WPLN Leadership Program in the USA 2022

WPLN Leadership Program in the USA

WPLN Leadership Program is open for young women leaders to apply. It is a non-profit fellowship. The fully-funded fellowship program is open to women from all countries. The women’s leadership program is held in the USA. This fellowship program enables women to gain good education, build an inspiring personality and become organized. These characteristics open doors to public offices in the United States of America. WPLN identifies, engages and trains the women. WPLN training enhances your personality for your career.

Moreover, this program brings like-minded people together. So, join the WPLN leadership program to build your community. In addition, get help from other members throughout the leadership program tenure.

The WPLN brings enthusiasm to women. Young and energetic women are the focus of WPLN. The women’s leadership program facilitates women with tools that can help them gain advanced knowledge. Determined to engage women in network building, WPLN prepares women to run public offices. Furthermore, fellowships in the USA welcome people from diverse backgrounds. Even specially-abled persons are encouraged to take part. WPLN is an equal opportunity for all. 

WPLN leadership program teams up each woman with a partner in the organization. You can be in any of the four states, including New England, Michigan, Georgia and Louisiana. Get excellent mentorship from expert and professional leaders. Moreover, this fully-funded opportunity provides the experience of practical skills. What you learn from WPLN will suffice for the market requirements. 

If you aim to help other women achieve their dreams, then be a part of this fellowship in the USA. Under the supervision of partners, you can fast-track the organization’s objectives. You will have the power to execute the state-based program events. These events can be online or in-person. WPLN requires good verbal and written communication. That is because the choice of words can either strengthen or weaken a woman. 

Here are more details about the WPLN Leadership Program

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  • Country: USA
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: June 30, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here are the criteria for the WPLN leadership program:

    • Participants can be from any country. 
    • They must be enrolled in any graduate-level course.
    • Furthermore, they must aim to increase their knowledge and skills.
    • Moreover, demonstrate a passion for increasing the position of women in the public sector.
    • Participants are required to execute their tasks as assigned.
    • Participants must be capable of creating a prospectus focusing on women in the public sector. 
    • They shall support the development and implementation of a state-based program to approach more women.
    • Furthermore, to be eligible for this program, you must be able to write a minimum of one blog per semester.
    • Provide support in implementing fundraising events.
    • Design market materials for the host organization.
    • Participants must have the passion and capability to meet the mission of WPLN.
    • Have an interest in civic engagement activities.
    • In addition, have good communication skills, in both verbal and written form.
    • Participants must be proficient in operating computers. 
    • Lastly, the participant must be well organized, self-motivated, devoted, punctual to meeting deadlines, able to maintain beneficial relations, political exposure, management skills, social media handling and ability to work and connect with diversified people. 
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    Benefits :

    The WPLN Leadership Program has the following benefits:

    • Monthly stipend of $1,250. 
    • A chance to attend the training session in Washington DC physically.
    • WPLN will provide reasonable accommodation.
    • WPLN covers all the travel expenses. 
    • Moreover, the participant gets to attend the national summit hosted by WPLN.
    • Open opportunity to participate in the fellowship graduation event. 
    • Privilege to attend the designated state partner fundraising lunch.
    • Females get to develop and upgrade their professional network.
    • The WPLN is an opportunity to meet other female leaders.
    • You can meet your supervisor once a week.
    • Spend at least 10 hours a week. 

    To increase the chances of your selection, you must:

    • Commit to meeting the objectives.
    • Have computer literacy.
    • Maintain long-term beneficial relations.
    • Must know how to sustain relationships.
    • Have an idea of organizing, initiating and implementing projects.
    • Participants must have management skills.
    • Demonstrate ability in handling social media accounts. 

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the WPLN women’s leadership program is online.
    • Participants must fill in all the required information correctly.
    • Complete the application form carefully and submit it before the deadline.
    • Last date for application submission is 30 June 2022.

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