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Global Citizen is now accepting applications for the Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024. The Waislitz Global Citizen Awards are cash prizes worth $250,000 annually. The Waislitz Global Citizen Awards identify the excellent participants in their work and those facing extreme poverty. Three participants will get three prizes in total. The first and grand prize is worth $100,000, and two additional prizes worth $75,000 each are distributed under these awards. 

The Waislitz Foundation and Global Citizen have presented these global awards. The leading cellular medicines companies in the US and Australia, Mesoblast Ltd., and Unico Capital Holdings, are supporting this international award. The Waislitz Foundation works to leave a positive social impact through its innovative projects globally and locally. Their innovative projects empower and motivate individuals to perform at their best and meet their full potential; through this, they can create a measurable and positive difference in the world. The fully-funded awards are an amazing chance for you to create a change in your society.

Chairman and Founder of the Waislitz Foundation, Alex Waislitz, is running this movement to end the extreme poverty of society globally. He hopes that this global award program will inspire and empower thousands of individuals worldwide to work hard to improve their way of living. People will learn and work to face and reduce the most critical issue, i.e. poverty faced by humanity. This global international opportunity is an excellent chance for you! 

Global Citizen works and collaborates with global influencers, sports figures, and artists to use their platforms and raise voices to make a positive change in the world and achieve the motive of ending extreme poverty. This leads government, corporate, and philanthropic leaders to make promises or commitments in favor of attaining Global Goals. Global Citizen is a powerful and well-known social platform that has worked to inspire people and make a real change that impacts many people’s lives worldwide. Read this article carefully to get more details about the Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024.


2024 Waislitz Global Citizen Awards Prizes:

The 2024 Waislitz Global Awards will provide three awards totaling $250,000.

  • $100,000: Grand Prize – Waislitz Global Citizen Award
  • $75,000: Waislitz Global Citizen Disruptor Award
  • $75,000: Waislitz Global Citizens’ Choice Award


Key Areas of Global Awards:

All applicants for the Global Waislitz Citizen Awards will be selected and evaluated on merit; the evaluation will include the following five key points/areas:

  1. GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: How does the applicant exemplify and embody the practices and values of a Global Citizen?
  2. DISRUPTION: Has the individual made a measurable impact in an innovative way that disrupts the systems responsible for extreme poverty?
  3. ADAPTABILITY: Can the applicant give examples of his ability to adapt and evolve to changing/new conditions?
  4. PROOF OF CONCEPT: Does the individual have a valid or strong proof of concept with at least one to two years of impact on ending extreme poverty?
  5. SCALABILITY: How would this award enable or support the applicant to improve or scale his work?

The participant who excels in the “Disruption” criteria will get the Waislitz Global Citizen Disruptor Award. The Global Citizen community will select the Waislitz Global Citizens Choice Award with input from public online voting.


Table of Contents

  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: June 3, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you keen and motivated to change positively in society, locally and globally? Then you should apply for the Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024. Requirements and eligibility criteria are given below to check your eligibility.

    Eligibility Criteria of the Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024:

    • Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age or older.
    • The global award is open to all applicants from all over the world.
    • These international awards are for individuals only.
    • Individuals who have an impact towards ending extreme poverty over a minimum period of 1-2 years.


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    Benefits :

    Ready to start the application process? Before beginning the process, you must check the benefits and cash prize details provided under the Waislitz global award program.

    Benefits of the Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024:

    • The grand prize of the Waislitz Global Citizen Award is worth $100,000.
    • The Waislitz Global Citizen Disruptor Award is another award under this global award program worth $75,000.
    • The Waislitz Global Citizens’ Choice Award will be worth $75,000.
    • With the cash prizes, these three winners will get an opportunity to be profiled in editorial pieces that will be featured or published on the Global Citizen platform and different social media.

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    Application Process:

    • Applicants must register an account on the official website by following the link below.
    • After making an account, you can start your application.
    • Fill out the application form carefully to complete the application process.
    • The application form must be submitted only in the English language.
    • Applicants must fill out and submit the application before the deadline.

    Waislitz Global Citizen Awards Deadline:

    The last date to apply for the Waislitz Global Citizen Awards 2024 and to win a cash prize is June 03, 2024.

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