Business School Online Program Scholarship 2024 | University of Exeter

Business School Online Program Scholarship 2024

Good news for all those looking for an online program scholarship! The University of Exeter Business School Online Program Scholarship 2024 is a great opportunity. This online program funding is available for students interested in pursuing an MSc International Business online program. International students can pursue an online degree program and earn a degree from the University of Exeter, UK. The Exeter Business School Online Program Scholarship aims to acknowledge and support academic excellence and ambition. Pursuing an online MSc from a renowned institution like the University of Exeter is a great opportunity. If you want to study MSc International Business online, then do apply for the University of Exeter Scholarship program.

Similarly, this postgraduate scholarship in the UK is a distinctive initiative that highlights the University’s dedication to nurturing academic excellence and cultivating ambition in the field of business education. The Exeter Business School Online Program scholarship serves as a gateway for motivated individuals as they begin their academic journey through the University of Exeter’s online programs. Moreover, the business studies scholarship extends its support to both local and international students. Hence, it highlights the University of Exeter’s commitment to creating a globally diverse student body. The University of Exeter scholarship in the UK 2024 is specifically for individuals engaging in online programs. This scholarship proves the University’s commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

The University of Exeter Business School Online Program Scholarship is a partially funded scholarship that amounts to £5,000 for individuals applying for the online MSc program and £750 for those enrolled in individual online modules. This scholarship is open to UK and international applicants who have already received an offer to join a University of Exeter Business School online program or module starting in January 2024. The Exeter scholarship is a reduction in the tuition fee, directly reducing the overall cost of the chosen program or module. Given that MSc program fees are structured on a modular basis, the £5,000 scholarship is allocated proportionally. Thus, resulting in a reduction of £833 from each £2,500 module fee. For those opting to study a single module, there is an option to apply for a £750 scholarship against the module cost. Keep reading for more details about the Business School Online Program Scholarship.


Here are more details about the University of Exeter Online Scholarship


Table of Contents

  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: January 8, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Does the opportunity to study an online degree sound interesting to you? Then, you must read until the end and review the eligibility criteria for the University of Exeter Online Program Scholarship.

    Eligibility Criteria for Business School Online Program Scholarship 2024:

    • Both international and local students from the UK are eligible to apply for this online program scholarship.
    • Scholarship awardees are chosen based on their merit, also considering the details provided in their scholarship applications.
    • Only one scholarship is awarded per eligible applicant from the University of Exeter. If an individual qualifies for multiple scholarships, they will receive the one with the higher value.
    • Receiving funding from a charity or employer may make applicants ineligible for the Exeter Business School Scholarship for MSc. They are responsible for informing the University of any external funding received before enrollment.
    • Moreover, students consent to share their personal details with scholarship panel members by applying for this scholarship.
    • If an external body, such as an overseas government, Chevening, Commonwealth, or a partner institution, is financing a student’s tuition fees through a shared financing agreement with the University, the awarded scholarship may be cancelled or replaced with a different fee arrangement.
    • The scholarship is granted as a reduction in tuition fees and cannot be disbursed as cash or applied to other charges. The deduction will be automatically applied to tuition fees upon enrollment.
    • Similarly, successful recipients may need to provide a photograph and a written or video profile for publicity material related to scholarships and/or studies at the University of Exeter.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If yes, make sure to go through the various benefits of this MSc International Business Scholarship by the University of Exeter in 2024.

    Benefits of the University of Exeter Business School Scholarship:

    • The online program scholarship provides financial coverage of up to £5,000 for online MSc applicants and £750 for those enrolled in individual online modules.
    • The scholarship is a direct reduction in tuition fees. Thus making quality education in the UK more accessible and affordable.
    • Moreover, the UK scholarship recognizes and rewards academic merit, serving as an incentive for students to excel in their studies.
    • As an initiative of the University of Exeter, the international scholarship opens doors for individuals worldwide to engage in a globally recognized online program.
    • In addition, the scholarship’s structure accommodates the modular nature of the MSc program, providing flexibility in applying for financial support across individual modules.
    • The Business School Online Program Scholarship promotes diversity by being available to both UK and international applicants. Hence promoting a rich and varied academic environment.


    Documents Required:

    • Online scholarship application
    • Personal statement/cover letter (maximum 250 words for each question)
    • The cover letter should address your enthusiasm for the MSc International Business (or the specific module if applying for a single module scholarship) and outline what you aim to gain from the program. Secondly, share your future aspirations and detail how your studies align with these goals. Elaborate on how the MSc or individual module will contribute to achieving your ambitions.

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    Application Process:

    • How to Apply for the University of Exeter Business School Online Program Scholarship?
    • To apply, visit the official University of Exeter website to start your application process.
    • Carefully fill out and submit the online application. Ensure you have your Exeter student number for the scholarship application submission.
    • Also, make sure that you have received an offer to study a University of Exeter Business School online program or module, particularly for the intended start date in January 2024.
    • Gather all the necessary documents before filling out the online program scholarship for an MSc in International Business.
    • Submit your scholarship application right after receiving your program offer. Early applications are encouraged to enhance the chances of consideration.
    • Applications will undergo continuous review, and outcomes will be communicated via email within two weeks from the submission date.

    Deadline for the Business School Online Program Scholarship 2024:

    • The deadline to apply for the Business School Online Program Scholarship by the University of Exeter is 8 January 2024.

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