WHO Internship Program 2021-2022

WHO Internship Program

Opportunities circle is pleased to share with you an exciting internship opportunity, “WHO Internship Program.” The main aim of the WHO internship is to develop a network of potential health workers across the globe who have the potential and skill to promote a healthy society and bring about positive impacts in the health sector. All the internees in the WHO internship program will be provided with necessary physical training and gadget training related to the health sector so that a competitive workforce can be developed that will work in the complexities of the health department and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The WHO internship program benefits both internees and the organization as WHO can have input from young minds on the recent challenges. The internees can have a chance to know their potential, polish their skills and learn how to deal with the stakeholders in a global health atmosphere. The Who internship is an incredible opportunity to be added to your CVs/resumes because it will train you to handle the latest medical tools and provide guidance by international scholars in this field.

Thus, the WHO internship is beneficial for the internees and the whole society as it will promote global public health awareness. WHO has been keen to enhance local health systems and organize worldwide responses to possible dangers since its founding. Furthermore, WHO encourages countries’ and partners’ efforts to ensure that everyone has an equal right to a safe and healthy life.

Here are some more details about the WHO Internship Program

  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    The criteria for the WHO internship program is as follows:

    • The WHO internship program is open for all graduates and undergraduates students.
    • Applicants must be minimum of 20 years.
    • Individuals that are included in World Higher Education Database are encouraged to apply.
    • Proficiency in any one of the WHO official languages according to your country is a must.
    • Any relatives of WHO staff members are not eligible.
    • Applicants are required to have a valid passport of the WHO member country.
    • Any previous WHO internee is not eligible.

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    Benefits :

    Here are some benefits of WHO internship program:

    • Lunch or lunch vouchers will be provided.
    • If the WHO realizes candidates are deserving, it will help you financially in terms of living allowance.
    • All the internees will be provided medical and accidental insurance during their internship tenure.
    • The WHO internship period can be from 6 weeks to 24 weeks and vary from country to country.
    • Applicants are required to submit the following documents:
    1. All educational mark sheets and certificates.
    2. Letter of reference (academic).
    3. Medical fitness certificate approved by WHO.
    4. Passport details.
    5. CV/resume.

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    Application Process:

    • At the WHO careers site, you can find the current opportunities and then apply for the one you are suitable for.
    • WHO will send you a confirmation email after they receive your online application.
    • For Financial help, you have to fill a declaration form and provide all necessary financial information correctly.

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