Outreachy Internship Program 2021-22

Outreachy internship program

The Outreachy internship program is open for applications. It is a remote Internship for students to enhance their skills and learn under the supervision of professionals. A paid internship allows the interns to share their ideas with the community and work collaboratively. There will be two batches of the internship, one from May to August and from December to March. As the organization promotes diversity, people facing discrimination, gender biases, and those who belong to underrepresented communities are welcome to work in this organization and benefit from this internship.

Outreachy internship program is inspired by the google summer of code. These remote, paid internships are designed to help the underprivileged and underrepresented communities. This opportunity is highly valuable in the professional world. Employees of the companies make their hiring decisions by judging the contributions of the applicants. Do not miss out this chance of paid internship leading to a job.

Here are more details about the Outreachy internship program

Deadline is September 3, 2021

  • Country: USA
  • Financial coverage: Paid, Fully Funded
  • Deadline: September 3, 2021
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here is the criteria for the Outreachy internship program:

    • Anyone from any country can apply.
    • The applicant must be 18 years old at the time of the internship.
    • Applicant must be able to work full-time, that is, 40 hours per week.
    • Applicants who are part of any part-time jobs may apply, but they have to work 40 hours per week.
    • Applicants who are already working a full-time job and are currently on leave are ineligible.
    • Students are eligible if their school/university allows them 42 days’ leave.
    • International students in the USA on study Visas must make sure their visas allow them a full-time job.
    • Applicants from the northern hemisphere can apply for the May-August batch. This goes for applicants from India as well.
    • Applicants interested in the December-March batch must be from the southern hemisphere.
    • Applicants from the equator can apply for any batch.
    • Current Interns of Google’s summer of code are ineligible for this program.

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    Benefits :

    Outreachy internship program will provide the following benefits:

    • A stipend of $5,000 for three months.
    • Travel grant of $500.
    • Interns will get to work under the supervision of top-class mentors.
    • Intern’s performance might lead to job hiring.

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the outreach internship program includes questions that need to be answered, keeping in view the word count and the central idea of inquiry.
    • The applicant has to write an essay, which includes the following questions:
    1. What country interns will be living in from December 06, 2021, to March 04, 2022?
    2. Are you a part of an underrepresented group?
    3. How are you underrepresented?
    4. What systemic bias or discrimination would you face if you applied for a job in the technology industry of your country?
    5. Does your learning environment have few people who share your identity or background? Provide details.
    6. What systemic bias and discrimination have you faced while building your skills?
    7. Content warnings, which may include harsh words like war, sexual harassment, assaults, or violence (optional question).
    • The application process for the Outreachy internship program is lengthy; applicants are requested to start working on their online application 2 or 3 weeks before the deadline.
    • The applicant has to choose 1 or 2 projects for the internship.
    • The projects might have some tasks that require the applicant to do the tasks on a collaborative basis.
    • When an applicant makes any contribution to the internship field, it must be recorded on the official website.
    • To record contributions, the applicant must go to the community landing page linked from the project listing page, then click on the ‘record contributions’ button.
    • The contributions must be recorded before the deadline.

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