8 Things You Must Have Before Applying for Scholarship

Applying for scholarship is a very time-consuming process, but it’s worth it though. The best way to tackle that situation is to make a checklist of the things you need and collect these things and put it into your file or binder. Here is our list of things you must have before applying for scholarship:


The 1st thing you need before applying for scholarship is your official or unofficial copy of the transcript of your school college of the university. It is one of that thing which you must have because merit is based on that transcript. If you don’t have right now, don’t waste your time, get the copy from your school collage of university administration.

Test scores before applying for scholarship

The test score is the optional one because most of the universities don’t require a test score, but in some cases, like if you want to get the scholarship in the universities like in the USA, you must need the Test score like (GRE / SAT). So make sure  you have copies of the test result if they might request

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A list of possible recommenders

You may complete your all documents but you may end up asking anyone letter of recommendation,  so you must make a list of people you may ask if you need that it is compulsory for most of the application for international scholarships.  There are three kinds of recommendation letter you may ask for the international scholarships: academic, non-academic and personal. Make a list of these by drawing three lines on paper and list down the names you think you can ask for recommendation letters.
  • Academic:  it is the most common type of recommendation asked when you apply for the international scholarship. This could be your teacher or professor or your supervisor, you worked with your thesis work or any teacher whom you work within the academic project. Some international scholarship application has mentioned that the reference letter must have an academic source. Or sometimes they ask for two out of three recommendations from the academic source.

  • Non-Academic: it may include your supervisor at work, your team or sports coach, drama teacher, counsellor, dance teacher, your boss at work etc. So you get the idea. Basically, any professional or semi-professional whom you work with or he/she has seen you do things outside of the classroom.

  • Personal: this type of recommendations is not very common and seldom asked by the universities providing scholarships, but can be a nice thing to have in the bag if needed while applying for  scholarship.

    Try to ask your recommender at least two to three weeks before the deadline, so they have plenty of time to write you a strong recommendation. You can give friendly reminders before the application of international scholarship is over. Just keep it polite.

Resume (often optional)

If you don’t have a resume yet made it as soon as possible because it can help you throughout your life and if you have to make sure is it up-to-date and looking good before you upload it. If you had any full-time job part-time jobs internship or even social servers make sure you include them

Photo (often optional)

Some time scholarship application includes the portion saying upload your image it is not very common now a day but why take a risk.Some time the scholarship organizations ask you for your picture they use it for promotional purposes. Just give them a nice high quality of the picture of yourself wearing nice cloth, sometimes they mention need passport size photo so gives them a passport size photo taken up by a professional photographer in their studio. Please don’t put Instagram or any other filters on it.

Essay (not always required while applying for scholarship, but can be your best tool if requested)

You may be asked by the scholarship university or organization to write an essay on any topic based on a different specific question relevant to you or scholarship. It is a very important part so be care full not leave it until the deadline day invests your time in it and put it on the priority list. And save them some timely same questions asked by different universities so you can reuse, it is not a good practice, but you can do to save your time. Be sure to edit your materials before reusing it to for each scholarship application (and follow all guidelines related to word count!).

Before submitting, ask some people to review your essay mainly already scholarship holders or your teachers or your parents please make sure they have enough time to review your essay don’t ask someone to help you the day before the international scholarship is due!

Language test result

Many scholarships worldwide ask for the English proficiency test result like IELTS /TOEFL  and some universities offer courses in their country languages. It is very important so make sure  to check bands or the number required to eligible for that scholarship

A personal documentation

All things you completed at the end you know your passport is expired. So make sure to check your documentation before the deadline sometime the international scholarship asked for the passport number so make sure you have a passport, identity card  and check their expiry date personal documents  sometimes required while applying for  scholarship
So now you are ready to ge the scholarship   here are some scholarship opportunities you can apply

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