Applications are now invited for the Internship UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSITY INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 2019 IN BELGIUM. The University Institute of the United Nations on Comparative Studies of Regional Integration (UNU-CRIS) offers students with an interest and background in regional integration studies the opportunity to participate in the activities of the Institute.

The United Nations University (UNU) is a global think tank and a graduate teaching organization based in Japan. The mission of the United Nations University is to contribute, through research and collaborative education, to efforts to solve the pressing global problems of human survival, development and well-being that concern the United Nations, its Peoples and the Member States.

To carry out this mission, the United Nations University works with leading universities and research institutes in the Member States of the United Nations, and acts as a bridge between the international academic community and the United Nations system.

Deadline is May 1, 2019

  • Country: USA
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Eligible Regions: anyone can apply
  • Deadline: May 1, 2019
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Applicants must:

    • be enrolled in a master’s program or hold a master’s degree
    • demonstrate great interest in studies of regional integration and specifically in
    • one of the Institute’s research programs, namely:
      1. The role of the regions in global governance
      2. Monitoring of regional integration
      3. The UN and regional public goods.
    • Be willing to contribute to the research projects and activities of the Institute.
    • Thrive under pressure and be able to act quickly and efficiently.
    • He has excellent communication and writing skills in English.
      be competent with the Microsoft Office suite
      be available for a minimum duration of three months up to a maximum of six months

    Job/Internship Description :

    The duties of the UNU-CRIS interns include:

    Research tasks related to the research program

    of interest based on the needs of the supervisor and the projects and research activities in progress at the time of the internship

    Presentation of the work done during the research stay in one of the research brunch, which are informal meetings that bring together UNU-CRIS researchers;

    Assistance in administrative and other tasks, as necessary.
    In addition, interns are welcome to participate in seminars, workshops, conferences and other events.
    Organized by UNU-CRIS, which includes informal informational meetings and round tables.

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    Benefits :

    Office space, computer facilities and access to the libraries of UNU-CRIS, UNU, the University of Ghent, Vrije Universiteit Brussel and the College of Europe are provided. Although internships and internships are not remunerated, the travel costs incurred for attending events related to UNU-CRIS are reimbursed.

    In addition, the favorable location of Bruges near Brussels provides direct access to the headquarters of the European Union and other international organizations, as well as to several universities and research centers based in the Belgian capital.

    Although admitted candidates must organize their own travel, housing and health insurance, UNU-CRIS will provide advice and support to help facilitate the search process.

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    Application Process:

    UNU-CRIS launches calls for applications twice a year. The deadline for the first call is May 1; The deadline for the second call is November 1. The candidates are expected to start in July and January, respectively, at the latest, or early October and April, respectively, at the latest. The exact dates of start and end of the internship are negotiable.

    Interested candidates must submit their application online.

    Applications must include:

    a curriculum vitae
    a motivation letter
    a recommendation letter
    Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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