CERN Short Term Internship 2024 in Switzerland | Paid Internship in Europe

Are you also looking for an international internship program? CERN Short Term Internship in Europe is one of the world’s most competitive and best internships for international students. Students will work at the best research institute and with the best researchers and professionals worldwide. All eligible students must consider applying for this paid internship at CERN, Switzerland. Interns will receive a monthly allowance of around 1,516 Swiss francs and the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working in one of the European countries. Undergraduate students in technical and administrative fields must take advantage of this opportunity. Through this international internship program in Geneva, students can boost their knowledge, learn professional skills, and upgrade their competencies in relevant areas while working under top professionals and mentors. Furthermore, supervisors and mentors share knowledge gained throughout their journey.

CERN short term internship 2024 in Switzerland is merit-based and selection will be made without any discrimination. Therefore, the CERN internship in Europe is an excellent opportunity for highly motivated and outstanding students eager to learn professionally. This CERN paid internship in Switzerland will also be a valuable addition to your CV. These paid internships for international students open doors to many options and give a clear understanding of relevant career paths. CERN aims to facilitate youngsters keen to learn about matter components.

Furthermore, CERN also pays a good stipend to its interns. Interns will receive a monthly allowance of 1,516 Swiss Francs. They can use this amount to pay for their accommodation and to live in Switzerland. However, those who are interested in Switzerland internships for international students must calculate the expenses, as living is costly in Switzerland.

Furthermore, the CERN Short Term Internship applicants must have full insurance coverage valid in the Geneva area for medical expenses, work and private accidents, and any disability arising from professional and non-professional illnesses and accidents. However, this international paid internship in Europe is an excellent opportunity to kickstart your professional career in related fields. CERN offers many learning opportunities for students belonging to CERN member countries, including technical internships, student administrative internship programs, and other practical learning opportunities.

CERN is a European research center with the world’s most extensive particle physics lab. It is one of the largest and most prestigious scientific research organizations globally, based in Geneva, Switzerland. CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is known for its groundbreaking discoveries in particle physics and the operation of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator.

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in science have an opportunity to apply for short-term internships at CERN. CERN paid internships offer invaluable experiences, learning opportunities, and exposure that can significantly enhance their academic and professional development. CERN short-time internship in Europe provides students with hands-on experience in a world-class research facility. Interns of the CERN Short Term Internship 2024 will get the chance to work alongside some of the brightest minds in the field, including scientists, engineers, and researchers who are pushing the boundaries of human knowledge. Being a part of CERN’s collaborative and multidisciplinary environment allows students to engage in real-world scientific projects and experiments and contribute to cutting-edge research.

Furthermore, they can participate in seminars, conferences, and discussion forums, where they can showcase their work, exchange ideas, and receive feedback from experts in the field. This exposure broadens their scientific knowledge and establishes valuable connections and professional relationships that can open doors to future career opportunities. In addition, CERN short term internship 2024 in Switzerland offers a glimpse into the world’s renowned scientific organization. Students can learn about the intricacies of large-scale research projects and the operation of advanced instruments. Furthermore, this CERN undergraduate internship program will also help them get a clear image of what career or profession they want to step into.

The duration of the CERN paid internship is a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 6 months. If you are a technical or administrative university student looking to spend a few months training “on the job,” imagine doing your internship at CERN in Geneva. Moreover, the CERN Short-Term Internship in Switzerland 2024 is an impressive addition to your CV! This short-term international internship program is perfect for you if you are an undergraduate student eager to learn new skills and gain research experience. Do not miss this chance to apply for the CERN short term internship in Switzerland.


Here are more details about the CERN Short-Term Internship 2024 in Switzerland: 

Host Organisation:


CERN Short Term Internship Location:


CERN Paid Internship Duration:

1 to 6 months.

CERN Internship in Switzerland Duration:

The duration of the international CERN internship for undergraduate students is up to 6 months.

CERN Intern Stipend:

1,577 Swiss Franc per month

Table of Contents

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Eligible Regions: Anyone can apply
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    CERN short-term paid internship program in Switzerland is one of the top internships in Europe offered for international students. You must also avail this opportunity to gain valuable experience; before that, check the criteria below to ensure your eligibility.

    Eligibility Criteria for CERN Short-Term Internship 2024 in Switzerland:

    • Applicants must be full-time undergraduate (post-secondary) students and are at least 18 years old.
    • Please note that candidates currently studying for a PhD are not eligible for this paid European internship program.
    • Your main field of study is in one of the following areas: applied physics, computing, mathematics, electricity, electronics, mechanical or civil engineering, instrumentation, materials science, radiation protection, safety and environmental protection, surveying, ultra-high vacuum, and scientific communication. Or administrative fields that include translation, advanced secretarial work, accounting, legal services, human resources, librarianship, and logistics.
    • Applicants must have good knowledge of English or French.
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    Benefits :

    You have read about the criteria and requirements; now check what you will get if you are selected for the CERN paid internship in Europe. The benefits are listed below.

    CERN Short Term Internship Benefits:

    • Interns will receive a monthly allowance of 1,577 Swiss francs. Please note that the cost of living in Geneva is high, and this allowance is just a supplement.
    • Opportunity to gain hands-on experience by working in one of the European countries.
    • This internship will be an excellent addition to the intern’s Resume!
    • Furthermore, it is an excellent opportunity to improve your network and grow professionally in your respective career.
    • Opportunity to live in Switzerland for a short period.
    • Explore European culture.

    Requirements for CERN Short-Term Paid Internship 2024:

    The following documents are required for the CERN Paid Internship program in Switzerland:

    • A CV in English or French.
    • A reference letter from the current Institute.
    • Evidence of enrollment in Technical/Administrative diploma, Bachelor, or Master degree programs.



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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the CERN short term internship 2024 is online.

    How to Apply for CERN Short-Term Internship 2024 in Switzerland?

    • Click on the Apply Now button below.
    • Then click on I’m interested option and start your application process.
    • Students must provide all their personal information correctly.
    • They must fill in all the required fields.
    • Submit an updated CV that contains your achievements as well.
    • Applicants can apply for the CERN short term internship anytime throughout the year.
    • Make sure you have your CV in hand as you start your application.
    • Once submitted, you cannot upload additional documents or edit your application.


    CERN Short-Term Internship Deadline:

    Applications for CERN short term internship 2024 are open throughout the year. Students can apply for the CERN short term internship in Switzerland at any time throughout the year.

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