CERN Summer Student Program 2023 in Switzerland | Fully Funded

CERN Summer Student Program

CERN Summer Student Program is an excellent opportunity for students passionate about building their futures and want to excel in life. The summer program in Switzerland is offered for undergraduate and master’s students who wish to upgrade their skills and work on technical projects. The duration of the CERN summer student program is 8 to 13 weeks. 

Through this paid summer internship, students will get an opportunity to work under world-class mentors and build extraordinary skills and techniques. CERN summer student programme commences a magnificent possibility for highly qualified candidates who are eager to inspect the fundamental structure of the universe by working with top-graded professors, researchers, physicists and engineers. International students get a chance to operate scientific instruments and machines such as particle accelerators and detectors, adding to their experience and abilities.

Moreover, the CERN works according to goals such as discovery through an advanced scientific approach, innovation through upgraded technology, diversity through inclusion, inspiration through intellectuals, and most importantly, education through learning and development. Through this international internship program, students will gain practical experience working in European labs under the supervision of world-class supervisors and mentors. In addition, they will become a part of the international community and build networks.

CERN openlab summer student program is an excellent opportunity for students who seek knowledge in physics and IT and want to gain technical experience by working in top international labs in Switzerland. It will also be an excellent addition to students’ resumes and will help them in their future careers. The CERN summer internship in Switzerland will be a valuable addition to your CV/Resume and a stepping stone for many students. Students will also make a report and submit it to their supervisors after completing the CERN internship program. This will not only help them revise their learning but also trains them to make a professional report that will be helpful in the future. This summer program will also open doors to many future opportunities and allow students to make better career choices.

Further details about the CERN summer student program 2023, including criteria, benefits and requirements are provided below. Read this article till the end, so you do not miss any important detail. Do not miss this opportunity and apply before the deadline ends.

Here are more details about the CERN Summer Student Program 2023

Deadline is January 30, 2023

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: January 30, 2023
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    Eligibility Criteria :

    After reading the details provided above, you must be thinking to apply for the CERN openlab summer student programme. Before starting the application, check the criteria and requirements for this summer internship in Europe to ensure your eligibility.

    Eligibility Criteria for the CERN Summer Student Program 2023:

    • Students must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program studying engineering, computer sciences, physics, or mathematics.
    • They must have completed three years of their studies by the European Summer Program starts in 2023.
    • Students must not have worked with CERN for three or more months holding any position.
    • Furthermore, they must not have attended a summer program with CERN before.
    • Moreover, they must be good in the English Language.
    • Candidates knowing the French language will be preferred.

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    Benefits :

    CERN internships in Switzerland for international students is a fully-funded internship opportunity. Therefore, you must avail this opportunity if you meet the criteria. Financial support and other benefits of the CERN summer student programme are enlisted below.

    Benefits of the CERN Summer Student Program 2023:

    • It is a fully-funded program.
    • Interns will receive a comprehensive health insurance scheme.
    • In addition, they will also receive a daily allowance of CHF 90 to cover the daily meal and accommodation charges in Geneva for the entire duration.
    • A chance to attend extensive physics lectures and a series of IT lectures organized by Open lab.
    • Traveling allowance from the home country to Geneva.
    • Opportunity to gain practical experience from one of the world’s top institutions.


    Documents Required for CERN Openlab Student Program:

    Following are the requirements for the CERN summer student program 2023 in Switzerland for students from member and non-member states. Students must submit them along with the application before the deadline ends.

    • CV in English or French Language.
    • Letter of motivation.
    • Academic Transcripts
    • Two letters of recommendation from previous institutes.

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    Application Process:

    • The application process for the CERN summer student program is online. The application link is different for US, Japanese and Canadian students. Students from the rest of the regions can apply by tapping/clicking on the apply now button below.
    • Fill out the form cautiously, as the form cannot be edited after submission.
    • Students must provide all required documents and apply before the deadline.
    • The deadline for the CERN Summer Student Programme 2023 is 30 January 2023.

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