Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Course 2023 | Financial Aid Available

Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Course

Google is back with another amazing course, Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Courses for learners worldwide. Google has launched this Cybersecurity course to understand the need for cybersecurity today and in the future. According to Google, the number of cyberattacks increased by 38% globally in the last year, so the need for cybersecurity analysts has increased to control this rate. There are almost 213,000 Cybersecurity Jobs available only in the U.S., and these jobs offer a $100,000 median entry-level salary. This article will help you get all the important details of this course and help you know who a cybersecurity analyst is. 

Before getting into deeper details, you should know the term cybersecurity analyst. Cybersecurity analysts are the ones who are responsible for monitoring and protecting networks, people, devices, and data. They use various technologies and methods to protect against threats and unauthorized access. They create and implement solutions to deal with the threat. Through this Google Cybersecurity certificate course, you can prepare for your career as a cybersecurity analyst, SOC analyst, IT security analyst, and more with a Google professional certificate. This Google certificate course will help you learn job-ready skills that are in demand, and these skills will help you in your career. You will learn how to identify common risks, vulnerabilities, and threats and the techniques to reduce them. Through this certificate program, you will learn hands-on activities, quizzes and assignments and regular assessments. The course is verified, which means you will have to pay once the free trial ends; however, you can apply for financial aid by filling up the form, and once it is approved, you can start the course, complete it, and receive a certificate.

The professional certificate contains a series of 8 online courses where you’ll learn from cybersecurity experts at Google. With learning of approximately 7 hours a week, you can complete the professional certificate course in 6 months. Upon completion of the Google Cybersecurity professional certificate course, you can earn a certificate that can be a valuable addition to your professional profiles like LinkedIn. With this professional cybersecurity certificate, you can directly apply for jobs at Google and over 150 U.S. employers, like Deloitte, American Express, Colgate-Palmolive, T-Mobile, Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud, and Walmart. This Google cybersecurity course gives you exclusive free access to career resources like resume review, interview prep and career support on course completion.

The Google Cyber Security Professional Certificate is offered to everyone with basic knowledge relevant to the course. This Google course will prepare you as a cybersecurity analyst. Google courses don’t require any relevant experience. Anyone from any field interested to learn cybersecurity can register for this cybersecurity course. Through this cybersecurity-free course, you will acquire demanded skills that top employers are hiring for right now. Google cybersecurity experts made this professional course. The advantage of this Google cybersecurity course is that you can learn easily at your own pace. With help from Google, you can easily get a job in cybersecurity as a cybersecurity analyst. Read this article carefully for more details about the Google Cybersecurity Certificate Course.

List of Courses Under Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate:

  1. Foundations of Cybersecurity
  2. Play It Safe: Manage Security Risks
  3. Connect and Protect: Networks and Network Security
  4. Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL
  5. Assets, Threats, and Vulnerabilities
  6. Sound the Alarm: Detection and Response
  7. Automate Cybersecurity Tasks with Python
  8. Put It to Work: Prepare for Cybersecurity Jobs
  • Country: Online
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Interested to learn one of the most demanded skills in the market. Then this Google Cybersecurity professional certificate course is for you! Before getting into more details of the registration process, check the criteria and requirements of the free course.

    Eligibility Criteria of the Cybersecurity Courses By Google:

    • This certification is open to everyone all over the world.
    • There is no age restriction.
    • People from any academic field can enrol on this field. 
    • Individuals must have a stable internet connection as the course is online.
    • They must have the motivation to learn and implement skills.

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    Benefits :

    Are you ready to learn cybersecurity skills? Then start the registration process right now; before starting the application process, check the benefits of this online course listed below.

    Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate Benefits:

    • After completing this course, you can get a job in no time.
    • Learn the most demanded job-ready skills.
    • You can easily learn at your own pace.
    • You will learn to use industry-standard tools like Linux, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Python Programming, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and SQL.
    • You will learn about programming for cybersecurity tasks and frameworks that inform security operations. 
    • You will earn a professional certificate. This certificate can be added to your LinkedIn profile, CV, or resume.
    • Learn about Python, Linux, SQL, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools, collaboration, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), communication, analysis, problem-solving and more.

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    Application Process:

    • You can easily apply for the Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate courses by clicking the Apply Now button below.
    • You can enrol for this professional certificate for free by applying through the financial aid option.
    • Fill out the form for financial aid/support, and then you can access this course free of cost and receive the certificate.
    • After this, you will get full access to the free online course.  
    • Now you must be thinking about how to apply for financial aid for the course.
    • Click on the Financial Aid available option next to enrol for the free option.
    • Select the course you want to apply for the financial support.
    • Click on NEXT and then click on the continue to the application.
    • You must answer a few questions, then click on next.
    • The application will take up to 16 days to review, and then you will receive a response if you qualify for the financial support or not.
    • Do not worry; most learners receive financial support. However, you must remember that you must apply for financial aid and support for each course individually.

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