Award for Excellent Korean Language Proficiency
    • Printing Costs for a Dissertation.
    • Completion Grant after the completion of the program.
    • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study free in Korea.


    GKS Scholarship Requirements:

    Here’s the list of documents required for the application of Global Korea undergraduate scholarship 2024.

    • Application form
    • Proof of Citizenship and Family relationship
    • Study plan
    • Academic Transcript
    • Proof of Overseas Korean or Adoptee
    • Score Report of Korean or English Proficiency
    • Passport Copy
    • Personal Statement
    • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • GKS Applicant Agreement
    • Personal Medical Assessment

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    Application Process:

    • You must be thinking about how to apply for the Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship. The application process for the GKS undergraduate scholarship is slightly different.
    • If applying through the Embassy Track, applicants must apply through the Embassy of South Korea in their own country. The embassy will select eligible applicants, ask them to apply to some university and nominate you as its GKS candidate. It will send the nomination to NIIED, but the NIIED will make the final selection of the Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024.
    • Through University Track, students have to apply directly to the university. The university nominates you as a 2024 GKS candidate and will send your nomination to NIIED, as the NIIED will take the final decision.

    Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship Deadline:

    • There is no specific deadline for Global Korea Undergraduate Scholarship 2024. There are different deadlines for the embassy track and university track. For Embassy track criteria, applicants should check the Korean embassy in their home country.
    • For the university track, applicants must contact eligible universities for the deadline.
    • The deadline to apply for the Korean Government GKS Scholarship 2024 varies from Country to Country, university, and Korean Embassy of your Country.

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