World Bank Legal Internship in the USA 2023

World Bank Legal Internship 2023

Opportunities Circle is here with the World Bank Legal Internship 2023. This international internship seeks talented and proficient law students all around the globe. Through this world bank internship, interns will participate in high-profile events and conferences. They will get to work at World Bank’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., and some other selected country offices. Also, they will be able to polish their skills and learn in a diverse multinational environment. The duration of the World Bank Legal internship is three months.

The World Bank Legal Internship aims to support law students in coming up with innovative and exemplary solutions to law problems. Also known as World Bank Legal Vice Presidency, it allows students to grow their skills and excel in career advancement. The mission of this World Bank internship is to give interns hands-on experience practising all the learned legal theories. Moreover, they will experience the World Bank’s work and collaboration with the Legal Vice Presidency staff. Interns will learn about the latest research experiences of the W.B. in its vast domain of world affairs. It will allow them to bring new perspectives and ideas and improve their legal skills.

World Bank is an international organization working since 1944 to support poor economies worldwide. It lends money to developing countries to improve their living standards and quality of life. It is one of the world’s most influential organizations working for the welfare of its poor member countries and has vast funding sources. The World Bank’s Legal Internship allows students to work under the supervision of top experts and professional staff of the Legal Vice Presidency. They will encourage interns to go into the practical field by assisting legal professionals in their work-related projects. They will give their opinions and advice on high-profile cases related to financing, administration, corporate and other constitutional matters.

Furthermore, internships for international students at the World Bank is an excellent opportunity to unleash their potential and gain knowledge about legal issues related to contemporary issues of the world. The World Bank Legal internship can turn the tide for candidates to become distinguished and prominent future lawyers. The deadline to apply for the World Bank internship is 30 September 2022. So don’t miss this bright chance and apply for it. Students can also check paid internships in Europe.


Here are more details for the World Bank Legal Internship

  • Country: USA
  • Deadline: September 30, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Do you want to apply for the program?

    Here are the eligibility criteria for the World Bank Legal Internship:


    • Both National or International candidates can apply.
    • Candidates must hold citizenship of any IBRO state.
    • They must be enrolled in a law degree program, LLB, LLM, J.D., SJD, PhD, or equivalent program.
    • Furthermore, they must have evidence of an internationally recognized insurance policy.
    • Moreover, according to World Bank policies, the university or some other funding organizations must reimburse them.
    • Candidates with the knowledge of any working language of W.B. like Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish will be preferred.

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    Benefits :

    World Bank legal internship program provides the following benefits:

    • Interns will participate in high-profile conferences and events.
    • They will have three months of internship as current law students in law schools, universities, or institutes.
    • Furthermore, they will be able to work at the World Bank’s Headquarters in Washington D.C. or certain selected country offices.
    • In addition, they will practice law under the supervision of the world’s best professionals of the legal vice presidency.
    • Candidates have multiple opportunities to intern at World Bank in a year, i-e. Summer internship, fall internship, winter internship and spring internship program.
    • Moreover, they provide visa assistance to interns in particular circumstances.

    Objectives of the World Bank Legal Internship:

    This legal vice presidency internship for both national and international students is sponsored by the World Bank Group, which has a simple but powerful objective.

    • The goal is to provide hands-on experience with all of the legal ideas they’ve learned.
    • Moreover, the students have first-hand experience with the work of the World Bank and its collaboration or joint venture with the legal voice presidency staff.
    • As the World Bank offers such a wide range of fields when it comes to world affairs, students have the opportunity to gain the most up-to-date research experiences.
    • The legal interns operate as a team under the supervision of top-notch specialists and the legal vice presidency’s sterling staff.
    • In addition, an international internship at the World Bank allows intelligent and top-level law students to gain practical experience by aiding inspiring professionals in their legal work related to the projects of the world’s most prominent organizations.


    Application Requirements for world bank internship USA:

    • Resume
    • Statement of Interest
    • Proof of enrollment in law degree (LLB, J.D., LLM, SJD, PhD or equivalent) and academic transcript(s).
    • Short essay responding to a research question.

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    Application Process:

    • Interested candidates can access the application form by the link below.
    • Fill out all the required fields with valid data and information.
    • Candidates have to fill out the eligibility quiz.
    • Moreover, upload all the required documents in Pdf form.
    • Candidates can select up to three preferred operational or corporate practice groups given in the application.
    • Also, they must select their preferred place and country of internship. They can select up to three countries.
    • The application deadline for the World Bank Legal Internship 2023 is 30 September 2022.

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