Peking University Free Online Chinese Course | Chinese For Beginners

Peking University Free Online Chinese Course

Peking University is offering a free online Chinese course; the course is named “Chinese for Beginners” and it is totally free and online. It is a beginner-level course about the Chinese language, grammar, communication and speech. It is taught by Xiaoyu Liu, an associate professor at Peking University. This free online course is perfect for everyone who wishes to learn the Chinese language. Chinese is considered an important language as China is becoming a business hub and increasing trade day by day. It is the perfect time to start learning Chinese because soon, the world will be shaped by the people of China, so it is better to master skills for good communication.

Peking University is a research university located in the city of Beijing, China. It is one of the universities in the C9 League of Chinese universities. It was established in 1898 by the Guangxu Emperor. Peking University has consistently ranked as one of the top universities in China. It is ranked #16 in Times Higher World Universities Ranking. It is renowned not only academically but also for its departments and the beauty of its traditional Chinese architecture.

Chinese is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and it is the official language of China, which is known to be an emerging economic superpower. As a result, learning Chinese can provide students with numerous career opportunities and cultural experiences. This will be particularly helpful for students who plan to study in China or want to engage with Chinese people in their home countries.

Usually, students have limited financial resources, and expensive language courses may not be affordable. Free courses can provide an excellent starting point for learning any skill or language and help individuals determine whether they want to invest more time and are interested in that particular skill/language. In addition, free online courses can be more flexible than paid courses. Learners can go back and forth at their own pace and on their schedule, which is useful for those with busy schedules.

Free Online Chinese Course Syllabus

The course is divided into seven weeks; you will learn:

  1. Who Are You?
  2. When Do You Go To School?
  3. What Do You Like to Eat?
  4. I Like Shopping!
  5. Do You Live in a Big City?
  6. How About the Weather?
  7. What is Your Hobby?


Table of Contents

  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you also interested to learn the Chinese language? Do not worry; Opportunities Circle is here to help! Enroll for the Peking University free online Chinese course for beginners and start learning the basic phrases in Chinese language.

    Peking University Free Online Chinese Course Criteria:

    • Anyone can sign up and learn from this course.
    • It is a beginner-level course, so there are no prerequisites.
    • You must have access to the Internet to register for this course.
    • Individuals must be interested to learn Chinese.
    • The course is open for learners worldwide so everyone can learn for free.
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    Benefits :

    You must be thinking why enroll for this free online course to learn the basics of the Chinese language. So here are a few benefits why you must register for the free online course to learn Chinese. Read them below.

    Benefits of Peking University Free Course:

    • The course is free, and there is no registration fee.
    • Learn to communicate in one of the most widely spoken languages in the world.
    • Gain valuable Chinese language skills, including grammar, speech and communication.
    • Learn basic phrases in Chinese.
    • Go back and forth as you wish.


    Requirements of Free Chinese Course:

    • This course is taught by Xiaoyu Liu, an associate professor at Peking University at the School of Chinese As A Second Language.
    • The course takes about 21 hours long to complete.
    • The course is taught in English and has subtitles in Arabic, French, Ukrainian, Serbian, Greek, Italian, Brazilian and European Portuguese, Vietnamese, German, Urdu, Russian, Thai, English, Spanish, Marathi and Polish.
    • Learn exclusively online.

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    Application Process:

    • Registration for this Peking University free course is quite simple. Click on the Apply now button below.
    • Create an account on Coursera or log in to an existing account.
    • Select “Enroll for Free” and start learning.
    • You can start the course right away by selecting the module/lesson.
    • You can also get a professional certificate for free by applying for the financial aid option.
    • Fill out the form for financial aid and then you can receive the free certificate.

    How to apply for financial aid for the free course?

    • Click on the Financial Aid option next to the Enroll option.
    • Select the course you want to apply for the financial aid.
    • You will be required to answer a few questions.
    • The application review will take up to 16 days, and then you will receive a response about the financial support status. 
    • Furthermore, there is no deadline to apply for these free courses.


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