Young Founders Program in Germany 2024-25 | Fully Funded

Young Founders Program in Germany 2024-25

The Westerwelle Foundation is here with its Young Founders Program in Germany 2024-25 for the autumn cohort. The YFP is an international fellowship for young and emerging entrepreneurs. It is an excellent opportunity for young leaders from all around the world to come together on a single platform to represent their startups. This international leadership program in Germany brings together exceptional young entrepreneurs with the shared goal of achieving success in their entrepreneurial endeavors. The Young Founders Fellowship Program offers a chance for fellows to participate and learn from effective business strategies in emerging markets. The fellowship in Germany is looking for passionate entrepreneurs with the potential to become leaders in building a sustainable future and possessing impactful business models. These exceptional leaders from various countries will be chosen to help uplift emerging and developing markets. So, if you are a young founder, you must read till the end.

Similarly, the Young Founders Program is a fully funded fellowship that not only brings together leaders from around the globe but also provides all participants with a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience. This entrepreneurship programme is a six month remote fellowship that provides support throughout its duration. One of the standout features of this fully funded fellowship in Germany is the provision of a successful entrepreneur or inventor as a partner. Hence, providing participants with a unique experience. Furthermore, fellows engage with other entrepreneurs and gain access to new business opportunities.

The Young Founders Programme is a six-month fellowship designed for exceptional young entrepreneurs from emerging markets. This program unites leaders from around the globe, all striving for entrepreneurial excellence. The Westerwelle Young Founders Program includes a fully funded five-day conference in Berlin 2025 and expert sessions, providing participants with a deep understanding and insight into their respective fields through interactions with top-notch experts.

Moreover, the Westerwelle Foundation is dedicated to creating more opportunities worldwide, and the Westerwelle Young Founders Program Autumn 2024 is one of their initiatives aimed at boosting startups from Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Hence, cultivating a favorable environment for an emerging market economy. The Young Founders Program in Germany 2024-2025 is for 25-50 young founders to grow their networks. Interested founders can also join the Young Founders Info Call at the end of July to get more information about this remote fellowship. If you want to grow your business, then make sure to apply before the deadline for the Young Founders Program by Westerwelle Foundation in Germany. 


Here are more details about the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme Autumn 2024:


Table of Contents

  • Country: Germany/Online
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: August 11, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Do you want to participate in the Young Founders Fellowship Program? If yes, do not forget to go through the eligibility criteria in order to ensure you meet the requirements of this international leadership program in Germany. 

    Eligibility Criteria of Westerwelle Young Founders Program 2024-25:

    • Applicants from all developing and emerging countries are eligible to apply for this German fellowship.
    • The applicant should have started a for-profit company in the past five years, and that company’s attention must be on developing or emerging markets.
    • Their company needs to have a successful model that generates ideal revenue or has gained external funding in the first round.
    • Similarly, the applicant’s business or startup must be impactful and should serve a purpose to be eligible for the YFP fellowship 2024-25. 
    • All participants must exhibit sound knowledge of English, which is a requirement of this fellowship.
    • All applicants shall be available for conferences, meetings, and any other events for the entire six-month duration of this fellowship.
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    Benefits :

    If you meet the eligibility criteria above, make sure to go through the various benefits of the Young Founders Program 2024-2025 that offers participants to pursue an international fellowship in Germany. 

    Benefits of the Young Founders Fellowship in Germany:

    • The Young Founders Fellowship is a unique program that provides generous coverage and benefits. 
    • Applicants will get a chance to participate in a two-day digital conference that will take place in mid September 2024. 
    • The six-month fellowship will be remote, taking place from September 2024 to February 2025. Hence, allowing fellows to do the Young Founders fellowship from anywhere in the world. 
    • Moreover, all applicants will receive complete support for six months and this includes a personal counselor, alumni support, peer mentoring sessions monthly, and many other networking opportunities.
    • Similarly, all fellows get to improve their networking and will have the opportunity to connect with investors and other corporations. Thus, helping their startup to grow. 
    • The top ten participants will be invited to attend a five-day fully funded International Conference in Berlin in June 2025. 
    • The applicants will have the opportunity to brainstorm and present ideas in front of all investors during the five-day conference in Germany. 
    • All participants will get an insight into how the German startup culture works and will learn from the best. 


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    Application Process:

    • Wondering how to apply for the Westerwelle Young Founders Fellowship Program?
    • To apply for the Westerwelle Foundation fellowship, all candidates must visit the online application portal or click on the ‘apply now’ button below. 
    • All applicants should have their startup pitch for the entrepreneurship event and should provide accurate information regarding their business and its revenue. 
    • Moreover, in case of any technical issue, candidates can email their queries to the official email address. 
    • Answer all questions in the application for the Westerwelle Young Founders Programme to the best of your knowledge. 
    • After initial submission, the program may require additional information and documents for further selection. 
    • Shortlisted candidates will have their interviews between 12-30 August 2024. 
    • Make sure to apply before the deadline.

    Application Deadline for Young Founders Program 2024 in Germany:

    • The deadline to apply for the Young Founders Program is 11 August 2024

    Increase your chances of acceptance for the program by using our professional services  


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