British Council IELTS Prize 2023 | Win up to GBP 5,000

British Council IELTS Prize 2023

The British Council IELTS Prize 2023 acknowledges exceptionally talented students who strongly desire to pursue their studies overseas. The international competition welcomes diligent individuals who are committed to advancing their careers. This prestigious global award aims to provide students with more significant opportunities for international educational experiences and expanded social connections. If you intend to commence your undergraduate or postgraduate studies in countries where IELTS is recognized as an admission requirement, we encourage you to submit your application promptly. Recipients of the prize are expected to make meaningful contributions to society upon attaining their desired academic qualifications.

The British Council IELTS Award 2023 seeks individuals actively engaging in similar initiatives within their local communities. Candidates are required to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and showcase the actions they have taken to address issues in their surroundings. This includes describing their initiatives to support educational or environmental programs and detailing their regular involvement in charitable work. Candidates are also encouraged to share their proudest project involvements.

Furthermore, candidates are expected to explain the benefits of studying abroad compared to studying at a local community institute. They should outline their perception of how studying overseas will benefit their personal and academic growth. Similarly, candidates should express how proficiency in IELTS will enable them to effectively engage with diverse communities in the future, fostering cross-cultural understanding and communication.

 The British Council IELTS prize comprises two stages. The initial stage involves the writing phase, where you must provide your name and contact details. Furthermore, it is required that you provide a personal statement consisting of 500 words, reflecting on your accomplishments and efforts to enhance your community in the past year. This statement should include your experience of taking the IELTS test by the British Council and how it will contribute to accomplishing your personal and professional aspirations. You should also mention the country you aspire to study in for educational exposure and elaborate on the reasons behind your choice. Moreover, supporting documentation will be required during this stage.

The British Council has lightened your financial burden by offering a grant of GBP 5,000 to support your expenses. To be eligible for this prestigious prize, you must upload a one-minute video as a part of stage 2 on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook while tagging IELTSPrize2023 and British Council. In the video, you should articulate how your IELTS preparation and studying abroad will empower you to make a significant impact on your community in the future. Besides the financial assistance, the award offers students valuable opportunities to network and interact with diverse scholars, professionals, and other accomplished individuals. It enables them to broaden their horizons and develop lasting connections in their respective fields.


Here are more details about the British Council IELTS Prize 2023


Table of Contents

  • Country: Online
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible Regions: Bangladesh, Colombia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam
  • Deadline: September 15, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Are you passionate about receiving the British Council IELTS prize? If yes, continue reading the eligibility criteria below to ensure you meet all requirements of this competition. 

    Eligibility Criteria of British Council IELTS Prize 2023:

    • Candidates must be 18 years of age or older.
    • They must be residents of any of the listed countries above. 
    • Candidates must have taken the IELTS test with the British Council between 1 April 2022 and 31 August 2023.
    • If selected as a winner, candidates must be able to provide a valid IELTS score.
    • Candidates must have achieved a minimum overall IELTS band score of 5.5 or higher.
    • Furthermore, they must apply to an educational institution worldwide that requires IELTS as part of its admission process.
    • They must be commencing their undergraduate or postgraduate studies during the academic year from January 2023 to March 2024.
    • Candidates must submit the letter of acceptance from their university by October 2023.
    • Students with special needs, such as learning difficulties, hearing impairments, visual impairments, or other medical conditions, are welcome to submit their applications.
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    Benefits :

    Are you meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned above? You can now successfully participate in the IELTS Prize 2023, but before you apply, read the various potential benefits and opportunities it offers.

    Benefits of the IELTS Prize by the British Council:

    • The prize is highly treasured, with a substantial value of up to GBP 5,000. This financial support can significantly lessen the burden of educational expenses for the recipient.
    • Participating in the prize opens the door to valuable insights and guidance on excelling in the IELTS examination’s different stages.
    • Candidates can accurately gauge their current level of English language proficiency through the IELTS test. The comprehensive assessment provides a clear picture of their strengths and areas for improvement.
    • Being part of the British Council IELTS prize gives candidates the prestigious opportunity to take the test conducted by one of the most renowned language institutions worldwide.
    • The prize encourages candidates to reflect on how they can contribute to the development of their communities.


    Documents Required:

    • IELTS Test report form
    • Recent Photograph
    • Passport or any other identification document
    • Special Requirements certificate (if applicable)
    • Video Presentation
    • Personal Statement 

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    Application Process:

    • How to apply for the British Council IELTS Award?
    • Click on the Apply Now option below.
    • Sign up and start your application. Add correct information and submit the application form. 
    • Attach all the necessary documents as specified.
    • As a part of Phase 1, provide a 500-word personal statement answering, “In what ways have you contributed to enhancing and empowering your local community in the past year?”
    • Proceed to Phase 2, where you will be asked to upload a one-minute video presentation.
    • The final selection of the prize recipients will be determined by a group of judges who will carefully assess the applications and video presentations.

    Application Deadline for IELTS Prize by the British Council 2023:

    • The application deadline for Phase 1 is 15 September 2023.
    • The application deadline for Phase 2 is 15 October 2023

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