Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany 2024

Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany 2024

Are you passionate about media and journalism? If you are, the Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany 2024 is an excellent summer program. This program in Germany is specifically for professionals, young journalists, researchers and science communicators from around the world. The program in Europe is one of the leading media training programs worldwide and offers young professionals the opportunity to become media leaders in their field. The Boris Nemtsov Summer School of Journalism and Sociocultural Research is a life-changing opportunity that aims to enhance the professional skills of young media professionals. This training program in 2024 is for individuals with less than three years of media experience and is open to applicants worldwide. With the international summer school, participants can study in Germany and polish their skills while increasing their experience. So, if you want to participate in a media summer school program, you must apply for the School 2024.

Similarly, the Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany is a fully funded program with completely free participation. It also offers various other benefits, including transport expenses, insurance, meals and accommodation. Hence, removing financial barriers for aspiring individuals seeking to enhance their expertise in the media landscape. Moreover, this summer school training program  is a two-week European media program that will take place from 14 to 27 July at the Erich Brost Institute of International Journalism in Germany. The Boris Nemtsov program covers a range of topics, including journalism ethics, media trends, sociocultural research methodologies, and effective communication strategies. It allows participants to focus on a media project of their own that they will implement after the training in Germany. The fully funded training program in Europe includes sessions, hands-on workshops, and insightful discussions led by experienced professionals in the field.

Moreover, the Boris Nemtsov Summer School Program is an annual event taking place since 2018. It attracts a maximum of 30 participants selected through a competitive process. The unique structure of the school involves English as the working language for the first week, with a transition to Russian in the second week. Interested individuals can apply for participation in this Summer School in Germany by completing the application process.


Main Themes of the Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany:

  • Ethical Dilemmas in Journalism and How to Overcome them
  • Media Freedom and Digital Authoritarianism
  • Russian Media System before and after 2022
  • Journalist Safety
  • Investigative Journalism (methods, sources of information)
  • Storytelling and Documentary Filmmaking
  • Media Management
  • The Role of the Global South in the World
  • Art of Reels


Table of Contents

  • Country: Germany
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: March 15, 2024
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    If you are a media professional interested in an international summer school program, you must apply for the 2024 School of Journalism. However, before you do, make sure to go through the eligibility criteria for this training program.

    Eligibility Criteria for Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany 2024:

    • The training program is open to young journalists, bloggers, science communicators and researchers from around the world.
    • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to be eligible.
    • Proficiency in both Russian and English is required, with a minimum competency level of at least B2 is also a requirement.
    • No specific educational background is mandatory. However, applicants may benefit from having a background in journalism, blogging, media, or related fields.
    • Moreover, candidates should have up to three years of experience in journalism or related fields, but it is not compulsory.
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    Benefits :

    Do you meet the eligibility criteria above? If yes, do not forget to go through the various benefits this summer program in Germany offers its participants in 2024.

    Benefits of the Summer School of Journalism in Germany 2024:

    • The program provides a platform for young journalists, bloggers, and media professionals to learn and grow.
    • The school offers a two-week educational experience covering key themes such as media freedom, digital authoritarianism, ethical dilemmas in journalism, investigative journalism, media management, and more.
    • It is a summer program that is free to enter.
    • The Boris Nemtsov Summer School covers transport costs while providing accommodation, insurance, and meals to all participants.
    • It is an excellent opportunity to participate in a training program in Germany 2024.


    Documents Required for Summer School by Boris Nemtsov:

    • Professional Resume.
    • Media project proposal/concept (a media project that you intend to undertake following the completion of the training).
    • A one-minute video in English introducing yourself and delving into your professional interests.

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    Application Process:

    • How to apply for the Boris Nemtsov Summer School 2024?
    • To apply, you can visit the official application portal of the Boris Nemtsov Summer School or click the ‘apply now’ button below.
    • Before you apply, make sure you meet the eligibility criteria for the program in Germany.
    • Carefully fill out the application form with accurate and complete information along with the documents.
    • The selection of participants is done by a jury of professional journalists, organizers and media professionals.
    • Make sure your media project concept is strong and feasible.
    • All applicants must submit their application before the deadline.

    Application deadline for the Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany:

    • The deadline to apply for the Boris Nemtsov Summer School in Germany is 15 March 2024.

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