SBW Berlin Scholarship

SBW Berlin Scholarship

Opportunities Circle is bringing another great opportunity for youth SBW Berlin Scholarship

Who wants to study in Germany? Opportunities circle brings another opportunity for undergraduate and Master students who want to pursue their studies in Germany. SBW Berlin scholarship aims to support young talents who are not financially strong and, during the scholarship duration, enhance and use their skills in non-profit projects back in their countries.

The students will be able to study in Berlin and Potsdam universities based on their academic qualifications and social needs. The scholarship will fund all science and arts disciplines. A total of 20 scholarships will be awarded. They believe that education can change the fate of the generation and living standards of the poor countries. The scholarships offered are fully funded, and it will cover tuition fee, accommodation, and monthly allowance or living expenses. After completion of studies and scholarship duration, it is required for the student to go back to their home countries and advance the projects of innovation to improve the economy and living standard.

Refugees can also apply for the scholarship as they welcome all the international students from Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. However, the requirements are different for them as they cannot return to their countries. If you are interested in this scholarship, make sure to read the whole write-up, so you do not miss any detail.

Here are some more details about SBW Berlin Scholarship

Deadline is December 31, 2020

  • Eligible Regions: Anyone can apply
  • Deadline: December 31, 2020
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here are the eligibility criteria for the

    • The applicant must be between 18 – 30 years.
    • Average grades equivalent to 2.0 at least (German grade point)
    • Have no first-degree family member in Germany.
    • The applicant must be able to prove low income of the household.
    • Citizens of countries that need assistance for development.
    • Homeless foreigners and recognized refugees.
    • EU long-term resident permit holders.
    • If funding is provided to students to study in Germany by other organizations or governments, this scholarship cannot be available.

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    Benefits :

    • Shared accommodation.
    • Living allowance
    • Tuition fee
    • Travel allowance in some cases.
    • To know more about the amount of scholarship, visit here
    • The scholarship will provide assistance for a maximum of 48 months, depending on the discipline and duration.
    • If the candidate postpones or fails three exams, the scholarship will be terminated.
    • Failure meeting targets and goals of the non-profit project may also result in termination of the scholarship.
    • After graduation, the student must immediately report to SBW Berlin and submit the copies of certificates and records obtained during the study in Germany.
    • After going through all the details, download the application form, fill it, and send it at [email protected] and all the required documents.
    • Only complete applications will be reviewed.
    • For more details about the scholarship program, visit the link.
    • Refugees can read the details and requirements here

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    Application Process:

    • Recommendation letter
    • Evidence of low net income.
    • Letter of motivation
    • CV
    • Copy of certificate of last attended school/college
    • Previous transcript.
    • Admission to the university where you intend to study (should be in Berlin or Potsdam)
    • Certificates of achievements

    Here is the link to apply for the program

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