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University of San Diego VIP Lab Fellowship in the USA

Looking for a fellowship in the USA? The University of San Diego VIP Lab Fellowship is USA-based on a 10-month program designed to sustain extensive research and promote original thinking regarding power inequalities and acts of violence. This USA fellowship includes examining how such power imbalances contribute to the emergence of violent dynamics and shaping the approaches taken to address these dynamics. Administered by the Violence, Inequality, and Power Lab (VIP Lab) situated at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (KROC IPJ) within the University of San Diego, this international fellowship is open to emerging scholars from diverse fields who exhibit a proven dedication to exploring the fields of violence and inequality. The group will consist of eight fellows, comprising two residential fellows who will reside in San Diego, CA, and six non-residential who will be located anywhere globally.

Moreover, applicants should hold a master’s degree or its equivalent and be able to dedicate themselves to full-time research throughout the duration of the fellowship. Non-residential fellows will receive a stipend of $15,000, and residential fellows will receive $70,000-$90,000, as well as travel expenses for attending two in-person gatherings in San Diego. Beneficiaries of the KROC IPJ fellowship will gain access to mentorship from VIP Lab faculty and staff, along with opportunities for collaboration with fellow scholars and practitioners engaged in exploring issues of violence and inequality. Upon the fellowship’s completion, participants are expected to produce a research output, such as a journal article, policy synopsis, or comprehensive report, while contributing to a final document crafted by the VIP Lab. Furthermore, fellows are anticipated to disseminate their research findings to a broader audience through presentations, publications, and other communication channels.


VIP Lab Fellowship Objectives: 

The University of San Diego fellowship has specific objectives that all fellows will be expected to meet. These are:

  • Contribute substantively to creating a conclusive report that the VIP Lab will formulate.
  • Produce a research output (potential formats encompass a journal article, a concise policy overview, an insightful opinion piece, a comprehensive white paper, or an extensive literature review).
  • Participate in shared learning experiences through monthly virtual Zoom meetings and attend two face-to-face gatherings hosted in San Diego.
  • Gain prospects to present their research findings to a broader audience consisting of professionals, policy formulators, and scholars.
  • Receive valuable intellectual input and insights through collaborative discussions with the VIP Lab and Kroc IPJ.
  • Consent to the public dissemination of their research via various mediums (written, spoken, visual, etc.) and actively engaging in dialogues with peers regarding their work.
  • Interact with students and faculty from the Kroc School, as appropriate, through guest lectures, individual interactions, and other relevant campus events.


Table of Contents

  • Country: USA
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: September 7, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Does this fellowship opportunity in the USA sound interesting to you? If yes, make sure you go through the eligibility criteria for the VIP Lab fellowship listed below.

    Eligibility Criteria for the University of San Diego VIP Lab Fellowship:

    • Applicants should hold a master’s degree or equivalent in any field of study.
    • Candidates should be emerging scholars in the early stages of their careers, possessing no more than 10 years of professional experience.
    • Demonstrated enthusiasm for exploring violence and inequality through academic pursuits is a prerequisite for applicants.
    • Proficiency in both written and spoken English is essential.
    • Applicants must focus on research areas such as Violence against Women, Community Violence and Political Violence. 
    • The ability to fully engage in research throughout the duration of the fellowship is a requirement for potential participants.
    • Applicants must have proven research experience, whether quantitative or qualitative. 
    • Residential fellows must possess valid authorization to work in the United States and be willing to reside in San Diego throughout the fellowship’s timeframe.
    • Non-residential fellows can be from anywhere in the world but should be willing to travel to San Diego for two in-person gatherings.
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    Benefits :

    Ready to apply for this international fellowship in the United States? Before you do, continue reading about the various benefits the KROC IPJ Lab fellowship has to offer. 

    Benefits of the VIP Lab Fellowship in the USA:

    • Fellows receive a stipend of up to $90,000 (for residential fellows) and $15,000 (for non-residential fellows), offering financial assistance during their research period.
    • The fellowship in San Diego provides an opportunity for fellows to engage in rigorous and comprehensive research.
    • Fellows, whether residential or non-residential, have the chance to attend two in-person meetings in San Diego, facilitating in-depth discussions and knowledge exchange.
    • Fellows’ research products, such as journal articles or policy briefs, contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of violence and inequality.
    • Fellows have the platform to connect with practitioners, policymakers, and academics.
    • All applicants will have the chance to gain an international fellowship experience in the United States. 



    Documents Required:

    • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
    • Cover Letter detailing how this fellowship aligns with your current endeavours, its impact on your professional advancement, and your commitment to the fellowship’s objectives.
    • Letters of Recommendation (2)
    • Research Proposal specifying the research area/types of violence you plan to work on (maximum 10 pages)

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    Application Process:

    • To access the online application form, click on the Apply now button below.
    • Thoroughly read the fellowship’s eligibility criteria to ensure you meet the requirements.
    • Prepare all necessary documents as mentioned above. 
    • Make sure to submit your application before the deadline.
    • Before submitting your application, carefully proofread your documents for grammar, clarity, and coherence.
    • The interviews for selected candidates will take place in October 2023.
    • The fellowship will begin in January 2024. 

    Application Deadline for VIP Lab Fellowship:

    • The deadline to apply for the VIP Lab fellowship in the United States is 7 September 2023

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