Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023-2024

Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program

The World Bank has opened its application for the Robert S. McNamara fellowships program for 2023-2024. The Robert S. McNamara Fellowships is calling all the aspiring students from developing countries who are development economist researchers to work with the World Bank research economists. It is a great opportunity for the researchers as they will work on rigorous policy-relevant research in the World Bank’s Development Economics vice presidency (DEC). It is an opportunity to learn research standards, gain economic skills and build a network with professional leaders. 

This international fellowship program will allow the fellows to get hands-on professional experience from field experts. They will also get one week of technical onboarding at the program’s start about the procedures and practices of research, and fellows will also get to write a blog on the research done during the fellowship.

The fellowship in the USA will comprise of 8-months from September to May each year and will be hosted in Washington, D.C. The fellows will get the opportunity to work with DEC researchers and researchers from top universities, under the supervision of which they’ll get to learn the current research standards, trending econometric skills and a network of leading researchers in the field.

Here are the details of the Robert S. McNamara Fellowships


Deadline is April 3, 2023

  • Country: USA
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Deadline: April 4, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you searching for a scholarship to study abroad? Then, this fellowship is for you; check the eligibility criteria of Robert S. McNamara Fellowships before applying.

    Eligibility Criteria of Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023-2024:

    • Candidates should be national of the country’s World Bank members.
    • Master’s degree graduates are eligible to apply 
    • Fresh Ph.D. students in economics or a related field can also apply.
    • Candidates must be at most 35 by 30 June 2023.
    • Candidate must be fluent in English.
    • Nationals from developing countries will be preferred.
    • Candidates must be available for relocation to Washington, D.C., for the fellowship.
    • The research must address the challenges that are currently faced by the world.

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    Benefits :

    Before applying, check this fully-funded fellowship program’s financial coverage and benefits. Opportunities circle has listed the benefits and details about financial support below.

    Benefits of the Robert S. McNamara Fellowships Program 2023-2024:

    • Shortlisted candidates will work under the supervision of researchers at the World Bank.
    • A monthly allowance of $44,888 will be granted to the fellows for the eight months of fellowship.
    • Candidates will receive assistance in their G4 visa procedure from the World Bank H.R.
    • Fellows may get to contribute to the published work of the professionals, co-author with DEC researchers and join field missions.
    • They may get to engage directly with the customers of the World Bank.


    Documents Required for World Bank Fellowship: 

    • Updated CV.
    • One writing sample. 
    • One code sample.
    • Contact details of a referee for the recommendation letter. Recommendation letter will only be asked from the shortlisted candidates.
    • Statement of interest describing their interest in research, professional targets, and discussing their qualifications as a researcher.

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    Application Process:

    • Application is open between March and April each year. Candidates can apply only for the World Bank Robert S. Fellowship.
    • During the application process, candidates will be asked whether they want to be hosted by the Development research or the Impact evaluation department.
    • Finalists will be selected based on knowledge, application material, and statistical software skills.
    • Candidates must apply before 3 April 2023 for Robert S. McNamara fellowships.

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