WISE Awards 2022 | Receive $20,000

WISE Awards

Qatar Foundation is delighted to announce the WISE Awards to encourage successful and innovative projects that address worldwide educational challenges. The WISE Award program supports innovators in establishing an innovative and impactful project to address worldwide education challenges. Applications are now open for the WISE Award.

International awards take place annually. These Awards emphasize the initiatives found to be most effective and creative in finding solutions to education challenges. The WISE award program is building a network of recognized change-makers in society to inspire transformation and innovation in education. The WISE has awarded 84 projects from various sectors and places for their innovation, positive contribution and lifelong work for education. Each WISE Award-winning project will receive $20,000 and will benefit from increased public interest through exposure to the media and other channels.

The WISE Awards recognize innovative educational projects that have already demonstrated a transformative impact on people, communities, and society. The WISE Awards network comprises new projects bringing positive change to the community. The ideal project would be an innovative and effective education initiative with an excellent record of success, a clear plan and objectives for the project, scalable and financially sustainable, and replicable in other regions of the world, communities and society.

The WISE Awards acknowledge innovative educational projects that have a transformative impact on individuals, communities and society. Further details about the WISE Award 2023, including criteria, benefits and requirements, are provided below. Read this article to the end to get all the important information.


Ideal Projects for WISE Awards:

The ideal project would be a continuous, innovative and impactful educational initiative that:

  • It has an excellent track record of proven success.
  • It is financially sustainable.
  • It has a clear plan that indicates the project’s objectives and future development.
  • It is scalable
  • It is replicable in other contexts and regions of the world.
  • He has a clear understanding and knowledge of:
  1. Its distinctive character within its sphere of action.
  2. The type and depth of its impact on its beneficiaries.

Table of Contents

  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: December 1, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    We hope you are excited about the upcoming WISE Awards! Then apply for the forthcoming WISE 2022 Award; however, you must check the criteria and requirements before you start the application.

    Eligibility Criteria for WISE Awards 2022

    • The WISE Awards submission procedure accepts both nominations and applications.
    • Ongoing education projects run by any organization, such as colleges, universities, academic networks, community organizations, international agencies, and government and private companies working for education, are invited to nominate or apply.
    • Nominators will be requested for identification in the submission form if the nominations are submitted by persons outside of the organization running the project; this could be a partnering organization, beneficiary, government agency, etc.
    • Projects in any education sector include pre-primary, primary, secondary, vocational training, special needs education, higher education, distance-based, non-formal and lifelong learning and informal learning.
    • Furthermore, applications should be for original projects and work and must be submitted by a representative working on the project.
    • Projects from all parts of the world can apply and be nominated.
    • Anyone who has applied before can submit a new application for the same or a different project.
    • Previous winners cannot apply for the WISE Award 2022 and others involved in the same project that has previously received the awards can also not apply.
    • The same nominators may submit multiple nominations for various projects or activities.
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    Benefits :

    It is that time to get appreciation appreciated and rewarded for your hard work. Therefore, you must avail this opportunity. Before you go further, check the benefits of WISE Awards 2023.

    Benefits of the WISE Award

    • WISE Awards-winning project will receive US$20,000 in cash.
    • Notable documentaries and videos are created to highlight the winning project’s work.
    • WISE-recognized projects are shared and highlighted with the WISE community via social media.
    • Representatives from award-winning projects can also present & discuss their work at dedicated sessions during the biennial global summit in Doha, Qatar, or WISE regional summits.
    • Furthermore, projects can participate in international events organized in collaboration with WISE.
    • Various WISE Awards finalists and winning projects will be featured in WISE Books, which explore current educational challenges and solutions.


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    Application Process:

    The application process is online. Visit the link below to apply.

    The deadline for the 2022 WISE Awards is 1 December 2022.

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