FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon 2024 | Win up to €5,000

FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon 2024

Want to participate in an international hackathon? The FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon 2024 is calling all innovators! With the San Tech Hackathon, participants can explore their skills to pioneer technologies promoting a sustainable future in the FINISH Mondial Fourth Annual Hackathon. The 2024 edition addresses the challenges of greywater recycling, specifically for sustainable agriculture and kitchen gardening. People from all around the world can apply for this annual hackathon competition in 2024. The annual event gathers bright minds, creative thinkers, and solution-oriented individuals to address pressing challenges within the sanitation sector collaboratively. Therefore, the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon stands as an example of innovation between technology and sanitation. If you are an innovator or even a problem-solver, you must read till the end and apply for this unique sanitation technology hackathon in 2024.

Moreover, the focus of the “Greywater Recycling for Sustainable Agriculture and Kitchen Gardening” Hackathon is to inspire technological innovation and create solutions for treating and recycling greywater from households. The objective is to contribute to sustainable agriculture and kitchen gardening practices. Similarly, the FINISH Mondial Annual SanTech Hackathon 2024 will revolve around four key areas, including Grey Water Treatment Technologies, Smart Irrigation Systems, Sensor and Monitoring Solutions, and Community Engagement and Education. Rooted in the mission of FINISH Mondial, which focuses on improving access to sustainable sanitation and hygiene, this international event serves as a dynamic platform for picturing and developing transformative solutions. Participants, from engineers and developers to experts in sanitation practices, come together to explore fresh ideas, create prototypes, and contribute to the ongoing global effort to enhance sanitation infrastructure.

In addition, partnered and sponsored by the FINISH Mondial, SATO (part of Lixil), and Toilet Board Coalition, the San Tech Hackathon 4 encourages participants to come up with inventive solutions addressing water scarcity, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation. It also facilitates collaboration among a diverse range of experts, from engineers to community engagement specialists. The focus of the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon is on developing open-source technologies accessible to varied communities. The Annual San Tech Hackathon 2023-24 also offers the hackathon winner a chance to win up to €5,000.


Areas of Focus for SanTech Hackathon 2024:

  • Smart Irrigation Systems: Develop advanced irrigation systems optimized for distributing treated greywater, including automation and user-friendly controls.
  • Greywater Treatment Technologies: Innovate cost-effective and efficient greywater treatment systems, considering sustainability and ease of maintenance.
  • Sensor and Monitoring Solutions: Design tools for real-time monitoring of treated greywater quality, ensuring it meets safety standards for agricultural use.
  • Community Engagement and Education: Create outreach programs and educational campaigns to promote greywater recycling, emphasizing the benefits of sustainability and community involvement.


Table of Contents

  • Country: Different
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: February 28, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Does the International Hackathon on sanitation technology sound interesting to you? If it does, make sure to read the eligibility criteria for the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon 2024. Opportunities Circle has compiled a list below.

    Eligibility Criteria for FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon:

    • The San Tech Hackathon by FINISH Mondial is open to participants from all around the world.
    • Individuals with diverse expertise, including but not limited to engineers, innovators, environmentalists, data scientists, and community engagement specialists, are encouraged to participate.
    • Individuals with a passion for innovation toward greywater recycling and a desire to contribute to the development of open-source technologies for sanitation solutions are eligible.
    • The hackathon emphasizes collaboration. Hence, welcoming participants who are eager to work together to address challenges in water scarcity, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation.

    Judging Criteria:

    • Impact: The potential impact of the proposed solutions on the targeted issues will be a crucial factor in the evaluation process.
    • Innovation: Assessment will include the level of originality and creativity demonstrated in the submissions.
    • Feasibility: Submissions will be evaluated for their practicality and feasibility in real-world applications.
    • Sustainability: The long-term sustainability of the proposed solutions, particularly in terms of environmental impact and resource efficiency, will therefore, be examined.
    • Scalability: The ability of the solutions to scale and adapt to different contexts or regions will be considered.
    • Community Engagement: The extent to which the submissions involve and benefit the community will be a key criterion in the evaluation process.
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    Benefits :

    Do you want to join the 4th SanTech Hackathon? Ensure you meet the criteria above, and do not forget to go through the various benefits of this international hackathon in 2024.

    Benefits of the FINISH Mondial Sanitation Technology Hackathon 2024:

    • Participants can win prizes and gain recognition for their impactful contributions to water conservation, water treatment, and sustainable agriculture.
    • Similarly, the overall winner of the FINISH Hackathon will receive a prestigious award of €5,000, along with the opportunity to see their solution implemented in one of the FINISH Mondial countries (Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, or Uganda)
    • The first runners-up will receive €3,000, while the second will receive €1,000.
    • Moreover, during the announcement of the winners, there will be a popular vote award of €1,000.
    • In addition, engaging in the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon offers participants valuable networking opportunities, thus allowing them to connect with experts in the field.
    • The Sanitation Technology Hackathon 4 is a great opportunity that brings together innovators, engineers, and problem-solvers to collaborate on technological solutions for sanitation challenges.

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    Application Process:

    • How to Apply for the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon 2024?
    • To apply, visit the official website to access the online application form by clicking on the ‘apply now’ button below.
    • Carefully fill out the application form, ensuring all questions are answered within the word limit.
    • Also, attach two videos in landscape format, including a 60-second clip showing your innovation and another 60-second interview-style video. In addition, attach three photos.
    • A group of experts will evaluate your solutions.

    Application Deadline for the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon:

    • The deadline to apply for the FINISH Mondial SanTech Hackathon is 28 February 2024.

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