ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program 2024 in Switzerland

ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program 2024 in Switzerland

Are you looking for a Postdoctoral fellowship in Europe? The ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program 2024 presents an excellent opportunity for international students from all around the world. This fellowship exchange program is specifically for young neuroscientists, aiming to support their involvement in basic, clinical, or applied research relevant to multiple sclerosis. The main objective of this exchange program in Europe is to enhance the sharing of knowledge and contribute to the expansion of the community of research scientists dedicated to addressing challenges in the field of multiple sclerosis. ECTRIMS (European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis) offers this research training fellowship to postdoctoral students. Hence, if you want to become an ECTRIMS fellow, then you must apply for the ECTRIMS Research Fellowship in Switzerland 2024. 

In addition, the ECTRIMS Fellowship provides a unique research opportunity where potential fellows will outline a clear basic, clinical, or applied research project. This project will take place during the fellowship period, working closely with a mentor at the host institution. Similarly, the ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program involves a period spent in a European research laboratory or clinic addressing challenges related to multiple sclerosis. This opportunity is ideal for individuals seeking a postdoctoral fellowship, especially those looking to pursue research in Europe, with a particular focus on studying in Switzerland. ECTRIMS offers one or two-year funded fellowships to all fellows either in a European lab or clinic. Therefore, the postdoctoral fellowship in Switzerland also provides an annual stipend along with transportation expenses to all its fellows. 

Moreover, ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Program offers a research-intensive fellowship where fellows will actively participate in annual ECTRIMS congresses throughout their fellowship duration. Additionally, ECTRIMS fellows will have to deliver a presentation on their funded research. ECTRIMS provides separate support for travel and accommodation for the congress participation. While the primary focus is on research activities, fellows have the flexibility to allocate up to 10% of their time to teaching or clinical care that is not directly tied to a research project or additional coursework. Therefore, making the ECTRIMS Fellowship Program an excellent opportunity to pursue research in Europe. 


Here are more details about the ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program


Table of Contents

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: December 1, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you interested in becoming an ECTRIMS research fellow? If yes, do not forget to go through the eligibility criteria for the ECTRIMS Postdoctoral research fellowship and have the chance to study in Europe. 

    Eligibility Criteria for ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program 2024:

    • The ECTRIMS Fellowship Program is open to scientists and physicians of any nationality holding an MD, PhD, ScD, or equivalent qualification.
    • Citizens from any country are eligible to apply. However, the research training itself must be conducted in a European laboratory or clinic.
    • Candidates must have an interest in research training revolving around multiple sclerosis (MS).
    • Similarly, research topics must be directly related to MS, spanning its various specialties and fields.
    • Candidates must have obtained their advanced degree(s) before starting this European fellowship.
    • Moreover, at the time of application, fellows should not have more than 12 months of previous postdoctoral training at the same host institution or under the same mentor.
    • For senior candidates, the overall postdoctoral experience should not exceed five years beyond their final degree (PhD, MD, ScD, or equivalent).
    • Successful applicants, in general, should be under 40 years of age at the time of application. However, there may be exceptions under special circumstances.
    • Language proficiency is an essential requirement of the ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program. Both candidates and mentors must confirm that there will be no language barriers hindering the training experience.
    • European citizens applying for the ECTRIMS fellowship 2024 should select a laboratory or clinic situated in a European country different from their own citizenship.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria for the European Committee for Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship? If you do, you must apply before the deadline of the ECTRIMS postdoctoral exchange program and read the various benefits this fellowship in Switzerland offers. 

    Benefits of the ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Europe:

    • The ECTRIMS postdoc fellowship offers each fellow an annual stipend of 55,000 EUR.
    • ECTRIMS will also cover economy transportation expenses from the fellow’s home location to the training city and back. Reimbursement for transportation costs will be given directly to the fellow upon the submission of receipts to ECTRIMS.
    • All fellows receive training in research methodologies related to multiple sclerosis (MS) under the mentorship of professionals.
    • In addition, fellows have the opportunity to work in a European laboratory or clinic. Hence, promoting international collaboration and exposure to diverse research environments.
    • The fellowship exchange program 2024 encourages fellows to present their research findings at annual ECTRIMS congresses. Thus, providing a platform to showcase their work.
    • ECTRIMS fellows will get a chance to engage with the global multiple sclerosis (MS) research community.
    • Fellows get to experience cultural diversity through exposure to different cultures within Europe and the chance to study in Switzerland. 


    Documents Required for ECTRIMS Fellowship in Switzerland:

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) and bibliography 
    • Career Plan (maximum 1 page)
    • Abstract/Research project summary (no more than 250 words)
    • Research project description (maximum 6 pages)
    • Proof of language proficiency (local language of the training venue)

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    Application Process:

    • If you want to apply for the ECTRIMS fellowship exchange program, click the ‘apply now’ button below.
    • This will redirect you to the official ECTRIMS website, where you can access the online fellowship application.
    • ECTRIMS Research Fellowships will be granted through a competitive review process managed by the ECTRIMS Fellowship Committee.
    • Evaluation of applications will consider the candidate’s qualifications, educational background, and assessment of career objectives.
    • The qualifications and attributes of the intended fellowship mentor and host institution will also be closely examined.
    • Moreover, upload all the necessary documents, ensuring they meet the specified format and page limits.
    • To know more about this Research Fellowship program by ECTRIMS, visit the official website. 

    Deadline for ECTRIMS Research Fellowship Program 2024:

    • The deadline to apply for the ECTRIMS postdoctoral research fellowship program is 1 December 2023

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