Milken-Penn Education Business Plan Competition

Education Business Plan Competition

The Education Business Plan Competition is open to applicants from all around the world who are committed to using innovation to address systemic barriers in education and advancing equitable opportunities for all learners and communities. The Milken-Penn GSE EBPC honors purpose-driven ventures addressing long-standing and new educational issues.

The EBPC welcomes entrepreneurs from all around the world who have unique educational concepts. Educational entrepreneurship enterprises can address a variety of difficulties in the classroom. They welcome applications in every educational setting imaginable, from early childhood to corporate and adult training, and in places and contexts worldwide. Participants who join the EBPC become part of an education ecosystem of committed investors, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and academics working to solve persistent and emergent educational issues.

Area of Focus:

EBPC encourages applicants to work in various educational settings, ranging from early childhood to corporate and adult education. They accept submissions from both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Since 2010, the following areas have been emphasized:

  1. Technology in Grades K through 12
  2. Special Education & At-Risk Students
  3. Early Childhood Education
  4. Moreover, Workforce Learning
  5. In addition, Open & Collaborative Solutions: The Education Ecosystem.
  6. Urban Education
  7. Connecting Research to Practice
  8. Also, Teaching & Learning
  9. Online & Distance Learning in Higher Education
  10. Global/Borderless Education Solutions

Here are more details about the Education Business Plan Competition

Deadline is April 29, 2022

Table of Contents

  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: April 29, 2022
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    Here are the eligibility criteria for Milken-Penn GSE Education Business Plan Competition.

    • Individuals above the age of 18 are eligible to apply.
    • In addition, anyone who has been designated a Finalist or Winner of a prize in this competition can also apply.
    • Businesses joining the competition must not have earned more than the equivalent of US$1,000,000 in gross revenue from the start of their legal existence until the date they submit their Application Form.
    • Furthermore, firms entering the competition must not have earned more than US$500,000 in gross revenue in the twelve (12) months preceding the day they submit their Application Form.
    • Moreover, any faculty, administrator, lecturer, staff, or other Penn Graduate School of Education employees cannot apply. 

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    Benefits :

    Here are the benefits of education business plan competition:

    • The Milken-Penn Education Business Plan Competition has given out more than $1.5 million in cash and awards to educational ventures making a difference via innovation.
    • Winners and finalists have secured more than $150 million in funding. 
    • The founders of the EBPC are using innovation to break down barriers for marginalized communities and generate equal outcomes for all participants throughout the educational spectrum.
    • Moreover, there is no entry fee for this competition.
    • Selected applicants will be invited for an oral presentation of their business plan in front of judges at the University.
    • One or more competition paths, such as an idea, venture, or both, maybe held throughout the competition. 
    • Applicants can select between the Idea and Venture paths, or both.
    • A business plan based on a previously published idea or concept is admissible, as long as the applicant mentions the previous publications.

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    Application Process:

    • Submissions must be in the English language.
    • To enter the competition, eligible applicants must submit all required materials.
    • It discusses scaling options to illustrate the equitable outcomes that their proposed innovation may bring to the field of education and other settings.
    • After an Applicant submits an entry, they shall not contact or attempt to contact any of the competition judges regarding the applicant applicant’s business plan or entry or this competition. 
    • EBPC applicants should outline an educational issue that their initiative tackles and present a solution.
    • Applicants can apply for the applications through the official link of the EBPC.
    • The following are essential aspects of business plan applications but are not limited to product or service:
    1. People
    2. Market
    3. Competition
    4. Finances
    5. Equity
    6. Materials
    • Lastly, the deadline to apply for the competition is 29 April 2022.

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