World Press Fellowship in USA 2023 – Fully Funded

World Press Fellowship in USA 2023

Opportunities circle is here with the World Press Fellowships for the year 2023. Intellectual and passionate journalists have this opportunity to become future leaders. Gain exposure to the world’s diverse and largest democracies through WPI Fellowship. Applicants can engage with these democracies by contributing through their roles and responsibilities. This is your chance to leave an impact on the free press. It is a fully-funded fellowship opportunity. The journalists can explore the US principles. Be a part of the leadership fellowship and meet the famous names and experts in media.

WPI fellowship offers the best practices of journalism. Journalism has adopted accountability in powerful and weak government organizations, businesses and institutions. One can get a clear image of the current happenings and challenges of the media. In addition, the applicant will get a chance to travel across the US. This thrilling fellowship occurs in two beautiful areas of America, Minneapolis and Minnesota.

Fully-funded International fellowship allows you to meet the think tanks and advocates of media. Be aware and up-to-date about the modern business models. All the models will be tested and implemented at all media outlets, national or international. Furthermore, the applicants of WPI will learn about the American culture, history, traditions and people. This program gives you knowledge about social, political and economic issues. Not only this, but you can build a social network around professionals and experts. Interact with people from diverse backgrounds and explore the realities of life.

The WPI aims to bring professional journalists into one place. That is why the fellowship is taking place. The fellowship provides the best journalism models. Thorough insight and discussions are expected from great minds in journalism. Learn how accuracy and fairness can be brought to light. Learn the tactics of trustworthy journalism. Getting to know about the media challenges will lead to bringing peace and sustainability to society.

It is an equal opportunity for all. Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply. If you are capable, intellectual, and ambitious, this is the right opportunity. With a deep sense of responsibility and journalism, you can leave a significant impact in the media world. Upgrade your CV by working with a renowned organization. The WPI has been working in this field since 1961. Since then, it has been promoting and strengthening journalism at all levels. So hurry up and apply for this fellowship in the USA.

Here are more details about the World Press Fellowship

Table of Contents

  • Country: USA
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: September 15, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here are the eligibility criteria for World Press Fellowship in the USA:

    • Applicants can have any nationality.
    • A minimum of five years’ work experience in the field of journalism.
    • Applicant must be a non-US journalist at the time of application.
    • Fluent in the English language. Both speaking and writing.
    • Must demonstrate a passion and potential to become a future leader.
    • The ability for cross-cultural teamwork.
    • Furthermore, the applicant must be willing to travel.
    • Finally, the applicant must commit to returning to their country after completing the fellowship.
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    Benefits :

    World Press Fellowship in the USA provides the following benefits:

    • The host will offer transportation expenses.
    • Host pays for roundtrip airfare to the USA and within US travelling.
    • WPI will provide accommodation.
    • Food allowance for each applicant.

    Work sample requirements:

    • The work sample should be in the English language.
    • It must be published within the past two years.
    • The work sample should have a publication date.
    • If the work sample is in another language must be translated into English.
    • Be publicly accessible.

    Work sample requirements for print journalists:

    • If the work is published, writers and editors must submit three work samples showing their byline.
    • The editor must submit a statement stating their job role in unpublished work samples.
    • The photographer must submit a portfolio including five published work samples.

    Work sample requirements for Broadcast Journalists:

    • Must not exceed 15 minutes of programming.
    • Links to the work sample provided must be on YouTube, Dropbox, and the broadcaster’s website.
    • Attach a synopsis of each sample in English.
    • Indicate your role in the synopsis.

    Work sample requirements for Online Journalists:

    • The sample can either be of 15 minutes of programming or equivalent to three print articles.
    • Share the link to your online work. Highlight your role in each.
    • The work sample must indicate your role as a journalist. Your task can range from gathering data, producing the material or editing it.

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the World Press Fellowship is online. Apply through the official portal.
    • Start by creating your account.
    • After registration, fill out the application form.
    • Attach a photograph of yourself. It must have a plain background and be 2.5 inches in height with at least 300 dots per inch.
    • Image must be in jpg, GIF, jpeg, or format.
    • Submit three work samples with your name and email address.
    • Make sure you fill the form carefully with valid data.
    • Application deadline for the WPI fellowship in the USA is 15 September 2022.

    Selection process:

    • Applicants must fall in a competitive ranking.
    • Good quality work sample.
    • Committee journalists and corporate communication specialists will make the final decision.

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