Opportunities circle brings another excellent opportunity for doctoral students  MASSEY UNIVERSITY DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIP

. Massey University offers scholarships to promote doctoral research. The award will be based on academic excellence. The scholarships are offered for full-time and part-time students of doctor of philosophy, Doctor of Clinical Psychology or Doctor of Social Work.

Massey University is located in Palmerston North, New Zealand, with a number of campuses in Willington and Albany. Approx. Thirty thousand students are enrolled in Massey University, including three-thousand students from different countries across the world. Massey University is the only institute in New Zealand that offers aviation studies, veterinary science, and Nanoscience. According to QS ranking, Massey University ranks 287th in the world universities list.

Here are some more details about the MASSEY UNIVERSITY DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIP

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  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: October 1, 2020
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    The applicant shall receive a conditional or an unconditional offer of a place for a Ph.D. from the institute, or they should already be enrolled for the Ph.D. program at the time of scholarship application.

    Full-time and even part-time students can apply.

    The applicant shall at least have A- grade (7.0 on a 9-point scale) or equivalent.

    The applicant must demonstrate their research.

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    Benefits :

    Following are the benefits that can be avail under this scholarship:

    • Payment of tuition and non-tuition fee for 36 months in case of full-time study.
    • The non-tuition fee is meant for international students that include insurance for the student only.
    • A stipend of $25,000 annually.
    • Students enrolled for part-time studies will get a stipend of $15,000 per annum and tuition fee for no more than 60 months.

    The applicant will need to download a copy of the application form by visiting the application link provided below, complete the form with your supervisor and get it approved by the Head of Unit. Then email the complete form at [email protected].

    It is expected from candidates enrolled in a full-time PhD program to study at least 40-50 hours a week, while for the part-time candidates its only 20-30 hours per week.

    Candidates who change enrollment from full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time shall inform the USC before taking action. The change in status might end up with the cancellation of scholarship.

    Candidates are only eligible for a scholarship of a total of $75,000.

    If a candidate shows a lack of academic advancement or a breach of Massey University regulation, the scholarship may be suspended for the time being or worst-case scenario; it might be terminated.

    This round of application is only open to international students residing in New Zealand, and offshore international students cannot apply as the borders of New Zealand are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

    For more info, visit the official website and check FAQs before going through the application.

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    Application Process:

    Please follow the link below to apply for MASSEY UNIVERSITY DOCTORAL SCHOLARSHIP

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