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Applications are now open for the DAAD scholarship Program in Germany for the academic year 2025. Among a large number of postgraduate courses offered by German institutions of higher education, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) supports a carefully selected selection of programs of particular interest to junior executives from developing countries. The DAAD postgraduate courses, which consist of one or two years of concentrated study, provide young academically trained professionals in leadership positions in developing countries the opportunity to participate in postgraduate education and training in their field or profession through this DAAD scholarship 2025 in Germany. The courses are open to all eligible students. DAAD only grants these fully funded scholarships for postgraduate programs.

The DAAD Scholarship Program 2025 is an excellent opportunity to study in Germany for free as these international scholarships are fully funded scholarships for international students, covering almost all expenses related to studying abroad. It is not limited to that; fully funded DAAD scholarship in Germany for international students also offers short-term and one-year-long DAAD research grants for doctoral candidates. The fully funded scholarships in Germany for international students 2024 offer foreign graduates from developing and recently industrialized countries of all disciplines and with at least two years of professional experience the opportunity to obtain a postgraduate or master’s degree from a German university recognized by the state or state, and in cases Exceptional to obtain a PhD degree and to obtain a university degree (master’s or doctorate degree) in Germany.

Furthermore, all expenses related to studying abroad will be covered under the DAAD Scholarship in Germany 2025. The Germany fully funded scholarship for international students includes monthly payments (stipends), health and liability insurance, accommodation, and travel expenses if not covered by another source of funding. However, the DAAD scholarships 2025-26 do not cover tuition fees. Public universities and most private universities in Germany do not have tuition fees, so students can avail of this fully funded European scholarship for international students and study in Germany for free.

Whether you are interested in pursuing a master’s or PhD degree, studying in Germany can be a transformative experience that can shape your future career prospects. With its thriving economy, cutting-edge technology, and strong research culture, Germany offers many opportunities for international students. With DAAD scholarships for international students, they can benefit from financial support and networking opportunities. It will help international students succeed in their academic and professional pursuits. Recipients of the DAAD scholarship 2025 in Germany for international students have a competitive edge in the job market. Employers recognize scholarships as a symbol of academic excellence, dedication, and the ability to succeed in a highly competitive selection process. Moreover, international experience gained through the fully funded DAAD scholarship for masters and PhD Germany demonstrates adaptability, independence, and intercultural competence, which are highly sought after in today’s globalized workforce.

Studying in Germany on scholarships can be an incredibly enriching experience for students. One of the biggest draws of studying in Europe is the high-quality education available at some of the world’s top universities. In addition to the academic benefits, the international opportunity to study free in Europe offers students a diverse cultural experience. DAAD masters scholarship provides students a chance to visit so many different countries and cultures to explore, students can learn new languages, make international friends, and broaden their horizons. DAAD Scholarships 2025 for international students will provide DAAD scholars an international experience and exposure to different ways of life can help students develop a global perspective and intercultural competence, which are valuable skills in today’s interconnected world.

Furthermore, DAAD scholarships in Europe can also help students manage the financial burden of higher education. Fully funded Scholarships in Germany can help cover living expenses and other expenses associated with studying abroad, making it easier for students to focus on their studies and make the most of their time in Europe. Fully funded scholarships in Germany can be a transformative experience that positively impacts a student’s academic, personal, and professional development. Further details of the fully funded scholarship in Europe 2025 are provided in this article below.

Field Included in DAAD Scholarship Program in Germany 2025-26:

  • Economic Sciences / Business Administration / Political Economics
  • Development cooperation
  • Engineering and related sciences
  • Regional and urban planning
  • Agricultural and Forest System
  • Natural and Environmental Sciences
  • Medicine and public health
  • Social sciences, education, and law
  • Media Studies
  • You can check the courses offered under the above-mentioned fields here.

DAAD Scholarship Duration:

The duration of the DAAD fully funded scholarship for international students is 12 and 36 months depending on the duration (length) of the chosen study program.

