Manufacturing Engineering Internship – Internship Program 2019

Manufacturing_Engineering Internship - Internship Program 2019

Do you want to transform materials to gain consumer experiences?

Then, an internship as a manufacturing/engineering intern in one of our plants could be the right place for you to get this experience.

In our manufacturing department, we produce consumer goods to supply the market in accordance with the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, time and at the lowest cost. In an increasingly innovative environment to guarantee our leadership position, our fully automated plants are constantly renewed to ensure the development and use of the most advanced technologies. We will value your creativity and your ability to analyze and solve problems.

His role as an intern in manufacturing/engineering:

In this internship function, you will have the opportunity to be on the floor to face different challenges, make decisions and quickly see the results. You will discover the P&G technologies that are world renowned. You will also discover P&G standards and methods. In the end, he will develop his own abilities through work experience, mentoring and training.

Are you ready to accept the challenge?

You are likely to be placed in one of the following functions:

Production – Packaging

This function packages our product in its final packaging, configured in pallets. Three priorities for packaging departments: safety, quality, productivity. The heart of the engineering profession in packaging is the constant improvement of production lines to increase their effectiveness (reduce change time, decrease downtime, etc.)

Your missions will be:

Perform studies on performance loss (in teams, skills, organization)

Identify one or more key projects to achieve the performance objectives of the packaging line

Establish methods to solve technical problems.

Systematize tools for maintenance and implement production management tools.

Work on the installation and commissioning of new equipment.

Production – Manufacturing

This is the department that mixes our products, based on recipes sent by R&D. The priority to make is to produce in large quantities and with flexibility, a product according to the original recipe, to deliver the packing lines on time. The main priority of the manufacturing equipment is the continuous improvement of the manufacturing process to eliminate any loss at different stages (reduction of the time of formula change, decrease of downtime, training of the operator in the chemical process, development of plans of maintenance …).

In this department, you:

Carry out the study and analysis of the loss of performance (team, organization, skills).

Ensure communication between different departments (logistics, packaging, projects, etc.)

Create learning programs for operators and team leaders to help them develop their skills.

Establish systematization tools, simplify processes and standardize work.


The Quality department manages the quality assurance of our products, that is, all the systems that ensure that we produce a consistent quality in line with consumer expectations and in accordance with local laws and P&G rules. Validates all formulas and equipment before production, and is also responsible for the study of “non-standards” to improve our processes and the training of the entire plant with quality principles.

It will ensure that the quality of the products is optimal. For this, you:

Develop quality indicators and audits.

Support production (especially in validation of equipment, processes, etc.)

Investigate “non-standard” and establish an action plan

Participate in workshops within a multifunctional team.

Health, security and environment

You will work on:

This team handles the environmental problems of the site, including work on our waste, the destruction of defective products, water and energy management …

Environmental Management Site (destruction of products, waste management …)

Conduct a study on the consumption of energy and water on the site and propose practical and sustainable solutions to improve and reduce energy consumption in all our processes.

Desired skills and experience

We are looking for recent / recent graduates:

From engineering schools / universities

English proficiency

Technical excellence and rigor in the execution of defined plans.

Ability to collaborate effectively with others.

Ability to analyze situations and find solutions. And ability to innovate and reapply successes.

What we offer:

Deadline is August 31, 2019

  • Country: Pakistan
  • Financial coverage: Paid
  • Eligible Regions: Pakistan
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    Application Process:

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