Concrete in Life Photography Competition 2023 | Win up to $10,000

Concrete in Life Photography Competition

Are you an aspiring photographer passionate about capturing the beauty all around you? If yes, the GCCA’s Concrete in Life Photography Competition 2023 is the perfect chance to showcase your skills. This international photography competition is open to photographers from all corners of the world, including anyone with a camera phone. It challenges participants to capture images of concrete in their daily lives, offering them a chance to win up to $10,000. Similarly, this international competition highlights the significance of concrete as a sustainable building material and its role in various aspects of our environment, infrastructure, and architecture. So, if you want to take part in a photo contest for free, then make sure to read till the end and apply before the deadline.

The GCCA Photo Contest 2023 invites photographers and camera enthusiasts from around the world to capture images showcasing the diverse and impactful presence of concrete in our daily lives. Concrete, one of the most universal human-made materials globally, surrounds us in various forms. From our homes and workplaces to our streets and walkways, from the bridges connecting us to the wind farms generating energy, and even in the sea barriers that offer protection. Hence, the main aim of this Concrete in Life Photography Competition by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) is to portray the use of concrete through photography.

Moreover, participants are encouraged to submit their photographs of concrete in various forms, ranging from buildings and infrastructure to artistic and abstract representations. This photography contest 2023 offers the opportunity to win substantial prizes, including cash rewards, and provides a platform to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable construction practices. Therefore, the 5th annual Concrete in Life Photography Competition serves as a creative outlet for photographers to explore and appreciate the versatility and significance of concrete in the modern world while emphasizing its role in addressing sustainability challenges.

In addition, GCCA’s Concrete in Life Photography Competition 2023 has a total of four different categories. Entrants have the option to submit their photos to one of the four available categories. Each category will produce one winner, resulting in a total of four finalists.

Photo Competition Categories:

  • Urban Design and Use: The category hashtag is #UrbanConcrete and includes photographs depicting cityscapes and structures, including both widely recognized landmarks and concealed gems.
  • Concrete in Daily Life: The second category’s hashtag is #ConcreteInDailyLife and includes photos showcasing the human dimension of concrete, illustrating its everyday usage and interaction.
  • Concrete Infrastructure: The hashtag for this category is #ConcreteInfrastructure. Images may include the infrastructure that surrounds us, whether in urban or rural settings, both on the surface and beneath the ground.
  • Beauty and Design: The last category’s hashtag is #ConcreteBeautyAndDesign. This category highlights the aesthetic and creative utilization of concrete in our surroundings, including elegantly designed structures, sculptures, or iconic landmarks.


Table of Contents

  • Country: Online
  • Deadline: November 15, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    If this photography competition sounds interesting to you, then do not forget to read the eligibility criteria to ensure you meet all the requirements of the GCCA’s Photography competition.

    Concrete in Life Photography Competition Criteria:

    • The photo contest is open to people from all backgrounds and is free to enter.
    • Participants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of registration to participate in this photography competition.
    • The Competition encourages participants to submit their own original photos that capture their interpretation of the concept of “concrete in life.”
    • Entrants must agree to adhere to the Official Rules and recognize that the decisions made by the Sponsor and/or its independent judges hold final and binding authority in all aspects of the Competition.
    • Moreover, employees of GCCA including officers and directors, as well as their immediate family members (spouse, parents, children, siblings, etc.), and individuals who reside in the same household, whether or not related, are not eligible to enter.
    • The Competition becomes invalid in regions where it is prohibited or restricted by law.
    • All participants must follow the applicable laws and regulations governing the Concrete in Life Photography competition.
    • In addition, this Competition is skill-based, and qualified photos will undergo evaluation by a panel of judges based on specific criteria.

    Judging Criteria:

    • Photographic Technique
    • Technical Excellence
    • Impact
    • Composition
    • Storytelling and Subject Matter
    • Creativity and Style
    • Color Balance
    • Centre of Interest
    • Image or Print Presentation
    • Lighting
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If yes, go ahead and capture the world of concrete through your lens! Enter the Competition now and showcase your photography skills, but before you do, make sure to go through the various benefits this international Photography Contest offers.

    Benefits of the GCCA’s Concrete in Life Photography Competition:

    • The GCCA’s Concrete in Life photo competition is free to enter.
    • The top-winning photograph will receive $10,000, while winners in other categories will each receive $2,500.
    • In honor of its 5th anniversary, GCCA is introducing a people’s choice award, allowing the public to vote for their preferred photograph from a shortlist. The recipient of this award will receive a prize of $5,000.
    • Similarly, if an individual manages to win two or more prizes, they will receive the value of the highest prize achieved, not both.
    • In addition, the Competition provides a platform to showcase your photography talent and creativity to a global audience.
    • It encourages photographers to explore the theme of “concrete in life,” allowing for unique and diverse perspectives on this subject.
    • The GCCA’s Concrete in Life Photography Competition offers photographers an opportunity for recognition, creativity, and connection.

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    Application Process:

    • To participate in the Concrete in Life Photography Competition, entrants must share their entry photograph on either Instagram or X (formerly Twitter).
    • All applicants should include details such as the official competition hashtag: #ConcreteInLife2023.
    • Additionally, they should include one of the four category hashtags, as mentioned previously, to indicate which competition category their photo belongs to.
    • Entrants must also specify the location where they took their entry photograph.
    • Similarly, to ensure the judging team can view their entries, entrants are advised to set their profiles to public. Failure to do so may result in their entries not being visible to the judging team.
    • The Concrete in Life Photography Competition deadline for entries is 15 November 2023.


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