Global Initiative Resilience Fellowship 2020 (Fully Funded)

Global Initiative Resilience Fellowship 2020 (Fully Funded)

The Fully funded Global Initiative Resilience fellowship will provide support and opportunities to a cohort of people around the world. Each year, a chosen topic will focus on a global problem, in which the members of Resilience Fellows will collaborate to find new perspectives and answers, drawn from their various experiences, although shared.

By 2020, the theme of the Resilience Fellowship is: “Disappearances related to organized crime.” Within this framework, the fellows will combine their diverse perspectives in the development of collaborative products. In addition, they will represent the Fund as “Resilience Fund Ambassadors”, raising awareness of the issue, the problems; and the importance of civil society in the fight against organized crime.

Disappearances have been used to repress politically or criminally opponents and those who speak and act against human rights abuses. This global problem prevails throughout the world, making it a relevant and extremely important issue for many potential scholars.

The work areas of potential candidates may include:

  • Murders by organized crime groups, for example in Mexico and Central America, and the role of the state in extrajudicial executions in the war on drugs in the Philippines.
  • Missing migrants traveling from Africa to Europe, as in Libya, the Horn of Africa or the Sahel.
  • Human trafficking and extraction of human organs.
  • Arbitrary and unexplained arrests.


Table of Contents

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Regions: anyone can apply
  • Deadline: November 15, 2019
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    To be eligible for the Global Initiative resilience Fellowship , participants must:

    From countries disproportionately affected by organized crime, and/or from developing countries.
    Ideally, work closely within communities severely affected by disappearances related to organized crime, or have strong ties within them, as well as have ongoing or established projects or commitments.
    Able to demonstrate how the funds and support will be used.
    Participants who have direct experience in the problems of their communities, related to the annual theme, are especially welcome to apply.
    Fluent in at least one of the three languages: Spanish, English, and French.
    The previous work of the participants must demonstrate a commitment to the ethics and values ​​of the Resilience Fund.



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    Job/Internship Description :



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    Benefits :

    The beneficiaries of the Fully Funded Global Initiative Resilience fellowship will receive several opportunities, including a one-year global scholarship, as well as networking opportunities.

    Sponsorship: Provide financial support so that Resilience fellows have the time and resources for their individual work and a collaborative project during the year of the scholarship. Each member will receive grants of USD $ 15,000 for one year.
    Networks: Offer mentoring opportunities with GI-TOC experts, as well as bringing together Resilience Fellows members through a residency retreat to begin the collaborative project that will be carried out during their scholarship year.
    Dissemination: create a platform for Resilience fellows to publicly share their work and ideas, through places such as festivals, conferences, civil society forums and national and international publications, which will broaden the public discourse, deepen the commitment to society and invite the support and participation of the general public and, ultimately, policy makers.






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    Application Process:

    here is ther process of applying for the
    A brief biography – 2 pages – (name, nationality, date of birth, etc.):
    A motivation letter – 2 pages – summary:
    How has organized crime affected your community, with emphasis on the issue of disappearances in the Community this year?
    What does resilience mean to you and what have you done to encourage it in your community or in the community you have been working with?
    What tools do you need to continue doing that job?
    Why do you need community support?
    What would you like to achieve and obtain from the Community? (identify clear and specific actions)
    In addition, if you are running other grants or scholarships, specify and explain the coordination mechanisms that you will use to comply with all.
    A summary (1 page) or a portfolio of the work you have done so far, including samples of your work (for example, news clippings, videos, documents, etc.)


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