The human being represents a fundamental value in the code of Islamic ethics, and young people work to consolidate this value through giving, sharing and caring. Societies are built on cooperation between their members, regardless of their status, because society is like a single body, when one of the limbs suffers, the whole body responds with insomnia and fever. Young people represent a shield for this social body, since Youth is the power of the nation.

In this context, the Islamic Youth Cooperation Forum (ICYF), an international organization affiliated with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (ICO), invites young people from Muslim countries to register for the Doha Youth Camp for Voluntary and Humanitarian Work , in cooperation with Qatar Red Crescent in Doha (from October 28 to November 6, 2019), as part of the activities of “Doha, capital of Islamic youth for 2019”, which represents an opportunity for young Muslims to exchange experiences and knowledge in the field of volunteering and humanitarian aid. work

Objectives of the event:

– Develop the capabilities of Muslim youth in the fields of disaster management and assistance.

– Present and discuss the experiences of some Islamic countries in volunteering, humanitarian and relief work.

– Encourage young people to acquire and spread a culture of social responsibility and volunteering.

Program Details:

The event will be a simulation of a real and realistic experience of the situation of refugees and victims of natural disasters and wars. During the entire period of the camp, participants will live in tents similar to refugee camps.

Deadline is September 20, 2019

  • Country: Qatar
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: September 20, 2019
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    A- General conditions:

    – Participants must be between 18 and 30 years old for both sexes.

    – Participation is allowed to young people who belong to the ICO member states or who are young representatives of Muslim communities.

    -The participant must present an accredited certificate proving that he has a good reputation and good conduct.

    -The participant must comply with the regulations and procedures of the event as established by the organizing committee.

    B- Selection criteria:

    The Curriculum Vitae sent by the candidate will be evaluated by the selection team according to the following criteria:

    Being able to understand the Arabic and English language, as it will be used to conduct the training.
    Being able to adapt to hard field activities.
    Provide a medical certificate that shows he / she is healthy and fit.
    Compulsory medical exam approval.
    Have previous experience in humanitarian and volunteer work.
    Be able to work in a team.

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    Benefits :

    The host country will cover travel expenses to and from the participant’s country of residence, as well as accommodation, meals and internal transportation.

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    Application Process:

    The application form must be sent at least one month before the date of the event, until September 28, 2019.
    The Curriculum Vitae and the required information will be attached via the electronic link on the Doha website, Capital of Islamic Youth for 2019: https://www.dohaiyc.qa
    The selected participants will receive a confirmation of participation in the training through their email as indicated in the application form.

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    For More Queries :

    For any enquiry, please contact us through: E-mail: [email protected] Hotline: 0097450054204 or 0097450057678

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