VCDNP Paid Internship in Europe 2022

VCDNP Paid Internship in Europe 2022

Opportunities circle is here with another paid internship, VCDNP Paid Internship in Austria 2022. The international internship in Europe is open to young individuals from developing countries. Internship for international students will help them with research implementation related to nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament. Interns will be able to conduct research in international labs under the supervision of experienced and professional researchers.

Furthermore, interns will get a chance to participate in courses, lectures, conferences and seminars conducted by the VCDNP. Such activities will open opportunities for international interns, and they will have a chance to interact with specialists from international organizations and broaden their network.

The paid internship program in Europe will help individuals polish interpersonal skills; interns will meet and work with people of different mindsets and approaches. Therefore, do not miss this opportunity if you meet their requirements and criteria. Students with an academic background in chemistry, engineering, political science, biology, international relations or relevant fields must give it a go and apply. Through such initiatives, VCDNP aims to facilitate progressive dialogue on a global level.

The international internship in Vienna can help young students to gain hands-on experience and allows interns to participate in academic awareness and training sessions about nuclear disarmament. VCDNP started this program with the aim of promoting peace and security around the globe by providing a platform for dialogue and decision-making. The duration of this internship will be six months in Vienna, Austria.

About the Organization

The Vienna Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation is a non-government organization established in 2010 by the Australian Foreign Ministry and operated by the James Martin Center for non-proliferation studies in the USA.

Here are more details about the VCDNP Paid Internship in Europe

Deadline is July 31, 2022

  • Country: Austria
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Deadline: July 31, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here are the eligibility criteria for the VCDNP paid internship for international students:

    • Applicants must be recent graduates from science and policy-related academic background.
    • Graduates from developing countries are encouraged to apply.
    • Moreover, female applicants are highly encouraged to apply for a paid internship.
    • They must be able to demonstrate their interest in non-proliferation-related policy matters.
    • Furthermore, they must possess strong communication skills (especially in English).
    • In addition, proficient in MS office.
    • VCDNP will prefer applicants with knowledge of other languages.
    • They must be familiar with virtual meeting platforms.
    • Knowledge of graphic design and social media is preferable.

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    Benefits :

    VCDNP paid internship in Austria will provide the following benefits:

    • Interns will receive a monthly stipend of 1000 euros.
    • The stipend will cover airfare and transportation cost.
    • If the internship is remote, a small amount is offered as a stipend based on the location of the intern.
    • Develop communication and networking.
    • Opportunity to contribute towards peace making and sustainability.
    • Chance to attend seminars and lectures internationally.

    Required Documents:

    • CV
    • Visa for Austria
    • Two-letter of recommendations
    • Writing sample in English (max five pages)

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    Application Process:

    • The application process is online; applicants can apply through the official website of VCDNP.
    • Provide correct personal information.
    • Applicants must answer the following questions:
    • Why are you interested in this internship?
    • What is your knowledge and experience about nuclear issues?
    • Upload the resume/CV in PDF format.
    • Fill in all required fields and submit before the deadline.
    • The deadline for the VCDNP paid internship is 31 July 2022.
    • The internship may commence on 15 September 2022.

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