Table of Contents

  • Country: Germany
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: December 31, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    There’s no better scholarship than the DAAD scholarship program for international students who want to study in Germany for free. However, before you start the application process, check the criteria and requirements of the DAAD postgraduate scholarship program for international students.

    Eligibility Criteria for the DAAD Scholarship 2025 for Masters and PhD:

    • Applicants must meet the DAAD scholarship program requirements, necessarily the academic requirements and are expected to successfully complete a study program in Germany (higher than the average result for the first academic exam – third higher performance, language skills).
    • They must have a bachelor’s degree (usually a four-year course) in an appropriate subject.
    • For the DAAD Postgraduate Scholarship Program 2025, applicants must have at least two years of professional experience.
    • Furthermore, applicants can demonstrate that their motivation is related to development. They are expected to assume social responsibility and initiate and support processes of change in their personal and professional environment after their training/scholarship.
    • The last academic degree (usually a bachelor’s degree) should have been completed no more than six years before.
    • Applicants must be from eligible countries. You can check the list of DAAD eligible countries on the official website.
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    Benefits :

    Did you check the eligibility criteria for the scholarship, and now you want to know more about DAAD scholarship in Germany? Opportunities Circle has listed the most important information, ‘benefits and financial coverage’ in this section.

    DAAD Scholarship Program Benefits:

    • Depending on the academic level, monthly payments of 934 euros for graduates or 1,300 euros for doctoral applicants under the fully funded DAAD scholarship 2025 for international students.
    • Payments for health insurance, accidents, and civil liability will be provided.
    • Subsidy for monthly rent for all applicants.
    • Travel expenses, unless these expenses are covered by the country of origin or other sources of funding.
    • However, the DAAD scholarship for international students does not cover tuition fees.
    • The fully funded Europe Scholarship is an excellent opportunity to study in Germany and experience European culture.
    • Build networks and connections with like-minded people from different countries through this DAAD Scholarship Program 2025.

    DAAD Scholarship Requirements:

    • Signed DAAD Scholarship application form 2025 with the current date; you can get the DAAD application form here.
    • Personally signed CV (please use the sample Europass format) with the current date.
    • Personally signed Letter of Motivation (with reference to current occupation and choice of postgraduate program (s), two pages maximum) with the current date.
    • IMPORTANT: When applying for more than one postgraduate course (maximum 3 courses), you have to submit one motivation letter explaining why you are applying for these specific
      courses and why you chose that priority.
    • Letter of recommendation from your current employer; the letter must have letterhead, a signature, and an official stamp and must be of the current date (not in a sealed envelope).
    • Certificate(s) of Employment from the employer(s) that proves a minimum of two years of relevant
    • working experience (after the bachelor’s degree) at the time of application and if possible, a guarantee of re-employment from your current employer upon returning home.
    • Proof of Language Skills:
      • English – IELTS or TOEFL (Note: The institutional TOEFL is not accepted)
      • German – required for courses taught in German
    • Copies of Academic Degree
    • Copies of Academic Transcripts, incl. grading scale (certified translation if necessary).

    Note: Some courses may require additional documents. For detailed information about the supporting documents for DAAD Scholarships to study in Germany, please see the relevant course description on the following pages and on the respective websites.



    Frequently Asked Queries about the Germany DAAD Scholarship 2025:

    Here are some of the FAQs you must know before applying for the fully funded DAAD scholarship for international students in Germany:

    How much CGPA is required to apply for a DAAD scholarship 2025 for international students?

    • To apply for the DAAD scholarship 2025 in Germany, you must have a previous degree of 75%. However, this is a generalized criterion, as the official website does not mention specific criteria for the CGPA required for DAAD scholarship in Germany 2025 fully funded.

    Does DAAD require work experience? 

    • Yes, the DAAD scholarship Germany 2024-25 requires at least 2 years of field-related work experience. Students may not be able to win this DAAD scholarship without work experience.

    Is the DAAD scholarship still open? 

