Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2024 in Thailand | Fully Funded

Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2023-2024

Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2024 in Thailand are designed to recognize academic excellence, foster diversity, and provide financial assistance to deserving individuals. With the Chulalongkorn Graduate Scholarship Programme for ASEAN or Non-ASEAN Countries, students from both ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and non-ASEAN countries can pursue their master’s and doctoral studies at one of Thailand’s leading and internationally recognized universities, Chulalongkorn University. Therefore, this fully funded scholarship in Thailand is an excellent opportunity for graduate students to study fully funded at a reputable university in the heart of Southeast Asia.

This fully funded graduate scholarship is awarded to exceptionally talented and promising students worldwide. Chulalongkorn University, one of Thailand’s leading academic institutions, is dedicated to fostering global connections by welcoming students from both ASEAN and non-ASEAN nations. Similarly, Chulalongkorn University serves as a focal point for cultural exchange within Thailand. Through this comprehensive international scholarship program, students have the opportunity to become part of Thailand’s leading research university. Almost all academic fields are available at the University for Postgraduate Degree Programs. These fully funded graduate scholarships at Chulalongkorn University will also cover the expenses of studying free in Thailand. The award duration is 2 years for a Master’s Degree and 3 years for a Doctoral Degree.

Similarly, the Chulalongkorn University fully funded scholarship program is highly competitive due to the limited number of awards available. Therefore, applicants must possess an exceptional overall profile. Chulalongkorn University also places great importance on research and innovation. Scholarship recipients should aim to contribute to the university’s research community through their academic work.

Moreover, Chulalongkorn University, founded in 1917, is Thailand’s oldest national university. King Chulalongkorn was pivotal in its establishment during the early 20th century. Over the years, the university has gained a reputation for its outstanding research capacity and esteemed faculty. Notably, it holds the status of a national research university, with support from Thailand’s Office of National Education Standards and Quality Assessment. Therefore, you must apply for the Chulalongkorn University Scholarships in Thailand and experience the culture of Bangkok, Thailand.


Offered Courses under the Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2024:

  1. Clinical Sciences
  2. European Studies (MAEUS)
  3. Business Administration (SCE)
  4. Microbiology and Microbial Technology
  5. Financial Engineering (MFE)
  6. Urban Strategies
  7. Georesources and Petroleum Engineering
  8. Environment, Development, and Sustainability (EDS)
  9. Geriatric Dentistry and Special Patient Care
  10. Food Science and Technology
  11. Business Administration
  12. Korean Studies
  13. Information Studies
  14. Food and Nutrition
  15. English as an International Language (EIL)
  16. International Development Studies (MAIDS)
  17. Pharmaceutical Technology
  18. Public
  19. Social and Administrative
  20. Hazardous Substance and Environmental Management (IP-HSM)
  21. Cultural Management (MACM)
  22. Business and Managerial Economics (MABE)
  23. Health Development
  24. Polymer Science
  25. Public Health Sciences
  26. Esthetic Restorative and Implant Dentistry
  27. Strategic Communication Management
  28. Human Resource Management (Diploma Degree) (HRM)
  29. Governance (MAG)
  30. Health Economics and Health Care Management
  31. Business Law
  32. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  33. International Economics and Finance (MAIEF)
  34. Petroleum and Energy Technology
  35. Southeast Asian Studies
  36. Oral Biology
  37. Petroleum Geoscience
  38. Medical Sciences
  39. Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT)
  40. Veterinary Science and Technology
  41. Architectural Design
  42. Engineering Management (CUSE)
  43. Labour Economics
  44. Operative Dentistry
  45. Petrochemical Technology
  46. Thai Studies

For more details on the degree programs, Click Here.


Chulalongkorn University Scholarships Duration: 

Master’s Degree: 2 years

Doctoral Degree: 3 years


Table of Contents

  • Country: Thailand
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: May 13, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Start your study adventure in Thailand. Opportunities Circle encourages all eligible international students to apply. However, you must check the Chulalongkorn University Scholarships criteria and requirements before starting your application.

    Eligibility Criteria for Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2024 in Thailand:

    • International students from both ASEAN and non-ASEAN countries can apply.
    • Preference is given to applicants who hold faculty members, researchers, or academic staff positions.
    • Prospective students should be new applicants and should not have previously enrolled in Chulalongkorn University as graduate students for more than one semester.
    • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field to the chosen program is a prerequisite for application.
    • Applicants should have maintained a minimum GPA of 2.75 and a graduate GPA of at least 3.25 to apply for the graduate scholarship.
    • In addition, applicants should be under 40 years of age at the time of application.
    • Proficiency in English is a requirement, proven by satisfactory performance on an English proficiency test.
    • This includes achieving a TOEFL score of at least 500 or obtaining a minimum IELTS score of 5.0 or 173 Computer-based.
    • Additionally, students are not allowed to work within the country during the duration of their scholarship.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If yes, do not forget to go through the various benefits of the Chulalongkorn University Scholarships.

    Benefits of Chulalongkorn Graduate Scholarship for ASEAN or Non-ASEAN Countries:

    • The Chulalongkorn University’s Graduate Scholarship Program provides a monthly stipend and accommodation amounting to 16,000 Baht.
    • Furthermore, scholarship recipients will receive an economy class round-trip air ticket, reimbursed up to the actual cost.
    • For students from ASEAN countries, the airfare for each leg of the journey should be at most 8,500 Baht.
    • For students from Asian countries, the airfare for each leg should not exceed 12,000 Baht.
    • Similarly, for students from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, the airfare for each leg should not exceed 20,000 Baht.
    • The airfare for each leg must be at most 30,000 Baht for North and South American applicants.
    • In addition, Chulalongkorn University’s Graduate Scholarship Program also includes coverage of tuition fees, with the exception of any special fees specific to the chosen faculty or program.
    • Arrangements for these fees will need to be made directly between the students and the respective faculty or program.


    Documents Required for Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2024:

    • Students must submit a completed application form.
    • A 1-inch photograph is to be submitted.
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • A medical certificate from the hospital of the home country.
    • Academic transcript issued by the previous academic institution.
    • A certificate of graduation (if available)
    • A photocopy of the passport.
    • Two letters of recommendation from the Head, the Director or Dean of the institution, or the applicant’s superiors.

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    Application Process:

    • To apply for the Chulalongkorn University Scholarships 2024, click on the “Apply Now” button below.
    • Prospective students must submit their application along with the necessary documents directly to their chosen faculty or program.
    • It is important to note that each faculty has its specific deadline, so be sure to submit your application before time runs out.
    • Applicants should complete the Chulalongkorn University Scholarship application form accurately.
    • Moreover, candidates must submit their application form and the necessary documents to their preferred Faculty/Program a minimum of two weeks before the deadline specified by the University’s Office of Academic Affairs.

    Chulalongkorn University Scholarships Deadline:

    The deadline for Chulalongkorn University’s first semester of the 2024 academic year is May 13, 2024.


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