HEC Commonwealth Scholarship 2020 For Masters & PhD in UK (Fully Funded)

HEC Commonwealth Scholarship 2020 For Masters & PhD in UK (Fully Funded)

Funded by the United Kingdom Department of International Development (DFID), the Commonwealth Master’s and Ph.D. scholarships allow talented and motivated people to gain advanced knowledge and skills necessary for sustainable development and are aimed at those who otherwise They could not pay for their studies in the United Kingdom.

Programs offered

The Commonwealth Master’s and Doctorate Scholarships are for candidates from low and middle-income Commonwealth countries, for full-time doctoral and master’s degree studies at a university in the United Kingdom. These scholarships are offered under the following six subjects:

Science and technology for development.
Strengthening of health systems and capacity.
Promoting global prosperity
Strengthening world peace, security, and governance.
Strengthening of resilience and response to crises.
Access, inclusion, and opportunity.

Table of Contents

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Regions: Pakistan and AJK
  • Deadline: September 30, 2019
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    • Be a national and permanent resident of Pakistan / AJ & K of Pakistan / AJ & K.
      Age must not be more than 30 years for Teachers and 35 years for Ph.D. at the time of the request
    • Be available to begin your academic studies in the United Kingdom at the beginning of the United Kingdom academic year in September / October 2020
    • For the Master’s Scholarship, the candidate for the closing date of the application must have a full first-class degree in all aspects of the postgraduate qualification (16-year degree, that is, MSC / MA / MBA / BS / BBA, etc.) in the relevant field of study.
    • For the Doctorate Scholarship, the candidate for the closing date of the application must have a full first-class degree in all aspects of the postgraduate qualification (17/18 years MS / MPhil) in the relevant field of study.
    • NOT be registered for a doctorate, or an MPhil that leads to a doctorate, or a master’s degree at a university in the United Kingdom before September / October 2019 or a candidate who has not studied at the same level in the United Kingdom before.
    • Being financially unable to pay for the study in the United Kingdom without this scholarship.
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    Benefits :

    The scholarship will cover the following:

    • Air fare approved from their country of origin to the United Kingdom and return at the end of their award (the CSC will not reimburse the cost of the rates for the dependents, nor generally the cost of the trips made before their award is finally confirmed).
      Tuition fees approved.
    • Stipend (life allowance) at a rate of £ 1,084 per month or £ 1,330, for those in universities in the London metropolitan area (rates quoted at 2018/2019 levels).
      Warm clothing allowance, when applicable.
    • Study travel scholarships for the cost of study-related trips within the United Kingdom or abroad.
      Provision for the cost of field work performed abroad (usually the cost of a return air ticket in economy class to your field work location) where it is approved.
    • Mid-term payment visit (air fare) to your country of origin (unless you have requested or (intend to claim) subsidies for spouse and / or children during your scholarships, or have received an air fare back to your country of origin for fieldwork).
      Family allowances as follows:
    • Assignment of spouse of £ 233 per month if you and your spouse live together at the same address in the United Kingdom (unless your spouse also receives a scholarship; other conditions also apply)
    • Assignment of children of £ 233 per month for the First child and £ 114 per month for the second and third children under 16, if you are accompanied by your spouse and children and live with you at the same address in the United Kingdom.
    • If you are a widower, divorced or a single parent, the child allowance of £ 465 per month for the first child, and £ 114 per month for the second and third child under 16, if accompanied by your children and they live with you at the same address in the United Kingdom.
    • CSC family allowances are intended to be only a contribution to the cost of supporting your family in the United Kingdom. Actual costs are likely to be considerably higher, and you should be able to supplement these subsidies in order to support any family member who comes with you to the United Kingdom.

    Very Important NOTE:

    • HEC can conduct tests/interviews or both to select candidates.
      Commonwealth UK does not accept direct requests. All Pakistan nominations will be sent through HEC.
    • HEC supports equal opportunities, therefore, women are encouraged to apply.
    • HEC will select the eligible applicants based on the selection criteria, the highest academic merit, the quality of the study / research plan and the relevance of the field selected by the candidate with the future development needs of Pakistan and the number of quotas of scholarships assigned to Pakistani students.
    • The HEC online portal will be closed after the deadline, therefore, no candidate can apply after the deadline, incomplete applications will NOT be accepted, including online HEC and EAS forms. The recommendation of the nominating agency, that is, HEC, will be final and binding.
    • Please note that HEC has a facilitator role in the nomination process, since the final selection will be made by the donor country. In addition, HEC will have no financial responsibility regarding this scholarship.
    • In case of presenting false information at any stage, HEC reserves the right to cancel and exclude all future scholarships, as well as impose penalties, as decided by HEC.
    • It is the sole responsibility of the applicants to ensure that they submit their application to the HEC Online system and the EAS online application form simultaneously before the deadline of September 30, 2019, since applications submitted after the deadline will NOT be considered in no case.

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    Application Process:

    please follow the links below to apply for the scholarship  and getting more details

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