    • Yes, applications for the DAAD 2025 scholarship program is still open. However, you can visit the link given below for the DAAD scholarship deadlines for different programs.

    Is there an age limit for DAAD scholarship?

    • No, usually, there is no fixed age limit for the DAAD scholarships.

    How many students receive a DAAD scholarship?

    • More than 1,000 students get selected each year for the Germany scholarship 2024, but it is one of the most prestigious scholarships in Europe.

    Is the DAAD scholarship 2025 also for undergraduate students?

    • Unfortunately, DAAD doesn’t offer any undergraduate program scholarships. This scholarship is for Master and PhD students only.

    Is DAAD scholarship fully funded?

    • Yes, the DAAD scholarship in Germany for international students is a fully funded scholarship in Germany, that provides international students with an opportunity to study for free in Europe.

    How much is the DAAD scholarship for 2025?

    • The DAAD scholarship grant depends on the academic qualifications of the scholars and on the program. DAAD masters scholarship provides DAAD scholars an amount of €934, and the DAAD PhD scholarship for doctoral scholars and postdocs provides € 1,300. Overall, the DAAD master’s scholarship and DAAD PhD scholarship is full of benefits.

    Is the DAAD scholarship hard to get in?

    • Winning the DAAD scholarship in Germany isn’t that hard, but you should have a good CGPA and an excellent profile with work experience to achieve this fully funded European scholarship.

    How do I get a fully funded scholarship in Germany?

    • DAAD 2025 is one of the best fully funded scholarships in Germany, so if you are looking for a fully funded German Scholarship, then you must apply for DAAD in Germany.

    Is DAAD scholarship available for Pakistani Students?

    • Yes, Pakistani students are eligible for the DAAD scholarship. Students can find DAAD Scholarship Programmes for Pakistan on the official website. The fully funded DAAD scholarship for Pakistani students will be a life-changing opportunity for them. Students should apply for these international scholarships for Pakistani students if they are eligible.

    Is IELTS compulsory for DAAD scholarship?

    • It depends on different program requirements, but overall, the DAAD German scholarship requires IELTS, which is at least 6 bands.

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    Application Process:

    • Here is the application process for the fully funded DAAD German scholarship program to study free scholarship in Germany.

    How to Apply for DAAD Scholarship Program 2025?

    • Applications must be sent directly to the corresponding course! Check their respective websites for the application procedure.
    • Applicants must select a course of their choice and apply to universities offering that course.
    • Each applicant can select up to three courses.
    • Applicants will send their complete applications with all the required documents directly to their selected universities.
    • A selection committee will select the scholars for this DAAD fully funded scholarship program.
    • The selected applicants will be contacted by DAAD to submit their complete application to the DAAD Portal. They will get the DAAD Scholarship application portal link by DAAD through email.
    • Applications sent to DAAD will not be sent to the corresponding course/university. They become the property of DAAD and will not be returned. The applicant has no right to claim reimbursement.
    • Applications sent by email to DAAD cannot be considered during the selection process. For more details, visit the official website.
    • Required documents (in the following order):
    • DAAD request form
    • CV signed by hand (use the Europass sample form)
      motivation letter signed by hand (with reference to the current occupation) maximum 2 pages
      letter (s) of recommendation (s) (the letters must have a letterhead, signature, and stamp from the office and must be of recent date.
    • Professional letter (s) of recommendation from the applicant’s employer (the letters must have a letterhead, signature, and stamp from the office and must be of recent date).
      Confirmation of employment of the employer in their country of origin and, if possible, a guarantee of reemployment upon return home.
    • Language skills test:
      a) English – TOEFL or IELTS (only one academic TOEFL is accepted)
      b) German: necessary for courses taught in German; for courses taught in English, if available

    NOTE: Complete DAAD Scholarship applications must be submitted in English or German to be considered. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.


    DAAD Scholarship 2025 Deadline:

    • The deadline varies for every course offered under the DAAD postgraduate scholarship program. You can check the deadline for each course under the DAAD Scholarship Program 2025 from the list of offered programs.

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